En Route

I popped the babies’ Christmas dresses in the mail this weekend. I let my sister pick from a couple fabrics (via email picture) and I told her more or less what I had planned. The only thing was I had envisioned gold buttons on the little one’s dress and a gold sash for Wah. Alas there was no real good gold stuff to be found, but I do like the way they turned out. Anyways I think how they are make them perfect for Valentines day and festive but not as Christmas-y as gold might have been. As much as I love the matchy matchy for little girls it was pretty funny that I had to talk my sister into the idea…and I quote “I swore I’d never put my kids in matching clothes”. To that I say tough, matching or rather coordinating clothes are just too cute.

They are in the store if your little one’s need a fancy outfit. Also I just wanted remind you that if you do want to order something in time for Christmas today is the last day for made to order things.


  1. ADORABLE!!!

  2. I totally agree!! Matching is irresistible to me. They turned out smashing!!

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