30 Minute EASY Blanket Tutorial

My go to blanket tutorial. Perfect DIY gift and easy sewing project.

There is something wonderful about a handmade blanket. Today I’m excited to share what I believe is the perfect blanket tutorial. It’s fast, it’s easy and the result is is a snuggle-able blanket that’s wonderfully cozy and just the right level of warmth.

I’m excited to be joining Kimbo from A Girl and A Glue Gun as well as a bunch of other bloggers who will be sharing handmade blanket tutorials as a part of Luke’s Love project. To learn how you can get involved donating handmade blankets to help comfort children in need or going through rough things read more about the project see this post.

luke's loves handmade blanket project

This blanket can be made in any size you like but today I’m sharing a personal sized blanket that I think is great for elementary aged children through adults. Want one that is perfect for sharing? Check out my tutorial for a family sized blanket.

Great easy and fast DIY blanket tutorial. Perfect project for beginners or easy handmade gifts.

What You Need

  • 1.5 yards Fleece (about 54×60 inches)
  • 6.5 yards Double Bias Tape (or fabric to make bias tape and a bias tape maker)

A word about fabric. Most fleece is about 60 inches don’t worry if yours is a little bigger or smaller. It’s a snuggly blanket not a tailored bathing suit. I especially like the “snuggle fleece” or “anti-pill fleece” which is just a little extra cuddly and doesn’t pill up. If your fabric has a selvage edge just trim that off before you start. You can either round the corners so you don’t have to deal with corners or you can tuck the edges under to form a little triangle when you get to the corner. To round the corner just place a bow on the edge as a cutting guide. See how to round the edges in this post.

How to make a great blanket in just 30 minutes. Easy DIY tutorial

What To Do

  1. If you are making your bias tape do that. I LOVE my bias tape maker. I don’t actually cut the fabric on the bias for blankets like this and it works fine. Otherwise sew the short ends of your bias tape together right sides together so you have a long length about 6.5 yards long.
  2. Sandwich your fleece in between your bias tape. Feel free to pin if that’s your thing but I just kinda sandwich and hold as I go.
  3. Now zig zag the bias tape down. I like to use a zig zag stitch since it’s forgiving if your fabric slips a bit so it catches a wider area but you can really use any stitch you like including fun decorative stiches. You just want to make sure you’re catching all three layers (top bias tape fold, fleece, and bottom bias tape fold).
  4. If you cut curves you’ just go all the way around. If you have corners fold them under to make the corner triangle and continue sewing on the next side.
  5. When you get to where you started (I like to start on a straight side (NOT a corner or curve) then fold under some of the bias tape and sew a bit over where you started making sure to back stitch.

Super easy right? And these are really our FAVORITE blankets. My husband still snuggles up with our huge Christmas one since it’s so cozy (I really need to make a non-holiday one). And my nieces steal my sister’s bacon one pictured here all the time.

30 minute easy diy blanket tutorial

Teddy LOVE the Christmas one too because if you hid under it and look up it’s like the decorations are glowing. Some how the single layer of fleece is just the perfect warmth. It’s great on it’s own magically being warm enough if it’s right up against you during most of the year but even when it gets extra cold it’s just right for snugglying or layering with other blankets!

Did you or your kids ever have a special blanket?

DIY 30 minute easy blanket tutorial

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How to Applique Tutorial

This is the best tutorial for how to make and sew on fabric appliques.

I love making my own appliques. One of my favorite parts is that you can make whatever image you want. For us geeky folk it’s a way to have fan gear that they don’t sell in stores. Recently I made a appliqued My Neighbor Totoro tunic set for my niece.

DIY Totoro and Catbus outfit

I’ve mentioned before her love for Totoro like her mermaid Totoro birthday party, her Kindergarten Totoro cape, and of course her awesome Totoro costume (to name just a few). So when Crafty Con announced that September would be Studio Ghibli (the animation studio behind Totoro) I decided that I would compete. You can read an interview they did with me they had some fun questions.

Crafting Con Geeky Craft competition

You heard that right today I’m doing my very first sewing competition eep. I would love you to hop over to Crafty Con check out my full look and vote! In the meantime I thought I’d break down the steps for making your own applique like I used to decorate the pieces of my Crafty Con entry which was made with the Norah Tunic and Lollipop Leggings patterns from The Mouse House and Peek-a-boo Pattern Shop respectively).

How to Make Your Own Fabric Applique

My favorite technique for how to make fabric appliques at home and how to sew them on.

DIY applique tutorial

Start by ironing your heat’n bond to the WRONG (that is the ugly, back side) of your fabric.

How to make a fabric applique

Now your fabric will be backed with paper that once your shape is cut out you will peel off to reveal more adhesive. This paper can be drawn on to add your design but if you do that make sure to mirror your image or any text since the fabric side will come out reversed.

Transfer your design to your applique fabric. You can use a stencil, draw it on, or use a cutting machine to run it through a Cricut or similar cutting machine. To use a cutting machine I’ve found if you run it through on the vinyl setting with the FABRIC side up (that is the paper side down). For the Totoro and Cat Bus designs I just drew them onto the paper backing.

Cut your fabric either by had with scissors, exacto knife or with a cutting machine.

How to sew appliques tutorial

Peel the paper backing off of your paper and lay it onto whatever you want the applique on and iron it with a press and hold motion as opposed to a dragging motion. In my case the tunic and leggins. I find it helpful to add the applique before assembling your project or in the middle if you need to put pieces together. Really just think through what steps there are and what access you’ll have. For my tunic I sewed the whole thing up then added the applique. For the leggins I did the first few steps of sewing and then added the applique before sewed the leg seams since it would have been impossible to get my sewing machine into the leg hole to top stitch.

the best easy applique sewing tutorial

If you are layering or have different colors do that and assemble your design. For Totoro did the gray first then the white then the black and green.

How to sew appliques at home. Great DIY tutorial for making and sewing fabric appliques

Top stitch. If you use the ultra hold strength heat’n bond it’s supposed to not require stitching but I like the look of top stitching. The ultra hold kind stays stiff so if you want something more flexible stick to the light kind. I prefer to do a straight stitch around the edge of any large pieces then I just leave the smaller pieces to stick with the heat n bond. I also like to just pick up my needle and move it form place to place and then trim it all at the end. For a more classic look you can use a zig zag stitch or a satin stitch a very close set all around the edges. It’s just a matter of preference.

How to applique Totoro and Cat Bus

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30 Minute DIY Pirate Ship Tutorial

huggies disclosure This little pirate ship is so easy and cute made from stuff you have on hand! Great for pirate parties or just toddler play

Arr there matey! Do you know any pirate lovers? Yes? I thought so. I’m giddy about my project today, a quick and easy DIY Pirate Ship Tutorial. I know I can’t be the only one that looks at those Huggies Little Movers Diaper boxes and thinks, “That could be upcycled into something awesome!” #OneStopShopForBaby  #CollectiveBias

Such a fun idea. Turn a diaper box into an easy pirate ship. DIY tutorial.

But really those diaper boxes are so perfectly sturdy they are far too good just to be sent into the recycling bin. So I finally did it. Okay you guys know I’ll take any excuse to dress Teddy up but come on doesn’t he make the CUTEST pirate? I used one of my pirate costumes from my Etsy shop. And we all know that a good pirate NEEDS a pirate ship.

Too cute! Pirate ship made from old diaper box. 30 minute DIY tutorial

We always seem to have a box of our go to diaper, the Huggies Little Movers around for our non-stop little guy. We love that the new dry touch improvements make them work for day and night with their 12 hour leak lock protection.

How to make a pirate ship out of an old diaper box. Fun DIY 30 tutorial

They just seem to be the driest diaper we’ve tried plus the boxes are perfect for upcycling. When you see how easy it is to make a cute little pirate ship you’ll be wanting to make your own one (or 10).

Super easy and adorable DIY Toddler pirate ship. Great prop for pirate party or pictures

What You Need

  • Diaper Box
  • Scissors (ones you don’t care about since cardboard can dull them easily)
  • Packaging Tape
  • Woodgrain Contact Paper
  • 1/2 Yard Black Fabric (or paper)
  • White Iron-on Vinyl (or paper with glue or tape)
  • Dowel
  • Box Cutter or exacto knife (optional)

What to Do

  1. Depending on the size of your diapers the box sizes vary. But position your box so that you have it as wide and flat as possible. For me using the Huggies Little Movers Size 4 Box that I picked up at Babies”R”Us this had me laying it on it’s face (or back). So I cut off the back. I used the exacto knife to start it but then changed over to my junky scissors.
  2. Next tape any sides or flaps that need reinforcing.
  3. Cut a piece of contact paper the size of the inside of your box. Lay in your box. The contact paper is so nice since you can easily reposition it.
  4. Next cut your contact paper so that you can wrap it around the sides and inner sides of the box. For my Huggies box the contact paper fit perfect when folded in half lengthwise. All I had to do was wrap it around and then cut a slit on the inside when I fold it it down. But even if you have some gaps you can easily apply more contact paper. I liked folding the contact paper over the top edge since that made sure there wasn’t any potentially sharp or scratchy cut cardboard edge exposed.
  5. Now make your flag. I cut 1/2 yard of black fabric into 2 triangles but you can easily just use one layer of fabric or even paper. But my little guy needs durability haha.
  6. Next I sewed around all the sides leaving a 1 inch hole at the side bottom edge that will go on the dowel AKA the flag pole. Then I sewed straight up the perpendicular side to for a casing. This will be slid onto the dowel to display the flag.
  7. I used my Cricut cutting machine to cut a iron-on vinyl skull and cross bones. Then I ironed it onto my flag. You could also just use paper and tape it onto your flag. Read my iron-on vinyl tutorial if you’re new to using the stuff.
  8. Slide the flag onto the dowel.
  9. Now make the flag holder by folding a small piece of packaging tape onto itself. Take another piece of tape and place the folded piece in the middle and then tape that into one of the bottom corners of the box. Repeat for the top corner. Now you should be able to slide your flag pole in and out!

Adorable DIY pirate ship made from a diaper box

So fun right!? You could keep going and decorate it with cannons or nautical ropes but we thought it was fun and durable as is. It would be really neat to make a bunch of these for a pirate themed birthday party. I could see all kinds of silly races or just an awesome photo booth!

Save for fun pirate party or pretend. 30 minute pirate ship from diaper box tutorial.

I think I’m hooked on upcycling diaper boxes, I’m thinking maybe cars or planes next. How would you transform the new Huggies Little Movers boxes?

huggies little movers in store picture

And do forget while you’re grabbing your diapers and everything else you need for baby at Babies”R”Us remember to use this coupon which will be extended! Learn more about the new and improved Huggies Little Movers diapers on their Twitter and Facebook Page!

Super fun idea for making a pirate ship from an old diaper box

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20 Minute Personalized Reusable Gift Bag

Super fast DIY personalized reusable gift bag tutorial

What kid doesn’t love their name on something. And even more so when it’s an uncommon name like my buddy Atticus. This past weekend I was at my little buddy’s house and saw this bag, this one I gave to him a few years ago being loving used to house a heck of a lot of plastic animals and I realized that I had never shared the easy DIY personalized reusable gift bag tutorial with YOU guys!

This bag tutorial is so easy. Great beginner sewing project and how to add cute personalizations

So today I’m excited to show you an easy way to make reusable gift bags. This simple bag tutorial is easy enough that it’s a great beginner sewing project perfect for teaching kids to sew (or anyone who might be new to sewing). All you need to do is sew 4 straight lines for the basic bag! Step by step instructions to making a quick and easy diy personalized gift bag. Great tutorial

What you need

What to Do

  1. Start by deciding how big you want your bag. You’ll want to double the length and add 3 inches for the length measurement. For the width measurement just add 3 inches to the finished width measurement.
  2. For the ribbon you want two pieces of ribbon that are 1.5x the width of what you want your finished bag to be.
  3. Start by ironing both short edges of your fabric under 1 inch. Also iron the long edges under 1/2 inch.
  4. Sew down the short edges with a 5/8 inch seam allowance.
  5. Fold the fabric in half so the folds are on the inside and the sewn short edges are aligned. Starting at the sewing line you made in step 3 sew down the edge of the bag with a 1/4 inch seam allowance catching both pieces of fabric.
  6. Now you should have a basic bag shape. Cut your iron-on vinyl out with a cutting machine (or if you’re super brave use an exacto knife). If you have never used iron-on vinyl it’s super awesome stuff and easy to use to learn more about it with tons of step by step pictures check out my iron-on vinyl tutorial. But the basic gist is that you make a mirror image that you want to cut, use a cutting machine and cut the vinyl out vinyl side up (plastic side down). Pull away any of the negative space of the design, lay the vinyl onto your bag and iron through the plastic and finally pull the plastic away. And don’t worry, if it went too fast or you can’t picture it just check out my long how to use vinyl post.
  7. Next seal the ends of the ribbon by running them across a flame.
  8. Thread the ribbon through one end and loop it back through the other. Knot the ends together. Repeat going the other direction and you should have a bag where you can pull the straps to cinch it closed.

Fun gift idea. Personalized gift bag. QUick and easy diy tutorial

These are awesome since you can make them into any size. You can use it to pack up a personalized little IKEA car like I did or something much bigger. They can be a gift all on their own or you can place other gifts inside to use it as a great double duty or reusable gift bag.

double duty gift bag. easy tutorial

I am strongly considering making a bunch up for Teddy and the nieces to use during Christmas!

how to make a fast personalized gift bag. easy sewing tutorial

I shared this post originally on 12/2/2014 at Design Dazzle as a part of her awesome Christmas series!

20 Minute Basic Band Skirt Tutorial

Love this skirt tutorial for teaching kids and beginners how to sew. Great first DIY sewing project.

I’m super excited about the skirt tutorial I’ve got for you today. This 20 Minute basic banded skirt tutorial is one of my go to projects for teaching people to sew. In fact aside from sewing on scraps these skirts are the first thing my nieces made. Now they have both made multiple skirts for themselves and have helped their friends to make them too.

This is a great project for beginners and those in a hurry because it’s just a few straight lines. You can simplify the skirt even more by doing it without a band but in addition to adding an extra about of cuteness I like that it gives the new sew-er an extra long length to practice sewing.

20 minute DIY skirt tutorial great for teaching kids to sew

Determining the Size and Fabric You Need

For these skirts I like to use quilting cotton for beginners but if you’re comfortable with sewing it will work with any fabric you want. Whether I make this skirt for an adult or a child I always use the full width of the fabric for quilting cotton usually 44 inches. If the width of your fabric is longer there is no need to cut it down it will just be a little more gathered. Now measure from where you want the waistband to sit and where you want the fabric to end on your leg for example the right above the knee. From that number subtract 2 inches. This will be the length of fabric you want for your main fabric. Your band fabric will be 5 inches by the width of the fabric (usually 44 inches).

What to cut your fabric to and basic measurements for shirt lengths when sewing for children

Obviously this will have a different look for adults and children but I like how it looks on each and you can definitely do math to adjust your band with (taking a few inches from one fabric and adding it to the other). For your elastic you want to measure around your waist and make it a so it has to stretch. I usually subtract 4 inches from my waist measurement.

My go to skirt tutorial great for teaching new sew-ers. Fast tutorial for DIY skirt even kids can do.

What You Need

  • Main Fabric
  • Band Fabric (5 x width of the fabric)
  • 1/2 inch elastic for waist
  • Safety Pin

What to Do

  1. With right sides together (that is the pretty sides) align the main fabric and the band fabric and sew down the long edge using a 1/2 inch seam allowance (that means from the needle to the edge of the fabric it should be 1/2 there is probably a mark on your sewing machine).
  2. Finish the raw edges with a serger or a zig zag stitch (when I teach kids I do this step for them).
  3. Fold back the band. With right sides together match the short ends of the fabric together. Make sure your seam line is lined up. Pin in place or if you’re confident you don’t need to pin, beginners should pin though.
  4. With a 1/2 inch seam allowance sew down the short edges to make one big tube.
  5. Finish both edges with a serger or zig zag stitch (I do this step for the kids).
  6. Iron the edge of the band side under wrong side together 1/2 inch and sew down with a 1/4 seam allowance (usually lining the fold of the fabric with the edge of your presser foot).
  7. Iron the top edge of your skirt under wrong side together 1 inch. Sew down with a 3/4 inch seam allowance making sure to leave about a 1-2 inch hole to insert the elastic.
  8. String your safety pin on to one end of your elastic. Thread it through your waist band. Make sure it did not get twisted along the way. (I usually have to finish this for the kids but they can start it and given enough time they can probably do the whole thing but it’s a lot of work for little fingers)
  9. Over lap the ends of your elastic one on top of each other about 1/2 inch and sew back and forth 3-4 times.
  10. Sew the hole closed in your elastic band by sewing over where your stitches left off over the space of the while and where your stitches start again.

Easy skirt tutorials for learners and kids wanting to sew

Wear your skirt with pride (or try it on your favorite skirt recipient). These skits above were sewn by my 6 and 8 year old sewing students. They aren’t perfect, you can see little jags in the stitching but they are all theirs and SO awesome!

Easy 20 minute skirt tutorial this 5 year old made her own skirt

Niece L trying on the first skirt she made under her dress when she was still 5 years old!

As a bonus these banded skirts are so quick and easy they make great gifts.  The best part is since you can find so many different basic quilting fabrics including all kinds of character and licensed designs you can make an awesome skirt that you’d never find in a store.

My favorite beginner and learning how to sew project. Great simple DIY skirt tutorial

You also might like:

Easy Ruffle Girl Skirt Tutorial. Perfect project for beginners - Rae Gun Ramblings

Once you master the banded skirt you should give the Ruffle Skirt tutorial a try!

Fabulous quick and easy skirt tutorials to sew up

Want even more skirt tutorials? All of these skirts can be sewn up in 30 minutes or less!

Sew Out Stash: Ikat Hogwarts Style

DIY Ikat knit skirt and Harry Potter shirt
Oh my guys I had high hopes for Sew Our Stash this month but besides the crazy work that the Happy Harry Potter series takes (all worth it though) we got hit with a huge bug and I’ve been holding Teddy through the night poor sick boy. So sadly those amazing hand stamped Harry Potter dresses that I had planned are still sitting as a pile of fabric on my cutting table.

DIY Ikat knit skirt

But I have made myself a few things this month. Just in case you forgot. We had the Square Maxi Skirt for Riley Blake. Pretend that I made myself and awesome Harry Potter top to go with it (I’m thinking with Polkadot Chair’s amazing Quidditch Mom design).

quick and easy square maxi skirt tutorial just 2 steps and 15 minutes

And I made that Hogwarts Text Book Skirt which I ADORE. It’s so cute in person guys! I’ll get a nice modeled shot of that for you soon. I promise.

Must make Harry Potter inspired Text book skirt. Step by step tutorial instructions

But our theme this month was polka dots and here is my unusual take on polka dots. Let’s just say trying to combine Potter and Polka dots and all the other stuff going on was a little tough. But I’m in love with this skirt and I know it will get lots and lots of wear!

hogwarts alumn skirt and ikat knit diy skirt

I made it using my Simple Simon and Co’s SPEEEDY knit skirt tutorial. It teaches you how to take the measurements off your own body and make a pattern. It’s my favorite!

DIY knit skirt and Hogwarts shirt

I do have another polka dot project I was reeeeeaaaaallly wanting to make so I will just have to share it next month. But until then here is my new skirt and new top. I shared the tutorial on how to make this but the baby version last year and I’ll be adding the adult ones to my shop later this week (the baby ones can already be purchased here).

This sounds so fun. Monthly sewing themes for women.

Okay here’s to a better next month of Sew Our Stash. The theme next month is knock off!  And before you go Bev shared a bunch of awesome Maxi Skirt Tutorials so go check them out!

awesome diy ikat knit skirt and harry potter shirt

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Hogwarts Textbooks Skirt and 20 Minute Knit A-line Skirt Tutorial

Must make Harry Potter inspired Text book skirt. Step by step tutorial instructions

Can you believe it’s almost time to polish off our trunks and send the little ones back to Hogwarts? Well it is. Back to school time is right around the corner but for many girls in foster care clothing can be a huge source of stress. My friends over at Simple Simon and Co do an awesome series every July called Skirting the Issue where bloggers share tons of skirt tutorials and encourage people to sew up skirts and donate them to girls in foster care. It’s pretty awesome considering skirts are one of the EASIEST thing to make.

Super easy fold over knit a-line skirt tutorial

Since it always corresponds with my Happy Harry Potter series I tend to make Potter related skirts. Last year I shared a super easy Striped House Pride Skirt Tutorial and this year I’m crazy excited to share my Hogwarts Textbook Skirt and 20 minute knit skirt tutorial.

Swish and Flick skirt Hermione - Rae Gun Ramblings

I have made myself a few of these knit skirts including this Swish and Flick skirt (goodness I really do have a lot of Potter wearables). It’s so comfy, comes together super fast and can be worn to all more casual or dressed up. Let’s start with the basic skirt and then I’ll show you how to make put all the text books on it if that’s your thing :)

How to make an Aline skirt pattern

Start by Making Yourself a Pattern

  1. Make sure you have a relatively stretchy fabric.
  2. Start by folding your fabric in half then in half again making sure the stretch goes across the width of the fabric.
  3. Take a skirt you like the way it fits (can be stretchy or not, pencil skirt or a-line) flatten it out and then fold it in half. Lay it on top of your fabric folded edge to folded edges of the fabric. If it is a pencil skirt I take my ruler and angle out from about where the widest part of my hip its all the way down to the edge of the fabric. Trace (or cut if your brave) around about 1/2 inch from the edge of your garment. Leave extra space at the bottom if you plan on hemming your skirt (sometimes I leave the edges raw).
  4. Next measure across the top part of the skirt when it’s flat (so from one side to the other). And make yourself a band. You want the band to be 5 inches wide by whatever the measurement across the top of the skirt is minus 4 inches. You need two of these pieces.
  5. Measure from the top of your skirt to the bottom edge and make sure that distance is the same all around. You’ll probaby have to trim a tiny bit off of that outer corner.

If you don’t have a skirt you love I recommend that you check out liZ’s super easy tutorial on how to make your own knit pencil skirt pattern off of your own body (it only takes 20 minutes to do that AND make a skirt). I used my skirt I made from their pattern as my base and to make it an A-line I just angled it out and trimmed the bottom corners up.

easy instructions on how to sew a knit aline skirt in just 20 minutes

Sew the Skirt Together

  1. With right sides together sew the short ends of the band pieces together. You should now have a tube.
  2. Then fold it in half wrong sides together.
  3. Take your two skirt pieces and with right sides together sew each side seam.
  4. Pin your band matching the side seams to the right side of the skirt matching the raw edges of the band to the raw top edge of the skirt.
  5. Sew around. Fold the band up and you have a skirt.
  6. From here you can hem the skirt using my super easy hemming knits trick, finish it with a rolled edge, or just leave it raw (since it’s a knit it won’t unravel).

Super adorable Hogwarts textbook skirt tutorial inspired by the harry potter books

That’s all there is to making a simple A-line knit skirt. Now if you want to add text books to your skirt what you need to do is get a bunch of scraps of fabric and cut them into strips.

Love this tutorial for making a cute booknerd Harry Potter textbook skirt. Great DIY tutorial

How a to Make Hogwarts Text Book Skirt

  1. Once you have your skirt made (or you can start with a ready to wear skirt) position your fabric strips on your skirt to know how wide and long you want them. Write down how much space you have on each piece for lettering this will help you get your text ready.
  2. Next back each fabric strip with light Heat n Bond. You do this by ironing the WRONG side of the fabric to the heat n bond paper. Once it cools you pull the paper backing off and you’ll be able to iron it right onto your skirt.
  3. Position all your fabric “books” onto your skirt and iron.
  4. Next add your text. I cut the text out of Iron On Vinyl. If you have never used heat transfer vinyl before its one of my all time favorite craft supplies. Here is a whole post about how to use heat transfer vinyl complete with LOTS of pictures. If you have an Cricut Explore you can use my file (for personal use only although it might ask you to pay for the fonts BUT you can always just edit it to fonts that are free for you). What you will do now is in Cricut Design Space edit the text to make sure that the text sizes match up to your fabric strip sizes. If you have some other cutting machine you can easily just make the text by typing it out yourself. Iron the letters onto your “books” If you don’t have a cutting machine you can add your letters by embroidering or even with fabric markers or paint!
  5. Add the best book The Monster Book of Monsters by using a scrap of fur fabric and sew on eyes. I just used  a three step zig zag to put that piece on (skipped the heat n bond) and sew on eye buttons.
  6. Finally top stitch around each of the other fabric strips.

ahh Harry Potter books! Hogwarts textbook skirt diy tutorial

Super cute right? While the actual skirt making is fast the cutting and weeding and placing of the letters do take time but I absolutely love my skirt and am so excited for how it turned out.

Fabulous quick and easy skirt tutorials to sew up

30 Minute 1 yard Fabric Skirt | House Pride Skirt | Easy Panel Bug Skirt (for kid and creature) | Fast Maxi Skirt | 15 Minute Square Maxi Skirt | Easy Ruffle Skirt | Fold Over Waist Knit Aline Skirt | Quick Tulle Skirt

And don’t forget while you’re making yourself skirts this July think about make a few extras for girls in foster care. To help get you motivated here are some more very easy and very fast skirt sewing tutorials! For more details about how to get involved and donate skirts see here.

Huge Harry Potter giveaway. Lots of cute shops to remember for Christmas for Harry Potter fans

Make sure to check back in later today when I round up what everyone else has shared for Day 6 of this year’s Happy Harry Potter series. And be sure to enter the giveaway!

The winner will receive the following awesome Harry Potter and bookish prizes!

Enter the giveaway with the rafflecopter widget below. Just reload if you don’t see it or click here.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Must make for all Harry Potter fans. Hermione would love this. Hogwarts textbook skirt diy tutorial

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Aztec Square Maxi Skirt for Riley Blake

DIY Square skirt tutorial

This morning I’m hanging out over at Riley Blake Designs blog because I’m one of their new Design Team members woohoo. What this means is that every once in a while they’ll send me some fun fabric to play with and I’ll make a project and share it on their blog. This time I made a crazy easy 15 minuet square maxi skirt out of their gorgeous Aztec knit fabric in black.

awesome aztec diy maxi skirt

While I love my tried and true traditional 20 minute maxi skirt tutorial I wanted something a little different. And let me tell you I’m hooked. I’ve only worn it once and got a ton of compliments and “make one for me” comments.

quick and easy square maxi skirt tutorial just 2 steps and 15 minutes

I’m excited to make more. Hop over to Riley Blake to get the full tutorial!

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30 Minute Lightweight Baby Changing Station Tutorial

waterwipes disclosure30 DIY Minute Baby Changing Station tutorial. Great easy sewing project for baby.

I have been meaning to make this changing station for ages. We use the easy peasy changing pad every single day but I wanted another with a pocket that I could take with us on the go so I would have to keep track of the first one. I couldn’t be happier with how this turned out!

30 minute light weight washable DIY baby changing station

When I was looking for changing pads in stores they were 1. ridiculously expensive 2. super heavy and 3. crazy bulky. This is thin but still does the job and as an upgrade from my last version has a pocket big enough to hold wipes and a few diapers. I made this one big enough to fit my WaterWipes pack which are my new favorite wipes, but it should also fit other style of wipe cases too. If you don’t already know about WaterWipes these are awesome and new to the US (they’ve had them in Europe for a while) and available at Babies “R” Us back by the diapers. Unlike even the “natural” or “sensitive” baby wipes these don’t have all kinds of crazy chemicals. These just have two ingredients: 99.9% Irish water that has been specially purified and softened and 0.1% grapefruit seed extract. I don’t even think twice about wiping his face with these where as I was always weirded out by the other kind to do anything but wipe a bum haha.

easy 30 minute lightweight washable changing pad with pocket for wipes and diapers. fast tutorial

What You Need

  • Back Fabric (I used a laminate since it’s easy to wipe down after using public bathrooms) 18×27 inches
  • Front Fabric (I used rip stop since it’s water resistant but PUL is a great choice too) 18×27 inches
  • Pocket Flap (same as back fabric) 9×7 inches
  • Pocket Fabric (same as back fabric) 9×10 inches
  • 1 snap
  • wipes/diapers (optional if you want to adjust your pocket size)

easy DIY baby changing station, lightweight and washable 30 minute tutorial

What To Do

  1. Start by making your pocket flap. Fold the pocket flap piece right sides together so you have a rectangle that is 3.5×9 inches.
  2. Sew up the side and clip the corners. Turn right side out.
  3. Fold one of the 10 inch sides under a 1/2 inch and sew down.
  4. Then lay the pocket with the unsewn side lined up with the center of the top edge of the back piece. Fold under the 10 inch unsewn side and the 9 inch side that is on NOT on the edge of the back piece. Sew along both edges of the pocket.
  5. Position the pocket flap in the center of the pocket lining up the raw edges with the edge of the back piece.
  6. Lay the rip stop on top of the back piece (on the right side, the pocket side). Sew around all the edges leaving a 3 inch hole.
  7. Turn right side out and with the pocket flap open top stitch around all edges 1/4 inch closing up the hole.
  8. Add your snap to both the pocket and the flap.
  9. Fill with WaterWipes, a few diapers, and get ready to change some stinky baby bums ;)

How to make an easy changing pad with pocket

I hope you like my easy changing station and if you’re interested in trying chemical free wipes I highly recommend the WaterWipes. They are really durable and definitely do the job. The #WaterWipes are on sale at Babies “R” Us 2 for 6$ (normally 3.99$) now through July. And from now until August 19th you can enter to with 100$ Babies “R” Us gift card using the widget below.

Aside from wiping bums I keep the WaterWipes by Teddy’s high chair to wipe his face. I’ve never done that with other kind of wipes because you can taste the chemicals yuck. But with these ones they are just like a nice wet towel but way more convenient. I’m super glad I found them.
WaterWipes Babies “R” Us

DIY lightweight washable baby changing pad with pocket for wipes and diapers

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Easy Plastic Cup Pirate Boat Tutorial

How to make cute pirate boats in 5 minutes with stuff you have on hand. Fun kid activity and tutorialHot Summer days were made for quick crafts and playing in water. Today I’m excited to share a super easy boat tutorial that’s perfect to do with the little ones. Whether they are creating pirate ships or fairy vessels these little DIY boats are too cute. We love playing with them in our water table.fast summer kids craft. upcycled plastic cup boats

These little boats can be made so quickly and you most likely to have everything you need already on hand in your house. Older kids can easily put these together while both the littlest guys and the bigger kids will have a blast playing with them when they are done.

Awesome water table and cute pirate ship craft project for the Kids

Teddy is just over one and he had so much fun playing the boats in his fun water table. I know we’ll be making more through out the summer when the cousins come over to play!

What You Need:

  • Plastic Cups
  • Plastic Straws
  • Fun Tape (I used both washi tape and duct tape)
  • Fabric (optional – for the pirate style)
  • Iron-On Vinyl (optional – for the pirate style)

Every day home items turned into cute kid craft boats

What to Do:

Cut the top off of the plastic cups. Depending on your kids this might be an adult job. Cut the straws down to be your desired staff size. Tape the straw to the inside of the cup. I found that duct tape worked best for this. It held strong even after being played with in the water.

For the tape flags (clear boat): Next take a piece of tape for the flag and place the center of the tape on the straw and fold the tape in half so that it is folded around the straw. Then cut the end of the tape to make a flag design.

super cute pirate ships made from plastic cups. Great summer craft for the kids

For the fabric flags (red boat): Next cut 2 identical flag pieces out of fabric. You can cut it on the fold or simply sew up the edge. With right sides out sew around all the edges leaving a small opening big enough to slide onto the straw. If you want to add a design to your flag like I did you can cut out some iron-on vinyl and iron it onto your flag. If you’ve never used iron-on vinyl I’m a huge fan and think you should check it out. It’s super fun stuff. You can find my step by step tutorial on how to use iron on vinyl. Once your flag is ready you can just slide it onto the straw and you’re good to go.

awesome and easy plastic cup craft projects. Perfect Summer kid project

Float your boats to your hearts content.

Originally shared as a part of Design Dazzle’s Summer Camp Series on May 26, 2015.

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