Hunger Games Party Ideas and Printables

Hello! I’m Kyla and I’m the OCD mind behind Funky PolkaDot Giraffe.
I’m so excited to be here guesting at Marissa’s blog,
and grateful to the Hunger Games for bringing us together!My birthday is March 21st – the day before the Hunger Games movie opening!
I know the movie opens on the the 23rd, but if you’re a nut
like me, and you’re going to see the Midnight showing,
then your pre- PAR-TAY! will be taking place on March 22nd.
I’ve already thrown one Capitol Feast in honor of the Hunger Games,
so I wanted to share my menu with you,
and give you some more ideas I’ve rounded up
to make your Hunger Games pre- PAR-TAY awesome.

If you ask my husband what the Hunger Games is about,
you’ll probably get this answer,
“Oh, I’m so hungry, let’s play some games.”
He thinks he’s so funny.
But let’s be honest, if you’re throwing a party,
it is all about the food :)

At my original Hunger Games Capitol Feast I served:
*soups & stews
specifically clam chowder & corn chowder
in honor of the soups & stews consumed by Katniss*salad
I picked a yummy one out of the refrigerated section of Costco :)
But you could get fancy and whip something up.

*various breads
Bread is HUGE in the Hunger Games,
so you gotta have your carbs present to REPRESENT!

*CHEESE & grapes
It really isn’t a party without a cheese platter.

*hot chocolate & rolls
Turn on that Cocoa Latte machine,
grab a bag of rolls of Costco,
and let your guests go to town.

Not only does this beverage remind me of my
darling Grandpa Meyer, but it was the
first food I thought of when I thought the Hunger Games.
Can you imagine remembering what it was like
to taste OJ for the first time?

And the piece de resistance . . . . . .

These radtastic FLAMING cupcakes by Lady Cupcake’s Corner!

They look really stunning on a candlelit table.

Some things I’m considering for this year’s festivities:
1. Twig Arrows 2. Effie Inspired Flower
3. Coal Necklace 4. Bookmarks

In honor of the Hunger Games and my birthday,
I have a couple gifts for you!!!

First is this fun 8×10 print.
Print it.
Frame it.
Be proud.


And the second is a rad little invite.
It was inspired by a photo I saw on Pinterest,
it only linked to a photo, so I decided to make my own!


Fine Print:
Please feel free to use this printable for your personal use. Please be kind and give credit where credit is due. Any questions or comments please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thanks so much to Kyla for this awesome guest post full of hunger games party ideas and printables! For those of you interested in even more Hunger Games Party Ideas see my own Hunger Games Party Post, my crock pot recipe for Katniss’ Lamb stew as well as my tutorial for how to make parachutes to decorate your party. Also to see all the amazing guest posts from the Hunger Games Party and get great Hunger Game craft, recipe, book and home decor ideas check out my Hunger Games Blog Party Tag.

Resin Bottle Cap Pins Tutorial with Harry Potter and Hunger Games Printable

Today we have the pleasure of learning how to make awesome Resin Bottle Cap Pins from Heidi of Digknity. I happen to have many of these awesome pins that she made and love them. She shares my love of all things Potter and I dare say she loves The Hunger Games more than I do. I think the last two weeks I got at least one email a day from her about ideas for the party. Also if you haven’t gotten a chance to enter her giveaway click over here to check it out. Without further delay here’s Heidi.


I’ve been wanting to experiment with resin, for, like ever. It all started when I fell in love with “The Incredibles” movie and really wanted a necklace with the logo on it. Apparently it didn’t exist though. So for years I’ve had it in mind to make my own using resin.

Bottle caps are an easy way to try your hand at resin-casting because you don’t have to remove the resin from the mold. The mold is your piece of art. You can use the bottle caps to make pendants as well, but that requires soldering and drilling holes in metal and I just didn’t have the energy for that. So I simply hot-glued pins to the back.

This is a very basic tutorial, as most of your instructions are going to be from the resin kit you buy. I purchased this resin kit from Michael’s, and while the instructions were extremely intimidating, I found the process very easy. And VERY MESSY. Also, I don’t have pictures of the actual process because I hastily decided to do this on a rare day that I was home alone, and you can’t exactly pause during the process to photograph.

What you need:

  • Bottle caps (I had about 40, but this resin kit could probably fill 50-60)
  • 1” circle punch (worth the money; you don’t want to cut out 1” circles by hand)
  • Graphics, slightly larger than 1” in diameter (you can use magazines, photos, things you find online, or the Harry Potter and Hunger Games graphics that I designed which are supplied below)
  • Beads or glitter or other found objects, if you desire
  • Pin Backs
  • Hot glue
  • Resin kit

    For the resin mixing, you’ll want:
  • 2 plastic (non-wax-coated), straight-sided/flat-bottomed cups
  • 2 stirs (I had wood skewers on hand, so I used the blunt end of those)
  • 1 measuring cup that you either don’t mind cleaning with solvent, or you can throw away (I used ½ cup and that worked perfectly)
  • 1 measuring spoon (I didn’t do this, but I think I will next time; I’m guessing maybe ½-1 tsp.)
  • Plastic gloves
  • Mask, if you’re so inclined, or pregnant or something

Get your graphics printed. I had them done on a laser printer on cardstock.

TO DOWNLOAD click on the the image below and then right click to save.


Then cut them out with the circle punch.

Use a dab of hot glue to secure each graphic into the bottle caps. If you are printing your graphics at home, or on an inkjet printer, you may want to seal the paper with Mod Podge or the like. I read that in a tutorial somewhere, but because mine were done on a laser printer, I didn’t need to do that step.

Add any other elements you would like. I used pearl beads and “berry” beads for some of my Hunger Games-themed pins and I think it really added to the awesomeness!

Prepare for resin!

You need a warm room (70-80°), but also ventilated. I used our bathroom, with the window open and the fan on, then after about half a day moved everything downstairs to the basement where we wouldn’t be breathing it and it could stay warm.

You need a flat tray to 1) contain spills and 2) transport easily once they’ve hardened a bit.

Read your resin instructions carefully and follow to a T. It is very quick, so make sure you have everything ready and the instructions mostly memorized so you don’t have to dilly dally during mixing.

Pour into your little bottle caps. If I do this again, I may use a measuring spoon to control how much goes into each mold. I had very uneven amounts from cap to cap because it was difficult to pour straight from the cup. However, they still came out fine.

Let harden for a long time. After about 18 hours mine seemed pretty firm, but in order to make sure they fully set, I gave them a few days.

Hot glue on the pins and give them away to your similarly nerdy friends!

Thanks so much to Heidi for sharing the printable she created and the tutorial. Since she shared this post I’ve discovered and even easier way to make these kind of pendants. 

Faster Method for Bottle Cap Pins

UPDATE with an alternative method!

What You Need

So the idea is the same as the resin bottle caps but we’re cheating by using a ready made product. It dries crystal clear and hard and I actually like the results better than using resin plus it’s WAY easier and faster!

  1. Print and cut out your images.
  2. Glue into your bottle cap.
  3. Add a thick layer of dimensional magic and let dry for 4-24 hours depending on how thick a layer you used.
  4. Glue a necklace bail or pin back onto the bottle cap!

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Guest Post: The Hunger Games Cookies Tutorial with Not Your Momma’s Cookie

Hello everyone! My name is Jennifer and I’m the CCO (chief cookie officer) over at Not Your Momma’s Cookie. I’m so excited to guest post for the uber-talented Marissa today. Sure, we come from different worlds – she from the world of beautiful fabric creations, and I from the world of unusual and awesome cookies – but we have one thing in common: mad love for The Hunger Games! When she asked me the guest post, there was no way I was going to refuse!

I bet many of you will be having HG parties in the coming weeks. The books are rife with descriptions of food to help inspire your party menu. But, what about dessert? I propose an awesome cookie platter that guests will love:

I need a larger cookie platter!

And anyone can totally do it. No really, I swear! I’ll tell you how I did it, but I’ll also add in some suggestions to make it even easier! You can’t beat that. Now, here is everything you will need:

  • Sugar cookies – of course! I only used one cutter to make these cookies – a regular, rectangular one (about 4 1/2 inches long). But you can easily cut them out by hand if you don’t want to buy this cutter. Use your favorite recipe – this is a good one.
  • Royal icing. This is the type of icing that people use to build gingerbread houses. Need a recipe? I usually use this one.
  • Black food coloring. I use Americolor to get a deep, dark black, but I have used Wilton and achieved similar results. You can probably find Wilton paste colors at your local craft store or even Walmart!
  • Brown food coloring. Ditto above, Wilton will work too!
  • A food writer. It is basically a felt tip pen with food coloring as the ink. I got mine here.
  • White food coloring. I’m not sure if Wilton has this one. If you can’t find it, that is ok, your cookies will still be awesome!
  • Bamboo skewers. Any grocery store should have them.
  • Sheet protectors. I’ll explain in a minute!
  • Shortening or butter.
  • A couple pastry bags, couplers, and #1 tips. I’ll offer suggestions so you won’t need as many of these, but to do the logo cookie, you will have to pipe!
  • Optional: silver luster dust and a small paintbrush.

First, the logo cookies:

They look pretty impressive, right? What you don’t know is that I suck at piping letters…it never looks the way I envision. So, for beginners or those who are piping challenged, royal icing transfer to the rescue!

A royal icing transfer is when you pipe onto a greased surface (typically parchment paper or a sheet protector) to allow you to trace a design and then transfer it to your baked good. It is great for those, like me, who have trouble piping letters or if you just want to trace a design.

First, I found a copy of The Hunger Games title so I could copy the letters:

I printed several copies of this on the same sheet of paper because you will need to make more than you think – they are fragile and you will have some breakage! I had the most trouble with the G’s. Make sure the copies you make are the same size as your cookie; you want the proportions to be the same!

Then, get your sheet protector:

The nice thing about using a sheet protector is that you can slide your design right in!

Then, grease it! I used shortening, but you can use butter if you want. Can I tell you something? I forgot to grease my sheets until I had already piped a few letters. D’oh! It happens. I just greased up the rest and hoped for the best. The letters that I had already piped miraculously came off perfectly. I think I just got lucky, so don’t forget to grease your sheet!

Now, here is where you will need a pastry bag, a coupler, and a #1 tip. I dyed my icing bright white, dumped it into my pastry bag, and I was ready to go! Need some more help on pastry bag assembly? Here is a great tutorial.

I started piping, slowly and carefully, until the sheet was finished.

Ok, I lied – I only did three sets of letters. Don’t be lazy like me! You may need all of those letters.

Once you’re finished, let the sheet dry overnight. In the meantime…you need to make a black cookie! You can create a black surface with royal icing (like this), or, if you don’t want to deal with anyone pastry bags, you can dye your dough black before you bake them. It won’t be jet black like the icing, but it would be much easier! I dyed dough for my Nyan cat cookies and it is kind of fun. Plus, if you’re using Americolor coloring, you can achieve a rich color too!

If you’re using royal icing, make sure you cookie dries overnight.

Once the glorious morning has arrived, get your cookie and your transfer sheet.

The letters should be completely dry and slide off rather easily. Now, you take a tiny bit of royal icing and pipe it onto the back of the letter before placing it on the black cookie.

Press down gently and voila!

Keep going until the cookie is done – much easier than trying to pipe on the cookie and with lovely results too!

Does all of that make your head spin? If you’re feeling intimidated by royal icing, couplers, and whatnot, then try my next cookie instead:

Arrow cookie pops for Katniss!

I did make these with royal icing, but I will explain how to make them without it too, just to help ya out! Ok, here we go:

These cookies are basically a two sided cookie pop: an arrowhead cookie and a fletching cookie (did you know that the thingy at the end of the arrow is called a fletching? My husband is a fountain of interesting, albeit useless, facts). I chose not to bake them on the sticks, but rather attached them to the bamboo skewers with royal icing. I did this because I wanted them to look more like arrows. Usually, you need to use a specific type of cookie pop stick that are oven-safe and they are typically white (the ones I found anyway). I did not test using the bamboo skewers in the oven, so I can’t say whether it would work or not. I was concerned about the bamboo skewers charring while baking.

I did not have an arrowhead or a fletching cookie cutter (not sure if they even exist!), so I sketched a basic design:

Anyone can do this if I did; I can’t draw at all! I then traced it onto a piece of stiff cardboard. I actually used the cardboard box from my Birchbox subscription! Any stiff material would do (you could use cardstock, even a file folder). Once your cold dough is rolled out, use a paring knife (or an exacto knife) and the template to cut out the shape. Like so:

Just make sure your dough is pretty cold, or it will be difficult to cut.

Once they’re all baked and cooled, I decorated them the same way I did the logo cookies. I used a tiny bit of black to make the gray icing, and then used brown for the fletching cookies:

Once it is dry, you can add some more fun details.

I applied silver luster dust with a small paintbrush to the gray cookies to give them a bit of shine.

It is harder to see in pictures, but gives them a nice sheen in person!

I also used my food writer to dry some basic details to the fletching cookies.

As you can see, very basic details. I really can’t draw!

Once that is all done, time to make them into true arrows! I mentioned that I used bamboo skewers – make sure you cut them to a length that looks nice proportionally with your cookies. Mine were about 2 inches too long, so I just cut them before creating the pops.

I turned over one arrow and one fletching cookie and then applied a nice blob of royal icing.

I pressed the ends of the skewer into the icing and then added more icing to create a nice “shell.”

Royal icing dries very hard, so it will support the weight of the cookie, I promise!

Keep them upside down for several hours to dry. Now you have beautiful arrow cookies!

Now, I told you that I would tell you how to make these cookies without royal icing. Here is what you would do:

  1. You would need to use the proper cookie pop sticks to ensure that they would survive a stint in the oven.
  2. Dye the dough itself the two colors you will need: dark brown and gray. Cut them out as I have described above, but make them a bit thicker.
  3. Insert the cookie pop stick into both cookies (the arrowhead on one side and the fletching on the other).
  4. Bake and you’re done!

They won’t look exactly the same, but they will have the same effect. And, your guests will still be impressed!

Look at this super fun platter:

I love it! If you want to see directions on how to make my Mockingjay cookies, go here.

Well, I’m sad to say that my time here has ended. I hope you have enjoyed my post! I’d love for you to go visit me at Not Your Momma’s Cookies – I have some wonderful cookies and treats coming up in the future that I bet you would enjoy. Thanks again to Marissa for letting me hijack her blog for the day. And, as Effie would say,

Happy Hunger Games!

Link Party: What We Wore and Made Wednesdays #18 and Bookish Charm Giveaway

Leggins- Forever 21
Dress – Made itShoes – Le Sport Sac
Potter Necklace – Bookish Charm on Etsy

And special for the Hunger Games Party Erin from Bookish Charm has given me one necklace to give away to you guys, winner’s choice! Awesome right? 

Every time I wear my Potter necklace above I get loads of comments so I am so so excited about this. Isn’t this Hunger Games one fun?

And I want this one bad. Ahem anyone who wants to give me a present hint hint. Connect with Erin on twitter here and see her tumblr here.

To Enter the Giveaway

  • Just leave a comment here telling me which necklace you’ll pick if you win. You can see all the options at Bookish Charm.
  • The giveaway will be open  until March 27th at 11:59 PM. The winner will be chosen via and contacted by email. The winner will receive a necklace of his or her choice from Bookish Charm.

To Earn Extra Entries
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And don’t forget about the special Hunger Games Link Party and I hope you’ll take some time to check out all the other amazing guest posts and giveaways!

Your turn, let me see your favorite fashion, crafty, helpful, or delicious posts. 
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Please Note: I will not be sending reminder emails about the party any longer. Hopefully having my button, following, subscribing or something else can serve as your reminder.

Guest Post: Emily’s Reading Room

Today we are lucky enough to have Emily from Emily’s Reading Room sharing her top three book picks for The Hunger Games fans. I actually found Emily by searching for Divergent stuff and I fell in love with her blog. She writes a book blog and her tastes are right up my alley you should check it out. Without further delay here are Emily’s suggestions.

Life as We Knew It by Susan Beth Pfeffer. If you couldn’t get enough of the action in The Hunger Games, then Life as We Knew it is the book for you. When a meteor hits the moon, the entire planet is sent into disarray as natural disasters wipe out parts of the world, and the survivors are left to pick up the pieces. This book is told in diary format from the point of view of Miranda, a girl living in semi-rural Pennsylvania, and follows her family as they try to survive. You won’t be able to put it down until you’re done, and you’ll be stockpiling food and other essentials by the end.

Blood Red Road by Moira Young. If it’s Katniss you loved, then give Blood Red Road a try. Saba is a heroine to root for. Saba and her family live out in the desert wilderness with barely enough to survive. Saba is sent on a journey when cloaked horsemen kidnap her brother, murder her father, and she is left with nothing else but to find her beloved brother. Of course, she does have her sister Emmi to worry about (much to her chagrin). Blood Red Road is written in a unique style with no quotation marks, and phonetic spelling. This only adds to the charm and rugged quality of the book. It was one of my favorite reads last year.

Partials by Dan Wells. If it’s the oppressive government that you can’t get enough of, then Partials will be right up your alley. Humanity has become an endangered species when the governments genetically modified killing machine clones, the Partials, turn on them. Match that with a mysterious plague that kills all the new babies, and you’ve got a timer that is ticking away on the human race. Kira is a young, aspiring scientist who will stop at nothing to find the cure for this mysterious disease. Of course, she discovers that the cure may come at a very high cost. Partials was released on February 28, and it’s going to be a show stopper.

Starters by Lissa Price. Just like Katniss will do anything to protect Prim, Callie is determined to keep her little brother, Tyler, safe. Even if that means renting out her body to Enders, senior citizens who yearn to be young again. If she can complete three rentals, she will receive a generous sum of money. Enough to buy a house, a luxury she hasn’t had since the death of her parents and almost every other person between the ages of 20-60. But, during her final rental, she discovers that the person renting her body is planning on using her as an assassin. “Starters” has a fantastic plot with lots
 of twists and turns. And, as a bonus, there are several e-book short stories that will be released, and the sequel will be out in December 2012!

Matched by Ally Condie. Maybe the violence and mayhem in The Hunger Games was too much, and you’d like a more thoughtful discourse on freedom and making choices. Matched, by Ally Condie, is set in the future where every decision of the citizens of the Society are decided for them. Including who and when to marry. Cassia received her match, her best friend Xander, and couldn’t be more thrilled. But, when another name pops up on her screen, and a boy that she knows, she’s left with a choice. Who is right for her? Matched, and its sequel Crossed, are not as action-packed as the Hunger Games, but they are beautifully written. The final book, Reached, will be released this fall.

The Hunger Games Party

This weekend my friends and I had our Hunger Games party. I made 12 different types of breads to represent 12 different districts. I made a few fun Hunger Games banners using this font and hung a bunch of silver parachutes from the lights (I’ll be sharing the tutorial for that soon). Oh and yes that’s charcoal on the table. Costumes were encouraged, doesn’t Daniel make a lovely Haymitch?

Heidi was reaping Katniss, awesome right? I was Venia complete with gold “tatoos”. And Linda came as another Katniss complete with a gigantic bow, arrows, color appropriate back pack filled with the stuff that Katniss’s area back pack came with. Umm yeah awesome right?

We also had the male tribute from District 5 and Effie. There was a Prim, Buttercup the cat, a daisy, two Mutts and for a short period Lady the goat.The music maker was Foxface you can see his shirt below (it said Foxface on the back) and he kept on joking that he was just going to sneak into the party grab food and sneak out.

Heidi made this beautiful flaming cake, I was supposed to have a sterno but I kind of forgot to we resorted to a tea light. I made some sugar cookies in the shape of Katniss’s kills -bunnies and squirrels.

My sister made these awesome Fruit Cornucopias.  And the silver in the background are some adorable parachute party favors that Heidi made. We also had Vegan Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls that I pretended were groosling balls, “Lamb” and Dried Plum Stew with Wild Rice, Katniss’s roasted roots (white and sweet potatoes), Cheeses of all sorts of course courtesy of Prim’s Goat and crackers.

I had a cookie decorating station so that everyone could practice their Peeta style camouflage cookie decorating. That was a hit with the kiddos. Heidi made these cute awards for the costumes.

I also had a weapon’s making station with odd and ends and old packaging material where everyone could create deadly tools to use in the arena.

And I put out a scrabble board with “The Hunger Games” on it and throughout the night people added other Hunger Games words. Oh yes I made the naughties Mutts. They asked if it said “I love the Hunger Games” and I said, yeah something like that. It was so much fun!

Also if you haven’t gotten a chance to enter Heidi’s HG paper doll giveaway what are you waiting for?

What’s for Dinner: Week 119

 (District Breads )

We had our Hunger Games Hype party yesterday and it was loads of fun. I’ll share more pics tomorrow after I get a chance to go through them. But for those of you who haven’t read the books, bread is a pretty consistent theme. They make a big deal about the different breads from the different districts so of course I felt the need to make 12 different rolls for us to enjoy. I was bummed because in my hurry even though it was on my list I totally flaked and forgot to make one of the rolls green with seaweed and fish shaped for district 4 blast oh well next time. I made 3 kinds of dough and used another kind of frozen dough and with a few different shapes and seasonings to change things up. I had forgotten how much I adore making bread. No really if I had extra time it would be really really high up on my list of things to do regularly. Yeah I can do the no knead or the 10 minute bread stuff any time but I love the process of taking hours, waiting for it rise, shaping it and feeling the soft risen dough in my hands and then letting it rise again. Okay maybe I’m just a nut but I love it and was thrilled that I had managed to work my butt off to give myself a mostly full day off of party prep (with lots of bread making) and then a super fun evening with some great people.

In case you’re curious: I used my jalepeno cheese roll recipe, my cheesecake factory recipe (I’ll post that soon), and my cinnaburst bread recipe.

Day Main Meal Goals (Veggies, Whole Grain, Fish)
Sunday Corn, potato and chicken chowder Grains and nuts: granola bars
Veggies: Spinach, Asparagus
Fish: Shrimp, Fish, scallops
Monday Big Salad
Tuesday Mediterranean Burritos
Wednesday Chicken Costelleta Mashed potatoes and asparagus
Thursday St. Patti’s Day Dinner
Friday Seafood Mac and Cheese
Saturday Eat Out

Guest Post: Lolly Jane’s Hunger Games Rustic Ombre Sign

Hi Rae Gun readers!  When Marissa asked us to join in her Hunger Game series, we immediately said YES and created a shabby sign from our favorite line in the series:

Before we get started, we want to introduce ourselves.  We are twin sisters, Kelli and Kristi who run a DIY craft blog, Lolly Jane.

We share tutorials about crafts, home improvement, family life and the occasional baked good. Enough about us, let’s get this tutorial started!
We loved The Hunger Games books and we were motivated by all the cute love quotes throughout the series.  This is how our Rustic Hunger Games Ombre Sign came about.  When Peeta said, “I just want to spend every possible minute of the rest of my life with you“, we simply gushed, as any girl would. 

Supplies needed are simple: 
Wood board, Acrylic paint, Vinyl Lettering Stencil, Foam brushes

To create your own:

We cut our own wood to 16″L x 10″W.  We created the lettering in our vinyl program and cut it out, but we backward weeded it so it became a stencil.  Then we painted the letters 4 different colors, creating a unique ombre look.  Don’t forget the core of this sign….the little mockingjay symbol in a light gray hiding in the corner.  After it was dry, we distressed it with sandpaper, poly’d it for protection and you’re done:

Don’t want to bother making one?  Come on over to Lolly Jane right now for a chance to win this very sign!

Thanks so much for having us, Marissa!  
Feel free to catch up with us on FB, Twitter and/or Pinterest anytime :)

Kelli & Kristi

Guest Post: YA Sisterhood Book Suggestions

Today the girls over at YA Sisterhood are sharing their book suggestions for Hunger Games Fans. I am so so excited. I always love new book recommendations. The half of these that I’ve read I really enjoyed and the other half are waiting impatiently on my to-read list. The ladies run a YA book blog and it’s totally awesome make sure you check it out. (And those of you who know of my obsession might think I’m biased putting Divergent at the top but I swear the post is just how I received it :) )

Divergent by Veronica Roth: Divergent should definitely be at the top of your TBR pile if you loved HG. It’s action-packed. I mean, seriously, PACKED. It features a strong female heroine and a love interest who makes her even stronger. This book has a kick-butt plot and is extremely fast- paced, just like HG. I’ve read it numerous times, and it still hooks me just as strongly every time. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Blood Red Road by Moira Young: This book has not gotten near enough love for how amazing it is! It’s Dystopian just like HG, and has several scenes centered around some coliseum style cage matches that definitely remind me of Hunger Games. Saba is an incredibly strong heroine. She can be a little selfish, which is slightly off-putting, but like Katniss, she’s doing what it takes to survive. This book starts a little slow, but when it gets going you won’t be able to put it down!

Legend by Marie Lu:  Legend is the 1st in a trilogy.  It’s a dystopian tale of a futuristic civil war between the two sides of the United States, The Republic and The Colonies.  It’s an evil time of physical and biological warfare.  June, a fifteen year old prodigy was lucky enough to be born on the rich side of the tracks.   Day on the other hand, was born on the wrong side of the tracks and happens to the most wanted criminal in the land.  When June’s brother is murdered, and the prime suspect is Day, June is sent on a special operations mission to bring him down.  But, what happens when secrets are revealed and the lines between what June thought was good and right are blurred forever.  Will June believe what she’s always known or will she take the biggest chance of all on the boy from the other side.  (**sigh** I loved this books so much! It has all the excitement and love story of Hunger Games with a classic star-crossed lovers twist.)

Delirium & Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver:  Lucky for all of you, the 2nd book in this series was just released, so all you will be waiting for is book 3!  Like Hunger Games, Delirium is after the fall of modern day society.  There is a new established government but instead of holding a massive death match to keep their citizens under control, the government has created a cure.  A cure for deliria amor nervosa a.k.a. love.  That’s right, they believe love is the cause of all things evil, so they have created a cure for it.  And once you turn 18, you are required to take the cure and join the ranks of the emotionless.  Of course with all corrupt governments, a resistance forms.   People who believed in the cure, become infected with love and will do anything and everything possible to now avoid the cure.  The idea of the novel is absolutely brilliant while the writing casts a love spell on its own.

Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi This is a little different than Hunger Games in that it has some supernatural elements along with the dystopian.  If Hunger Games and X-men had a baby it would be Shatter Me.  It doesn’t have quite the amount of action-packed plot as Divergent and Hunger Games; however, if you enjoyed the love story aspect in HG, then Shatter Me is the book for you!  The sweetness and the depths that Adam will go to protect Juliette will rival that of Peeta any day.  Also, this has one of the most twisted, mulit-layerd villains to walk the pages of literature.  Something about him is so hypnotic and at some point in time he might has been redeemable, but something must have happened to push him over the edge.  I’m hoping that in the coming books we will find out what that was!  I still sometimes think about him even after reading this book months ago.  (creepy, huh?)  All in all, give this one a try, you will not be disappointed!  I also need to say that with the love story element it is a tad more mature that HG, so I would definitely read it first before passing it on to your junior high child.  

I Shop the Hob Hunger Games Bag Tutorial

Are you guys checking in with all the amazing links in the Hunger Games link party? Well I have been like every couple of hours it is so fun to see all of your creations. Also have you had a chance to enter the awesome paper doll giveaway, they are so cute that I plan on framing mine!

In preparation for all the wonderful book suggestions we’ll be getting from the amazing book bloggers that are joining us for this blog party I wanted to share a tutorial for making a fun bag possibly to hold all the titles you’ll be itching to pick up. A few weeks ago my friends got together and made these adorable bags, they each made slightly different ones and I love them all. You can use store bought bags in fun colors like Linda‘s blue and white one, or mix color and glitter ones like Tanya and Alexis’ gold and black ones, or make your own bags from old T shirts and use bleach like Heidi did.

What You Need

This will show you how to make the black and gold basic one like my sister made but you should easily be able to tweak it to fit your own taste.
  • bag
  • iron

For the I Shop the Hob Side

  • freezer paper (it’s like wax paper but only coated on one side)
  • fabric paint (I like the stuff tulip makes)
  • brush (I like the foam ones)

For the Mockingjay Side (see picture below)

  • Ultrahold Iron on Bond
  • Background fabric (optional -black in the picture)
  • Mockingjay fabric (gold in the picture)
 For the I Shop the Hob Freezer Paper Stenciling 
If this goes a little fast for you check out my original freezer paper stenciling tutorial with more pictures back when I was making Harry Potter shirts ;)
  1. Make yourself a stencil design and cut it out of freezer paper. You can do this with a cutting machine like a cricut or with a steady hand and a razor blade. Make sure the shinny side is down.
  2. Iron your stencil onto your bag.
  3. Insert a piece of freezer paper shinny side up inside your bag to protect the paint from seeping through. Apply your paint and let dry. I find it’s better to blot rather than brush.
  4. If you want to add a glitter layer do that and allow to dry.
  5. Carefully pull off stencil.

For the Mockingjay Iron-on 

I’ve talked about making iron-ons here and here so I’ll keep to the key points today but if you’re feeling a little lost you might want to review those post.

  1. First make your mockingjay template you can get the image I used here. I use my cricut and a program called sure cuts a lot but you can also just traced the design onto your Ultra bond. You need to decide how big your image is going to be.
  2. Make your gold iron on fabric the appropriate size (for me that was 6×12 since that’s the size that I can run through my cricut. Do this by ironing the gold fabric to the bumpy side of the Ultra bond. (It’s best do turn the iron down to medium and put another fabric in between because that shinny gold stuff is delicate and likes to melt on to irons, not that I’ve done that or anything ;)
  3. Cut your mockingjay (either by tracing and using scissors or a razor blade) or using a cutting machine.
  4. Next make your black iron on fabric the same way you did the gold.
  5. Then using your gold mockingjay as a stencil trace the inner circle onto the black fabric (or the paper side of the black (now iron-on) fabric) and cut a little larger than your circle.
  6. Peel the paper off of your iron-ons and arrange on your bag.
  7. Iron down.
  8. Fill your bag with books, groosling or dead rabbits, okay maybe just books or groceries.

And maybe while I was helping them put together these bags I had to make my own sassy ode to Katniss shirt using the same freezer paper technique after receiving this mind numbing meme in my email inbox.

I’m so loving this Hunger Games blog party all the projects, guest and giveaways, so much fun. If you’re just finding this post be sure to check out all the others fun posts in my “book geekery” category.

UPDATE: I am now selling I Shop the Hob Bags in my Etsy shop for those of who aren’t craft or don’t have the time to make your own!