St. Patrick’s Day Banners Desserts and More

Oh how I love St. Patrick’s Day a good banner and some sweet treats. So how about a little of each?

I may had a minor freak out about how it’s already March and how this year just seems to be flying by. Holy moley. Luckily St. Patrick’s Day is one of my favorite holidays so that helps ease the pain. Here are some of my favorite St. Patti’s Day creations that you guys have linked up and that I’ve pinned to my St. Patrick’s Day board.

Get in the mood for St. Patti’s with even more great projects:

This is how I cook my corned beef (in the crock pot) for St. Patrick's Day every year and it works great!

This is a foolproof way to cooking DELICIOUS corned beef (in the crock pot).

How to make a quick and easy rainbow dress - Rae Gun Ramblings

So fast and so easy my nieces LOVED this rainbow dress!

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6 Must Make Valentine’s Day Projects

I have been blown away by all the Valentine’s Day goodness you guys have all been sharing over the last few week I’ve been pinning up a storm. Here are just a few of my favorites. I am so excited to see what you have for me this week. If you’ve been featured I’d love you to grab a button.


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7 Ways to Get Organized

Ways to get organized with out spending a lot of money
I hope you had a fantastic Holiday. I have spent the last week or so just relazing and it  has been wonderful. I know this time of year makes many of us want to get organized. Here are a bunch of my favorite ways to get organized from the link parties and pinterest.

Do you have some quick and easy organizing ideas? I’d love to hear them in the comments I need to get my whole house in order!

How to get organized. Perfect for home offices and craft room organization

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What We Wore, Read, and Made Link Party: Christmas Craft Features

Sorry for the delay I got sucked into a cookie chat on twitter :) Today I’m sharing some of my favorite Christmas projects I’ve done through the years and that you guys have shared in the link parties. Thanks for linking up and partying with me :) If you’ve been featured I’d love you to grab a button.

Also if you are a reader I wanted to let you know about the giveaway I’ve got going on for just 1 more day. It for Under the Never Sky by Veronica Rossi which has been getting a ton of hype. If you like dystopian stories like The Hunger Games and Matched you might want to check it out. Enter to win Under the Never Sky here the widget is at the very bottom of the post.

Let’s see what you’ve been creating, cooking, eating, wearing, reading, all of it!

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Best of 2011: My Top Five (+1)

Earlier this week I shared my most popular post from 2011. And while this next set of post may not have been the most pinned or favorited on craftgawker, they’re special to me so I’d like to share them again. I made a Mockingjay shirt after falling in love with the Hunger Games series. I’ve always loved reading but I think this year I just really let myself fall back in love with reading fiction (particularly YA fiction) as my goodreads account proves.

I can’t decide. Do I like the time I made my husband aka the best uncle in the world dress up like a Butterfly or a Unicorn. Yup the naughties’ birthday parties (and invites) as always were a blast.

I was surprised at Christmas last year with a trip from the musicmaker to Florida to go on a fun cruise and experience the magic of Universal Studio’s Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I know it’s been a while since I’ve had a full out post devoted to my addition but fear not my Potter obsession remains strong.

I also shared my all time favorite customer appreciation picture to date. I always love receiving each and every one of them so please keep them coming but this one is just such a cool idea and the little guy is so stinking darling.

The hubby also started a great new band called Dani Lion with a friend of ours who has an amazing voice, they’re kind of Fiest meets Gorillaz meets She and Him. They played around with a green screen one day and made this super fun music video. I just love their music so it makes me so so happy (you can hear the whole album and stream or download it for free here)

And this one is just one an aunt would love. Nothing flashy, no fancy sewing or crafting or cooking involved but this year I discovered and shared this old picture of the nieces on their first trip to the aquarium. L could barely talk and she said clear as day “mermaid?” in a totally inquisitive voice like she was wondering if there was a mermaid in there. They’re growing up too fast!

Any ways 2011 was pretty dandy. I hope you all have something fun planned for New Years Eve and I’ll see you in 2012!

Last Minute Christmas Ornament, Decor, and Goodie Round Up

I know Christmas is just days away but in case you still want to get a few last minute, gifts, ornaments or decorations made up, here are a few of my favorites from the What We Wore and Made party over the last few weeks. These peanut butter chocolate pretzels from Bouffe e Bambini are so darling they’d double as decor and presents.

I love the way these hand cut snowflakes out of magazine pages from Maarnietvangrijs turned out. This would be a fun job to give the kids while you’re doing other stuff.

And I always love ornaments for easy gifts or just to remember the year and these picture ornaments from Life as a Thrifter look quick and easy perfect for the week of Christmas.

I’m kind of slacking on how I’ll prep the table for Christmas brunch and dinner but if I get a chance I might try this tutorial for mercury glass from Randee’s Organized Chaos. It is so gorgeous!

And I love this simple wreath from Not So Homemade. It looks totally doable on a last minute schedule but would be a great way to welcome the guest.

Finally the ladies from Sister, Sister shared this cute popcorn ornament and I just adore the feel of it. Not only is it a quickie it would be such a fun thing to do for the kids to watch. You pop the popcorn in it cool right?

Advent Calendar Round Up

Don’t think it’s too late to start an advent calendar. If you get it made up this weekend you still have three weeks of fun with it to build up the excitement for Christmas. My friend told me today that every year she prints up pictures and memories from the year to put in her advent calendar. As they count down the days they are able to reflect on the year and fun memories. Plus when Christmas is done everything is printed and written out and can easily be put into a scrapbook. Cool right? I’ve heard of lots of neat ideas. Obviously food, fun family activities, parts of the Christmas story, ornaments and more. I love all the options.

Here are some of my favorite advent calendars I’ve seen in my link parties and on pinterest. Let me know in the comments if you’ve seen some other cool ones or if you have other good ideas for counting down to Christmas!

  1. The True Story of Christmas – Find a full list of Bible verses and related nick nacks to fill any advent calendar base over at Sweeter than Sweet 
  2. Reindeer Count Down – Such a cute idea and would be fun to make with the kiddos from Balancing Home.
  3. Paper Packages – I love the idea of just wrapping up gifts of different shapes and sizes. This is from flickr user Carambatac.
  4. Envelope Garland – This is from Kristy from 365 Days of Pinterest. Yes she’s making daily projects from pinterest awesome right?
  5. Baby Socks – I love how this looks like a bunch of stockings but they’re really just baby socks. Cute right? Of course it’s from Martha Stewart.
  6. Framed Boxes – A bunch of tin boxes on a frame clever right? She also added some yarn to fill up the frame with a clip and she switches out pictures and drawings. So fun.
  7. Remodeled Store Bought Calendar – Analise from Sugar Sugar totally revamped a primary color advent calendar. I love this idea since you see so many awesome shapes but they either are cheesey colors or don’t go with your Christmas scheme. Brilliant right?
  8. Snowing Packages – I love the tiny packages falling like snow. See the whole tutorial from Pickles.

Also my link party from this week is still up if you haven’t added anything to it yet ;) I try and get most of the projects I feature from my link parties and I’d love for you to submit anything you’re proud of (doesn’t matter how old or how many).


    Show and Tell:Christmas Craft Day 2011 #1

    (Linda with awesome winter decor, just battery operated lights and some cool branches from Michael’s that she chopped up)

    My friends and I do a Christmas Craft Day every year. It started off just as a day to put together Christmas cards and bake cookies  but quickly evolved to crafts of all sorts. You can see the awesomeness from last year here. This year there was an outcry that we needed more than just one day so we’ve planned a few.  So here’s what we made at our first Christmas Craft Day of the year.

    My sister made these darling shirts for the naughty girls out of ribbon. She made some similar turkey ones for Thanksgiving that she liked so much she did this. We sewed these one and she glued the turkey ones and says she much prefers the glue style.

    Our cute exchange student friends Seema and Lamia made a ton, and by a ton I mean a gazillian gift tags. They were so cute.

    A few of us made wreaths. This one by Leah was made with real clippings, like from the yard, and a wire. Awesome right?!

    There was knitting and crocheting (I think there was both). After Heidi whipped out a wreath she worked on her family stockings.

    Laurel, host mama of exchange student Seema made 5 super adorable stockings. Here’s Seema holding the one that was created for her.

    I made a few ornaments that are going on a wreath and helped friends with sewing stuff. But my wreath isn’t quite done so this is all you get for now. I had crazy mod podge fingers after finishing the ornaments.

    And my ultimate favorite part of the day was that everyone showed up with a giant box of craft crap. It was awesome.

    Show and Tell: Christmas Craft Day

    This past weekend we did our Christmas Craft Day. It was loads of fun. I love having such creative ladies in my life that make delicious munchies that we can eat while we enjoy each other’s company and make beautiful things.
    Linda made the most adorable broaches. They are made out of felt and she had stitched them, stuffed them, and then glued on different embellishments. They’re so tiny I was a little doubtful when she said she was going to stuff them but I think the poof totally added to their charm.

    She definitely gets awesomeness award for the day I am in love with her little creations. They turned out so so cute. I think we all left thinking we each had to make some.

    I made word garland things. It took me all day and I think they are adorable but I think I was on crack because I was planning on decorating my house in a nutcracker/o holy night-esque motif. You know dark blues and reds and gold -elegant. But I got so excited to do the words that I totally didn’t realizes until they were up that they didn’t fit into my theme. Ummm duh they’re cutesy, maybe a little country and totally not the right color scheme. So I’m thinking I’m changing things to more of a Babes in Toyland/ Christmas Candy sort of thing. I think that theme will be easier anyways I was having a hard time at the craft and decor stores finding stuff to go with the original idea.

    My sister made a bunch of Christmas cards to send to soldiers and she Jana and the girls also made some adorable christmas puppets (or poppets as T calls them)

    My mom worked on little miniature soldiers and really neat gingerbread bags (another thing I should have remembered to take pictures of).

    Heidi made ornaments for her Jesse Tree which is kind of a very religious advent calendar. I wish I had taken close up pics of her ornaments because they were really really cute. I can’t wait to see it altogether when she finish.

    Yeah for craft days. I definitely will be doing more. It seems like it’s the best (ahem only) way  for me to get stuff done for myself.

    Awesome Fall Wreaths

    I’ve been drooling over the wreaths in blogland for years but I never got around to trying one myself until this past week and I have to say I’m totally obsessed. I was surprised at how easy it was. Seriously I just cut up some flower stems and crammed them in place. The bow took me the most time and that wasn’t even that bad.

    (this one looks way prettier in person)

    My mom and I went to Hobby Lobby for the second time this week to pick up Christmas wreath stuff since it was on sale and she’s hooked too (she made herself a Fall wreath at the same time that I made my two). Side note, little T was totally convince that we were making something for the birds and my mom thought it was so cute that she just went with the idea and finally when she was concerned about me hanging it in the house I told T that it was a decoration not a bird house and that Yai Yai (thai for grandma) was just being silly. I guess they do look like nests kinda.

    I mean it when I say obsessed too, besides having all the stuff at the ready for Christmas I’m really tempted to do a Harry Potter wreath at my Harry Potter Craft Day that I’m having with my friends this Saturday so don’t be surprised if that appears on the blog. And to think I’ve been whining about naked walls for 9 months!