34 Week Prego Update, Cute as a Button Shower, Birthing Classes, and Bigelow Tea

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Pregnancy Update with Bigelow Tea - Rae Gun Ramblings #AmericasTea, #shop, #cbias

So here’s what’s going on at 34 weeks! I’ve mentioned before that my husband is a music guy. His stuff has been played on national radio, appeared on TV shows, and more.  In fact he’ll be playing at a show for Sundance this weekend. He’s one of those people that will be making music into his old age. All that is to say that every night he’s at his keyboard working on songs and recently I’ve started having him play some stuff for Toasty. It’s kind of a fun little thing we’ve been doing. I have my nightly tea and have Daniel plays him a little tune.  It makes me really excited to see how music will play into the baby’s life when he’s here. Is that cheesy? I just think there is something sweet about it.

Cute as a Button Baby Shower - Rae Gun Ramblings #AmericasTea #shop #cbias

The biggest news is that I had my first baby shower. My MIL and mom threw me a shower this past weekend (my sister and friends have one planned for this weekend). It was a lot of church people and older friends of the family. They did a darling “Cute as a Button” theme and had a super yummy taco bar. It was really nice and let me just say this little babe is so loved already.

Cute as a Button Shower - Rae Gun Ramblings #AmericasTea #shop #cbias

I was totally overwhelmed putting stuff away after the shower. They kind of cleaned out our registry. These ladies went wild. I knew the grandmas were excited but it seems like there are even more people are are looking forward to meeting the little guy when he’s out.

34 Week Prego Update and Herbal Tea - Rae Gun Ramblings #AmericasTea #shop #cbias

Speaking of getting Toasty out, we started our birthing classes and I’ve got to say they’ve been kind of traumatizing. The first class they showed this disturbing animated birth scene over and over where the creepy CGI baby turns his head and I just kept imagining his eyes popping open and being red. And then this last week they passed around intervention tools. Like freaking forceps and this heart rate monitor that they stick ahem up you and screw into the babies head if they can’t get a good external read. What the!!! Now I don’t mind knowing about these things but did they really have to pass them around?! At least they play some quality cheesy folk music while we practice relaxation techniques ;)

beat pregnancy heart burn with bigelow tea - Rae Gun Ramblings #AmericasTea #shop #cbias

And something new, I’m having a bit of heart burn. Nothing super bad but kinda acid-y back of the throat feeling, alot. It’s been a real bummer since I notice it kicks in more after I drink juice. And of course I’ve mentioned before that my prego body reacts weird to water. Like throws up. It’s not the taste. I actually really like water and miss it a lot but when I drink it in about 15 minutes I’ll throw up. So most of this time I’ve been drinking juice which obviously is really high in sugar so I haven’t been the most thrilled but with the new fun heart burn I’ve been turning to Bigelow herbal teas more and more. I’ve always been a big fan of their Mint Medley and Peppermint tea from Walmart but I’ve been branching out to more flavors. It’s been nice to have an alternative that isn’t so full of sugar and calories. I’ve always been a diet coke girl but I really hope to keep the tea trend even after Toasty is here, it’s just SO much healthier. And to be honest by the end of the day I was feeling totally sugared out from all the juice I had been consuming.

Plus it’s a good time to be a tea drinker since for a limited time you can find Bigelow packs with 4 extra bags in them at Walmart. And Bigelow is running a video contest with tea prizes as well as an iPad Mini. To enter just submit a video by January 29 get more info at https://www.facebook.com/bigelowtea.

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  1. That sounds like a horrible birth class!! Maybe I wouldn’t have three kids if I’d taken a class like that… LOL. But yay for being in the home stretch.

  2. Wahoo for showers and babies! I’m so excited to see Toasty! And now I want peppermint tea. Just saying….

  3. Oh my word you are so adorable. I don’t usually want to rub bellies, but I can’t help it with you. And….now I am craving peppermint tea.

  4. My husband is also a music guy, and during my pregnancy, I made a point to listen to music by him and by our friends a lot. Our son definitely remembered it! On our way home from the hospital, our little guy hated being in his carseat, and wouldn’t stop wailing, until we switched from the radio over to one of our friend’s CD’s. He instantly calmed down, cooed for a bit, and fell asleep. The funny thing? The radio had been calming jazz… the CD was our friend’s metal band!! But our son recognized it, and almost 10 months later, he still is calmed by that CD (and others of varying genres that I listened to while pregnant, including his dad rapping). I bet your little one will remember his daddy’s music too once he’s out in the world — especially if you repeat a few songs for him each day!

    I had a similar thing with water and got tired of juice — putting a lot of lemon into water helped me (not making lemonade, just cutting up lots of lemon slices/wheels and letting them soak in a pitcher of water in the fridge). Flavored (but unsweetened) Seltzer water and/or dry ginger ale worked for me too, just in case you’re looking for a cold beverage to alternate with your tea. :)

  5. Your baby shower looks so fun! I never took a birthing class – I think all of that stuff would have freaked me out as well. I think it is so cute you guys are playing your husbands music for Toasty – I bet he loves it! So glad you are able to find a drink that you enjoy and your prego body can tolerate!!

  6. The old wives’ tale says that if you have heartburn, your baby will have hair!!! It was true for me, anyway. No heartburn with my first two baldies, and then a third baby with lots of heartburn and lots of hair… here’s to hoping you’ll have a baby with a head full of hair.

  7. I love mint medley tea, it got me through many mornings sick while preggers

  8. My birth class was the same way. They scared me to death! But in the end, it was a good thing because we had an emergency C-section and I wasn’t as freaked out as I would have been without the class. So rest assured, you’ll feel much better and more prepared! Can’t wait to see the like one!

  9. I remember being freaked out by the epidural needle when I had my birthing class. I told my husband after I saw it, that I didn’t know if I could have the baby. Obviously, that wasn’t an option, and everything was ok, but yes, those classes can be scary. Looks like a fun Baby Shower!

  10. What an adorable baby shower theme! Thanks so much for hosting, Marissa….good luck in these final weeks!!

  11. I love that the grandmas are so excited for your little Toasty! I’m a grandma, so I get it. As for the heart monitor they stick in the top of their head, my first two babies had to have that and it made them so mad they were out within 30 minutes of that thing being put in their head. I agree. Who thought of that? So rude!

  12. That’s so sweet that your hubby already plays music for Toasty. They did such a great job on the baby shower and you totally cleared out the store on the gifts. That is one lucky baby. I love peppermint tea when I’m not feeling well, especially before I go to bed. I’m so happy for you and this pregnancy.

  13. Getting ready for a new baby is so fun! Looks like you are ready for your little one to come.

  14. How sweet that he plays music for the baby! Sounds like the tea is a great help during your pregnancy — I never drank tea during my pregnancies (just didn’t think of it), but if I was pregnant again, it would be a go-to drinksince I gave up caffiene during my pregnancies and Bigelow has lot of great decaf flavors. #client

  15. I am excited to see how music plays a part in Toasty’s life too!! Music has always been an important thing to me and I love when I see it as an important part of other’s lives too!

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