And I’m Back


So the computer drama is mostly over (although the car drama continues) but in the mean time I finished a few custom orders. I adore custom requests. This one was for a customer who had a sheet she thought would make a couple of cute dresses and I think she was right.She did the request through alchemy but I have done many simply through convo, and personally I find those to be more efficient and easier to manage (I think alchemy is pretty clunky and confusing). But yeah I always find it fun to tweak my current designs to your
tastes or take your materials or ideas and bring them to life.

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  1. very cute dresses.

    that sheet did make nice dress material.

    good luck with your car drama and I hope the computer drama stays offically over!

  2. so cute. you are such a talent!

  3. i really adore everything in your shop.

  4. Oh no. This inspires me to send you some of my stash for dresses since I’m obviously not going to use it. Very cute dresses.

  5. Thanks so much guys. I do love seeing what people have in their stash. It was fun opening the envelop since she didn’t describe the sheet at all it’s almost like those reality show challenges where they give you set supplies and say come up with something cool.

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