Awesome Fall Wreaths

I’ve been drooling over the wreaths in blogland for years but I never got around to trying one myself until this past week and I have to say I’m totally obsessed. I was surprised at how easy it was. Seriously I just cut up some flower stems and crammed them in place. The bow took me the most time and that wasn’t even that bad.

(this one looks way prettier in person)

My mom and I went to Hobby Lobby for the second time this week to pick up Christmas wreath stuff since it was on sale and she’s hooked too (she made herself a Fall wreath at the same time that I made my two). Side note, little T was totally convince that we were making something for the birds and my mom thought it was so cute that she just went with the idea and finally when she was concerned about me hanging it in the house I told T that it was a decoration not a bird house and that Yai Yai (thai for grandma) was just being silly. I guess they do look like nests kinda.

I mean it when I say obsessed too, besides having all the stuff at the ready for Christmas I’m really tempted to do a Harry Potter wreath at my Harry Potter Craft Day that I’m having with my friends this Saturday so don’t be surprised if that appears on the blog. And to think I’ve been whining about naked walls for 9 months!

Tutorial: Boo Headband (easy and fast)

Need a last minute costume, or bit of Halloween flair? I made this to wear to Gardner Village’s Witches Night Out (where hundreds of women dress up like witches). It was awesome but I think the headband would be great for the costume-less or for those of you who may have been focusing all your energy on others’ costumes and just need some Halloween Spirit for yourself.

It’s so easy and as with everything I make my default is to sew because that is what I know, it’s easier for me than glue but really all of this can be done with glue.

What You’ll Need

  • thick felt
  • headband (I love the elastic style ones)
  • small pieces of fabric (I used purple and orange)
  • sequence
  • heat bond (ultra heavy) but you could probably just use glue
  • glue

The Steps

  • If you’re going to use heat bond iron heat bond the letter fabric(orange) and the background fabric (purple)
  • Cut out the letters (I used my Cricut but you could free hand it or trace them off of the computer screen)
  • Cut out the background shape out of the background fabric I just did an abstract squiggle.
  • Place the background shape on the felt and the felt so you can see an edge.
  • Sew (or glue the felt onto the headband
  • Iron (or glue) the background shape onto the felt making sure to leave a little room around the edges 
  • Position the letters and iron (or glue)
  • Glue on the sequence
  • Wear and feel Fancy.

If you make any I’d love to see them. Hope you like it.

Merry Christmas

Rejoice, rejoice this happy morn,
A Savior unto us is born,
The Christ, the Lord of glory!
His lowly birth in Bethlehem
THe agels from on high proclaim
And sing redemption’s story!
My soul, extol
God’s great favor;
Bless Him ever
For salvation;
Give him praise and adoration!

hymn 391 from the Lutheran Service Book

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20 Minute Ruffled Stocking Tutorial

20 Minute Ruffled Stocking Tutorial - Rae Gun Ramblings #christmas #diy #craft #stocking

On Sunday my sister told me the Naughties still didn’t have stockings in a suggestive manner. This was similar to the time that she told me that the girls had a princess party to go to. I thought about just handing her the stockings I made in college that I usually hang from our stairwell as decorations. I thought about carefully cutting out felt or layers of fabric and making new stockings for the girls. I thought about all the other things I have to do. But then today while in the 35 minute cut table line at Joann I saw these felt stockings 2.99$ 70% off. So I bought them and dolled them up. If I new where half of my craft stuff was (moving) I would have added some bells but this is what they got. Here’s a cute 20 minute ruffled stocking tutorial.

Step by step instructions for an easy ruffled Christmas stocking - Rae Gun Ramblings

If you want to make your own here’s some easy peasy steps.
1. Start with a basic stocking (really it’s quite easy to make if you need to)
2. Cut some strips to ruffles. Mine are finished because they were for my ruffle diaper covers but really for stockings they don’t need to be finished.
3. Gather one of the long edges of each ruffle, I did mine on my serger just cause that’s what I’m used to but a simple basting stitch pulled would work fine
4. Pin on the ruffles, it’s easiest to work from the bottom up
5-6. Sew them on, now I work from the top down.
7. Add ribbons, I fray checked the edges but hey it’s just a stocking you don’t have to, it’s just habit for me
8-9. Hang and enjoy.

I think all I have left is wrapping and day of cooking, oh I just remembered my wontons. Okay that’s not too bad of a list. Hope you’re all having a good week.

Super cute and easy ruffle stocking tutorial - Rae Gun Ramblings #christmas #diy #sewing

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Ornament Exchange and Holiday How To (Tutorial)

I signed up for Pampering Beki’s Ornament exchange.

I received the most adorable ornament from Kate at

I sent her a melted Utah Snowman.

Here’s how I made it.
What you’ll need:
-beads for eyes
-orange foam sheet (or scrap) for nose
-glasses (I found these in the doll making section of the craft store)
-scrap of fabric for the scarf
-glitter glue
-skinny tweezers
-ribbon and tag
-clear ornament bulbs
-twig-ish things for the arms (I found chicken feet and cut them and thought they worked well)

If you can find these it would be cool
-mini hat (mine wouldn’t fit through the hole of the bulb boo
-mini pipe
How to make it:
1. Squeeze some glitter glue in, spread it with a Q-tip if it needs some help
2. Use tweezers and carefully place everything where you want them
3. Attach a tag with a ribbon
4. Let dry

Merry Christmas!

I’ve been busy making Christmas spirit but I’ve got lots of pictures and posts planned for next week including a recipe for our family’s traditional Christmas wontons. (yes this is what we sent our families and friends, yeah we pride ourselves in the kinda weird Christmas card)

My Easter Dress


I hope all of you that celebrate Easter had a great Resurrection Sunday. I realized that there’s a bit of Easter-y stuff that just slipped through my blogging. So first, my dress. I woke on Friday wanting a new dress for Easter. After a trip to the my favorite quilt shop and a freaking 9.80/yard 3 yard purchase I came home to start this dress above. I have probably enough fabric for one baby outfit left but still yikes, after adding batiste lining, a zipper, and two fun ribbons, that’s an expensive homemade dress! But I guess on the other hand it’s exactly what I wanted and I’ve been eyeing this fabric for a couple months. I love it but it’s still a little big. I’m planning on taking it in but leaving the extra fabric there to let out since I think it would make an adorable maternity dress when that time comes. If you want to see more shots of the dress click here.

I take my faith seriously and I just have forgotten to share this awesome educational tool with those of you that may share that faith. If you are a Christian and interested in teaching your kids about how Jesus died on the cross for us and the whole Easter story I really suggest you look for Resurrection eggs. Once a week I teach a “Bible Study” for the 2-5 year old while their moms (ladies from a bunch of different Christian churches) have their own study. We play, make crafts, eat a snack, say verses (loud, quiet, eyes close, jumping, etc) and learn a little lesson. I’ve done this type of thing for many years now and the way that these eggs walk the kids through the whole story of Easter is amazing. The little ones can really understand and remember. I left our own Good Friday Service thinking how cool it was that my babies could pretty much have given that same sermon (well you know what I mean). But any ways, they are plastic eggs with little toys in them that represent parts of the Easter story like a donkey (that Jesus road in town on), a crown of thorns, a die (since they cast lots for his clothes), a rock (to put in front of the tomb), there are I think 12 eggs but the coolest is that the last egg is empty for the empty tomb. If you are interested in teaching the Easter message to your kids I really suggest these Resurrection Eggs. You probably could make your own with those leftover plastic eggs but I found my for 15$ at a Christian bookstore.

Well yes, happy late Easter. And don’t forget that I’m working on some fun stuff for next week’s shop update.

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A few reminders

Well I’ve got a couple big deadlines this week for my graduate work so I’m slacking a bit on blogging but I wanted to remind you real quickly of a few fun things. First the EtsyBaby street team is still doing the fun Bow-Bear promotion those participating (and I am one of them) are having give-a-ways on certain listings. I’ve already sold one of my specials. Have fun looking for them the little bow-bear icon is so cute! Also don’t forget about my newsletter, I try to send 1-2 emails out a month with discount codes, promos, and big updates (don’t worry I don’t email constantly like some newsletters or give your email address to anyone else). If you’re interested just follow the directions on the right. Tomorrow is my big deadline if you want to send good thoughts and prayers my way, after that is all done I’ll tell you the story of the Where’s Waldo dress .

Hello 2008!

Happy New Year everyone! Here’s one of the new designs I promised you -the Soda Pop dress. It will be listed soon in my store. It’s got 8 fully lined panels and a fun yoke/collar all finshed with fabric covered buttons and detailing at the hem. I hope you like it! More fabrics to come and of course if you see a peek-a-boo dress fabric that you’d like as one of these just ask because it can probably be done. I should get this up and listed in the store later today.

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Holiday Traditions


The music maker and I went to the Nutcracker the other night. As I scurried to the souvenir table behind a slue of 8 year old girls he said, “These little girls must be loving this. Hey you were one of them.” Yes I was. Take your little girls to the Nutcracker and make memories to last a lifetime.

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