Harry Potter Countdown: Forget Harvard this Baby’s Hogwarts Bound

My good friend who also is a Potter fiend had a sweet baby girl a few weeks ago. And I just couldn’t help but make her a Gryffindor onesie outfit. I wish I could say I’d put these onesie sets in the shop but freezer paper stenciling is such a finicky sport that I just can’t do it. (It took me 4 tries to cut out a Hogwarts stencil on my cricut and I smudged it a bit peeling the stencil off). But you can make your own!

If you want to make your own I explain how to do freezer paper stenciling in this post if you have a Cricut Explore you could just run the freezer paper through the machine easy peasy. It’s easy the hardest part is cutting out the stencil. You can kind of see the steps in my pictures.

Basically you cut the stencil out of freezer paper, iron it down and then paint and peel the stencil off

As you can see I kind of smudged the paint taking the stencil off. But I added sparkles and it’s fine. Design feature right? Yeah only a few more days left until the movie. And Lisa if you’re reading this, Molly has something coming in the mail :)

Here’s the image if you want to give it a go yourself.

UPDATED: I’ve had a few people ask if they can buy sets. I don’t sell freezer painted tops since they can be finicky and have regular flaws but I do sell this similar Harry Potter based Gryffindor baby outfit (I’m happy to do other houses too). And if you want to make your own top and just purchase the bottoms you can buy this customizable listing and just remind me in the notes that you want the bottom to be just like Gryffindor ones. Hope that helps.

Show and Tell: Baby Bulls and Matador Costumes

I’m extremely proud of this accomplishment. I really love my baby bulls and matador costumes. The fact that I actually convinced the girls to be bulls and the musicmaker to be a matador, um yeah that makes me so happy.

I think dressing my hubby and nieces up in bizarre themed costumes has got to be one of my all time favorite hobbies.

Uncle was such a sport after trunk or treating at church he took the girls door to door in the rain and the three of them looked adorable together.

The only thing that bums me out is that I didn’t have time to make myself a cool costume. I’m super happy with how the matador costume turned out, especially with the shoulder parts.

And my favorite part is that we did a short running of the bulls video. Check out the felt blood when the bulls gore us.

Show and Tell: Lanna’s Circus Birthday Invite

I had SO much fun making this. First because the thought of dressing my hubby up like a tiger and have Lanna be his Cat Tamer seemed so far fetched and freaking hysterical (well at least in my head). Plus I’m just so thrilled with how it turned out. I love it, I haven’t closed the photoshop window since I made it because I love it so much. I made hubby’s tiger costume years ago, Lanna’s outfit is just one of my retro rufflers (but special fabric) and I just threw together the whip and the hat which I think is the funniest thing on earth. Any ways I was just super proud with how it turned out so I had to share.

Princess Tiana Dress from The Princess and the Frog

Is there anything sweeter than a little girl in a princess dress? I’m so happy with how my DIY Princess Tiana dress turned out!
DIY princess tiana dress costume

Last weekend we had little miss T’s birthday party (pictures of that still to come). Remember how we took her to The Princess and the Frog (thanks again for all the toddler/movie going tips). She adored it. Before the movie she was all “I’m princess ‘no white'” and after it it was still Snow White some but also “princess T’nana”. So I knew exactly what to make her for her birthday. It’s a Princess Tiana dress. At first I was worried she’d think it was Tinkerbell but I really like how it turned out after the addition of the flower and the vine sash!

How to make a princess tiana dress

Regardless of what I think she LOVED it. Besides saying “I love it” and “it’s my favorite” and “so beautiful” over and over she put it on immediately and started twirling (it’s a circle skirt :) ). Oh and I was besides myself with happiness when the day before the party I found that adorable felt frog bucket at World Market, so much better that the rubber frog I was looking for. (It was by all the Easter stuff too cool!)

Princess and the frog costume tutorial
Yes you may have noticed that T is wearing two different tops under the dress, it’s because she had it on the next day too :) Ah feeling appreciated is there anything better?

UPDATE: I’ll be sewing a new one live today (1/23/2017) on FB I hope you’ll join me. I’ll make sure to add a full written and video tutorial after I make the new one so be sure to check back!

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Naughty Time: Halloween 2009

I survived. Here are some of my favorite shots of our Halloween. The naughties’, the music maker’s and my costumes were pushed back until the night before/day of Halloween since there were so many RaeGun orders and house selling items that demanded all my time before that but I’m pretty happy with how they turned out.

(move your cursor over the pictures to see captions)

Lanna was supposed to wear her birthday gift, that Luchadore costume I made for her but even with making the mask larger the stinker would not let us put the mask on her at all. Hmmph so I made her a 5 minute dwarf costume that looks more like a gnome since I was totally against making her a disney-ish dwarf. Whatever she looks cute and it’s probably the only Halloween we can make her be a dwarf while Tira gets to be princess Snow White. She got a lot of “he’s so cute” ‘s .

I’m the Wicked Witch of the East and Daniel was the house that crushed me. Yup. I seriously think the best part was sneaking those two candy all weekend I gave Lanna a whole fun size bar just to gnaw on hahaha. Hope you all had a fun Halloween. I didn’t get to go skank watching at the clubs like I normally like to on Halloween, I was just too exhausted after a friend’s wonderful party so I didn’t see too many costumes did any of you guys see some good ones?

Customer Appreciation Pic: Dorothy

Doesn’t she just make the cutest Dorothy? Love the customer appreciation pics. I’ve got a few ready to ship costumes up. So if you were slacking go check out the shop.

Show and Tell: Doraemon Costume aka the cutest thing I’ve ever made

doraemon costume - Rae Gun Ramblings

Move over french fries, my new favorite creation is now this custom ordered Doraemon costume. I just love it blah! And it sparked this need to make hats so as soon as I finish the last minute rush order costumes I’ll for sure be making (and giving away) some fun hats. I’ve got a few other custom costume orders to share with you guys. My What’s for Dinner post will have to wait for later, I was just too excited about Doraemon.

Let’s connect! You can also find me hanging out here.

Show and Tell: Star Trek Uniforms

So here’s the finished results. Pretty neat eh? I’m pretty proud of them although I was exhausted at the end of the week, you know late night sewing and then even later night shows but yeah I think they turned out pretty cool.

Oh and here’s a video of the boys dancing during the first show. Enjoy.

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More Fancy Nancy Fun

Here’s a post that I must have pressed save instead of publish back in November. Lucky me because I’m too tired to think of a new post anyways.

As many of you know I love customer appreciate pics. And how cute is this Fancy Nancy sweetie? I love it. These dresses are so fun to make because I know they are going to help girls live out their dress up dreams. When I was little I had this reoccurring dream where I was in the Disney store and I got to pick out a princess dress, it was always a different princess and wouldn’t you know the dream would always come around Halloween. A bit ago I gave one of these dresses to the daughter of one of the music maker’s good friends for her birthday. When she opened it she said “you gave me a Fancy Nancy dress and a boa? thank you” but in the cutest most appreciative 8 year old voice ever. This is how I wrapped the present, I just printed a picture of Fancy Nancy cut it out and double sided taped it to a piece of card stock (I wanted to make sure she knew it was a Fancy Nancy dress haha). Thought I’d pass the idea along since it went over so well.

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Happy Halloween

Me (in the evil lady? costume) with my little sister once upon a time. Have a great Halloween!

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