Harry Potter Excitment and Two T-Shirt Tutorials

Oh my gosh I’m literally anxious with excitement. Last night I couldn’t fall asleep it was like I was a kid the night before Christmas or the first day of school (but with out the bad anxious feelings). We went to a geek pub quiz and they had a Potter round that I rocked and it totally built up my already high level of excitement eeeeee!

Here are a few (nope not all) of my Potter wearables. The bottom two are shirts that I altered. It’s my quickest way to alter t-shirts. It’s good for shirts where there print is high up close to the neckline.

T-Shirt Altering Directions

1. Neckline: carefully cut off the collar. if you do it right the depth it’ll be like the red dragon shirt. If you accidentally catch some extra fabric you may have to cut it deeper and it’ll look more like the gryffindor shirt which I also really like but just be careful. If you want it more like the gryffindor shirt I’d cut the collar off try it on and then carefully trim extra.
*please note* since the neck is unfinished it will stretch so before you go cutting after the initial cut TRY IT ON because it looks like it didn’t change much but the fit will be a lot different.

2. Sleeves: option 1- Next you want the sleeves to go up diagonally on your arm. The diagonal is way more flattering than cutting straight across like most tees naturally  cut. You can lay a girly shirt with good sleeves on top as a guide if you’re nervous. (the edge will be unfinished and end up rolling a bit in a cute way like the gryffindor top -I also made a little snip in the top middle edge of the sleeves for a little detail)
2. Sleeves: option 2- If you are comfortable with a sewing machine better yet a a serger or know how to sew on knits this is another option. I cut off the sleeve along the seam that is attached then I cut off the diagonal of the sleeve and sew it back on (right sides together, sew around and then you flip the sleeve out and it should work). This will be like the red dragon shirt leaving the finished sleeve end.

Freezer Paper Stenciling

1. Pick your design and cut it out of freezer paper (this is like wax paper but the wax is only on one size). You want the shinny side down so consider that while positioning. I used my cricut and put the shinny side on my mat when I cut things but you can use a silhouette or even an exacto knife and put a print out under the freezer paper to trace.
2. Iron the stencil on your shirt (or bag or whatever). Shinny side down. Be anal about this make sure you do a good job getting all the edges. This is the step that I worry about most.
3. With a board or paper in between your shirt layers Use fabric paint (I got mine at joanns and michaels) and a foam brush and apply the paint. I blot and smoosh as opposed to brush.  Don’t go too heave at once just keep on blotting and adding a little paint at a time.
4. Next you pull off the stencil. I like to wait about an hour. It will still be wet so be careful not to touch the paint and not to touch the wet stencil to spots on the shirt.
*my sister’s and friend linda’s shirts bled a bit and both of theirs had a lot of paint on the board in between the layers so I think they maybe did theirs too heavy/didn’t iron enough. But really I’m not positive why it happened so I’d practice on an old shirt or junk fabric to get the hang of things.

UPDATE: I have used this technique SO many times and I know sometimes reading different versions of the same technique helps. So if you’re still confused check out this post that I wrote more recently with many big pictures. Here’s my New and Improved Freezer Stenciling Paper Instruction Post.

Here is a link from Panjo that I found really helpful.
And if you click on any of my photos it’ll open them bigger so you can see better.

Let me know if you try any of these out!

Show and Tell: Harry Potter Craft Day

The new movie comes out NEXT WEEK! eeeek I’m so excited as well as completely shocked at how fast time has flown by over these past months. My friends and I had a craft day to work on potter crafts this weekend and just to build excitement for the flick. Yes we’re nerds and I love it.

I started a potter themed wreath. It’s definitely not done but I hadn’t thought it through enough. I need to add some more things, maybe I’ll go to the minatures section of the craft store, or print up some images, do you guys have any ideas of what I should add? I think a Hogwarts crest, Hedwig, maybe a vial with silver in it like a memory, some moss around the car, I’m not sure I need more ideas.

Linda made her very first necklace with Gryffindor colors and it turned out amazing. I fear that we may all be starting a new dangerous hobby, um thanks Linda.


We made a load of freezer paper stenciled shirts (I’ll post directions on how to do that soon, it was so cool and easy). I made “Make Love Not Horcruxes” for me, Heidi did the Sin City style Harry, Linda did the Expecto Patronum, I made the musicmaker the Gryffindor shirt and my sister Tanya did the Potterwatch (remember that radio show) I love hers, I kinda want to make a tote bag with the same idea.

And then I had all the stuff for a baby Gryffindor ruffle diaper cover onesie set. I was also going to make a Potter-y sign I want it to say 9 3/4, Grimauld Place, Privet Drive or Hogsmead, okay maybe I need to get more signs and do all of them since I’m not sure if I can decide. And of course I wanted a Potter themed headband that I didn’t get around to and for sure some pillows. So don’t be surprised if you see some more Potter crafts soon.


  • I posted the freezer paper stencil tutorial and another tee alteration tute here.
  • Curious about The Wizarding World of Harry Potter? Check out my pics and reviews from my trip here.

Harry Potter Party: Part II

I already shared all the non-food parts of the First Annual Harry Potter Birthday Party here. So today is all about the food. Not only do I adore all things Potter but I love love love party food!

 Magic (Chicken) Wands

Chicken Satay and Peanut Butter Sauce. For the Chicken I just used a packet of Thai Satay seasoning to marinate the chicken and them grilled them.

Peanut Butter Sauce

  • 1/2 C coconut milk
  • 2-3 TBS peanut butter
  • 1 TBS curry paste (this should vary depending on your taste and how spicy your curry paste is)
  • 1 tsp soy sauce
  • Microwave and stir the above until well combined add a couple squirts of lime juice and taste add more peanut butter if needed or more soy sauce if you want it saltier

Gillyweed Stalks (Grilled Zucchini)

These are grilled zucchini and although these are insanely simple they are absolutely fabulous everyone. One of my friends shared this recipe and I was instantly won over. I’ve made them multiple times a week since I learned about them. Every one I’ve made them for has love them too, especially the ladies. I’m a major fried food person and I think these are better than fries and fried zucchini, just saying. 

  •  zucchinni (1 person probably isn’t too much, my friends and family can handle that haha, the other day I made that much and my mom and MIL had downed them all before I finished cooking the rest of dinner)
  • slice the ends off and the cut into quarters lengthwise and then cut in half
  • place in a ziplock bag with 1-2 TBS olive oil and 4-5 good shakes of garlic salt (you don’t want the zuccs drenched in oil, I’ve done as little as 1 tsp for 2-3 zuccs and it works great)
  • marinate for 2 hours or so and then grill

 Forbidden Forest Pate (Hummus)

This was a guest addition so I don’t have a recipe but my mom and I loved it so I may be reporting a recipe soon as it was one of the best homemade hummus recipes I’ve ever had.

Bertie Bot’s Every Flavor Beans 

So hubby says he can’t fine the Harry Potter/jellybelly brand ones anywhere (and he’d know) so we got the other brand of gross jelly beans. He really wanted to mix them into the regular jelly beans but I vetoed that since I’m already grossed out by mint and coffee in the regular flavors I knew I’d avoid the candy altogether if I knew there was any chance of me biting into skunk or vomit. And as you see I couldn’t even get one shot without a little hand in it.

Polyuice Potion, Pumpkin Juice, and Gillywater

All of these drinks were in the books but I didn’t really feel like going all out nor did the through of butter infused rootbeer (to make butterbeer) sound the least bit appealing. So I just added red and yellow food coloring to lemonade and put labels on the soda and water. For my movie premier party though I’ll probably make a pumpkin soup.

Dumbledore’s Pensive

So I dreamed this up and put my sister on it. I think she did an insanely good job!

  • 1 pack blue jello divided (we used an 8 serving)
  • whipped topping like cool whip
  • Make up 2/3 of the pack of jello according to the directions (of course use only 2/3 of the water ) and let that set.
  •  Mix the remaining 1/3 pack jello mix with hot water add some ice cubes and cool whip. Put into a pastry bag with a tip. (we used the 8 serving pack so 1/3 of that with 1/3 C hot water a few ice cubes and 1 C cool whip)
  • You’ll need two people for this step. Cut a swirl into the jello have one person  open the cut with two spoons and have the other person pipe the creamy mixture into the set jello. And then chill   

Padfoot Paws (Beef Empanadas)

I used this recipe for empanadas. I thought it needed way more seasoning, it was kind of bland. I baked it so obviously I’m sure they’d be tastier fried. I may or may not make them again I thought it had lots of potential but I wish I had tasted the filling before stuffing them and added more salt and other spices since the wrap part wasn’t salty at all, maybe I’d add salt there too.

Snitch Cake

Heidi brought this. If you don’t remember Mrs. Weasley made Harry a fabulous Snitch cake in the the last book. So cute isn’t it!

I’ll be having many more Potter parties to come the next will be this November for the next movie so if you have any other food or party ideas that would fit the theme I’d love to hear it.

Harry Potter Party: Part I

If you’ve followed my blog or known me for any real amount of time you probably know I’ve got a minor obsession with all things Harry Potter. In the same way that advid sports fans look forward to big games I look forward to every tiny Harry Potter thing -when the books were still coming out, video games releases, the new theme park and of course the movies. I will take any excuse to celebrate.

This year I began what I hope to be a yearly tradition having a Harry Potter Birthday Party. No not a birthday party for me themed with Potter stuff but a party to celebrate Harry’s July 31st fictional birthday. Luckily I have enough geeky friends that it was loads of fun.


Of course the most important part of a party for is the food. I’ll be posting all the food close ups and recipes tomorrow since this is already and crazy long post. We had gillyweed stalks, magic wands, bertie bots every flavor beans, a snitch cake, forbidden forest pate, dumbledore’s pensive, padfoot paws, pumpkin juice, polyjuice potion and gillywater. Here’s the food post.

I’m quite proud of this move of ultimate geekery. Yup the Mirror of Erised.

One of the musicmaker’s favorite past times has been making people taste the nasty Bertie Bot’s every flavor jellybeans. I always abstain, there’s no way I’m voluntarily eating skunk, vomit or earwax, just saying. But our friends got sucked in haha.

Last minute the night before I decided that I needed something new to wear (not that I don’t already have 3 Potter shirts and a scarf) so I made a bunch of aprons and I absolutely adore how they turned out. Tira made the perfect house elf but she moves so freaking fast she makes the worst model. And of course naughty Lanna lived up to her Mischief Managed one. I was going to make Langdon a “Hogwarts Class of 2028” onesie but I ran out of time, but don’t you worry he’ll have one in time for the next movie. I’ve got the aprons in the shop now but I have a few other potter themed things I plan on adding to the shop too.

Finally we watched the most recent movie just for fun. The next movie comes out November 19th so you can bet that I’ll be having a pre-movie party on the 18th! I was so tempted to leave the decorations up until then haha. Anyways check back tomorrow to see all the food and recipes. Harry Potter Party food post here.

Rae Gun Finds: Harry Potter Birthday

(patronus poster from 3lambsgraphics)
Harry Potter’s Birthday is July 31st. Yes I’m having a party to celebrate. Yes I’m obsessed with all things Potter. So in celebration of Harry’s birthday week I present a few of my favorite Potter inspired goodies from Etsy. Also I’m still trying to figure my menu and decorations so if you have any fun ideas for food or decor let me know.

1. Marauder’s Map tee
2. Liquid Luck necklace
3. Gryffindor hair clips
4. Hogwarts class ring ( I want this SOOO bad)
5. Harry Head earrings
6. Charm Necklace
7. Hogwarts Decal
8. Expecto Patronum charm
9. Harry Hat

Harry Potter Land, i Can’t Wait

Oh my gosh I can’t wait to go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Here’s a sneak peak at it. The musicmaker convinced me not to go this year (right when it opens) because of the rush and kinks that will probably have to be worked out but I’m so regretting having agreed to that plan.

Grave things in store for Rae Gun

(image from http://hp-love.blogcentral.is/sida/2274318/)

Well if Tralawney had her way that’s what the future would read but I’d like to think her readings were always a bit unreliable. So what’s really in store for Rae Gun? Well, the next Etsy shop update is scheduled for June 13th. I know I’ve been promising boy stuff everytime but this time it will be more than just some boy bottoms. Yes I’ll have more bottoms but I’ll also have an outfit of sorts (you know something comprable to the girl’s dresses). Mark my words.

Also I’m seriously working on a Rae Gun website, the site will just be a nice place that links everything else and have it’s own store. I’m slowly working on the store and I’ll be filling it with new stuff as it appears even before the June 13th etsy update. I will still be keeping the etsy store but having a stand alone store where all the proceeds go to me is really appealing (you should see my etsy bill every month). You can visit it here.

Finally Rae Gun is in the process of getting a make over. I’ve commissioned some art and I’ll be working on some new design work. I love the ray gun idea but I think I need something more shape and professional and a bit more kid-ish than the pixel-y green and black ray gun you see before you. With that will be new clothing labels, business cards, banners the whole kit and kaboodle. I have no idea how long this will take but this will be a large focus for me this summer.

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