GIVEAWAY: Valentine Ruffle Diaper Covers (UPDATED no linking required to enter, just comment)

First giveaway of 2010. Woohoo! So even though I’ve got LOADS of ideas spinning around in my head for my shop, we’re probably moving in two weeks (woohoo again!) so I’m resisting my urge to do a major store update. But I convinced myself that I could just do a couple Valentines day bottoms, that would be okay right? It’s my new little style, the much loved ruffle diaper covers but with tulle, clever eh? Well I can’t take full credit for the tulle idea, but you’ll hear more about that later.

Anyways, today I’m giving away this pair of My Little Valentine Bottoms that perfectly coordinate with the My Little Valentine Dress. I know it’s still cold in most places but I think these would be cute over tights or even with baby legs with just a onesie or top. Easy but still festive :). You’ll have a choice of the red or black size 0-3, 3-6, 6-12, 12-24 months, 2T or 3T. I also made another Valentine’s Day pair, I’m calling the Sweetheart bottoms. Both styles are now available in the shop for a mere 12.50$ if you’re not a gambling gal.

I’m changing the rules so more people can participate in the giveaways so please read them. (Those who entered before 1/16 will not have to reenter).

To Enter:
Be a follower of this blog and/or a facebook fan. If you’re not already a follow/fan see the widgets on the left. (first time followers or fans get additional entries see below)

Then comment here telling me what your favorite candy is.

Make sure I have A WAY TO CONTACT YOU (in past giveaways I’ve drawn person over person but since their blogs and/or profiles are private I couldn’t tell them they won so they didn’t. So please make sure you leave your email in the comment OR that your profile/blog is PUBLIC ).

If it’s your first time following the blog or being a facebook fan post an additional comment telling me that and you’ll get an extra (or two) entries.

Ways You Can Get More Entries:
 Step 1: Posting a link to this post to your blog, facebook, twitter and/or some other internet thingy (ex. forums). Feel free to use the picture too if you want. See the buttons below “if you liked it” at the bottom of the post to easily create a links. Or create a link how you normally would.

Step 2. Comment here and tell me where you posted this (give me a link if it’s not connected to your comment id). Please leave a separate comment for every entry.

Last Day to Enter: 1/30/10 (probably moving weekend for me :) ) If it’s your first time entering one of my giveaways or for more info on these giveaways and to see a list of past winners see this post. I use a random number generator to pick the winner so enter away.

winner: lisa from mowermom (still awaiting response)


  1. i posted it on my facebook page not sure how to post the link though! if you tell me how i post the link! super cute covers though!

  2. I posted it to my facebook too! You are amazing.

  3. So glad you got a house you’re happy with, and I hope your move goes smoothly!


  4. My fave V-day candy…sweet-tarts, however pregnant they taste like puky acid…nice. I’m waiting to be un-pregnant to enjoy them again!

  5. I love the fabrics! adorable!

  6. I’m a follower :)

  7. hmm. I really like to get Nik L Nips, They are just fun to eat.. I also like Dubble Bubble gum.

  8. would love these for pip….i already follow your blog. just need to head over to facebook

  9. I am so happy I found your blog. Its delicious :0) I am now a follower. Thank you for the darling giveaway. My favorite candy is red Twizzlers!

  10. Would it be wrong to put this on my little boy?

  11. Hmm. For some reason I wasn’t following on Google. Now I am!

  12. And twitted! (twitter-er-ed?)

  13. LOVE LOVE them all!! Im not sure how to pick they are to darling!

  14. I love any chocolate candy! I would love my granddaughter in valentine diaper cover!

  15. SO SO Cute! I am a blog follower. I will check out the FB though!

  16. OOh…My favorite candy (today) is Hot Tamales!

  17. Okay, NOW I Am a Facebook fan!

  18. My favorite candy is Reeses Peices:) YUM

  19. I blogged about your givewaway, blog, and etsy shops! Cute diaper covers…thank you for your giveaway!

  20. Oh my these are TOO cute! I’m a first-time follower! (1)

  21. First-time follower! (second entry)

  22. Oh, just realized I was supposed to tell you what my favorite candy is. :-) Does chocolate count? Hershey’s kisses right now. :-)

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

    And I shared this on Twitter!

  23. And shared on Facebook. :-)

    (Lindsey F)

  24. My favorite candy is Almond Joys!
    lisalmg25 at gmail dot com

  25. I’m a new follower of your blog user Garner5. Thanks!
    lisalmg25 at gmail dot com

  26. I am also a new fan on Facebook user Lisa Garner.
    lisalmg25 at gmail dot com

  27. I Tweeted this giveaway.
    lisalmg25 at gmail dot com

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  29. I became a fan of yours on facebook, first of all, and then I posted it in my links page on facebook. Thanks!

    My favorite candy is Twix.

    Karla Krause

  30. darling fanny covers… Lezlee

  31. I’m a first time follower and facebook fan!

  32. I’m a first time follower and facebook fan! (#2)

  33. My favorite candy is Sweet Tarts!

  34. Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I am SO GLAD I visited your blog. My sister just had a baby girl and is doing cloth diapers. I would LOVE to give her some diaper covers for her baby! These are so cute! Great giveaway! My favorite candy is cinnamon imperials! Yum yum!!

  35. Just found you! Now following you on Google Reader. These are just darling!

  36. Thanks for sharing, good luck with the giveaways and with everything this year! You know I love ya!

  37. I would love these for my little one. I love hot lips gummy candies for a valentine treat!

    I just became a follower too! I found you through Ashley Adams :)

  38. I think I was follower #200! YAY for you! My favorite candy is Reese’s, and I LOVE your stuff!

  39. I posted a link to this blogpost on my facebook page…I’ve got lots of Mommy friends! :)

  40. Your ruffle bottoms rock!
    I’m a facebook fan.

  41. Your items are Amazing-CUTE!! My fav candy has got to be anything chocolate!

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