A New Adventure: Cheesemaking

(image from My Husband Hates Veggies)

So if you recall I was on a bread making kick for a while. I still can’t get enough of homemade bread and think I should get my starter going on Saturday night. But, I just don’t haven’t an entire day to wait around and kneed for a second and fold and wait and you get the picture. I did find this recipe for a bread that you just dump into a pot leave over night and then bake on not martha. Next time I go to the thrift store I’m definitely going to pick up a pot that would work.

That said after hearing Gordon Ramsey tell the restaurateur that he was working with that with only 45 minutes a day they could be known for fresh mozzarella, I googled it and sure enough I discovered that fresh mozzarella could be made in about 30 minutes at home. Woohoo. And this when I’ve been craving fresh mozzarella for the past week (after eating a bunch off of a buffet at the first dine-o-round outing). I bought this kit and that is due to ship priority to I hope to report on my first batch by next week. I know I could go buy some cheese and bread from the store, but I just like being able to do it myself and I do believe that homemade bread is way way better and I hope homemade mozzarella will be the same, not to mentioned much cheaper.


  1. Wow – what a fun adventure!! Can u loan me some bread making skills though?? How did u get started? Do u have a good whole wheat bread recipe??? Good luck w/ the cheese!!

  2. Tara if you’re still across the way I’ll have to let you try it if it turns out. Out of the recipes I love I have a rosemary (like macaroni grill), multigrain (which uses rye and wheat), ciabatta and french. I haven’t tried a real wheat (But I’ve collected recipes if you want to try one) people say they are hard to turn out right and I like the mulitigrain one alot and I don’t love a good wheat bread anyways…oh people say they like the wheat bread recipe on the king Arthur brand flour bag let me know if you try it.

  3. yummy! i love cheese.

  4. Dude, Marissa, you’re like the The Little Red Hen. Except I’m sure you’ll share your bread and cheese with whoever wants some, even if they didn’t help. That damn Hen had quite the ego now that i’m thinking about it. I take back my comparison.

    I do think you rock though! I’m sure it will be delicious!

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