Link Party: What We Wore and Made Wednesdays #17

 Jeans, top and cardigan -Forever 21
The Night Circus Necklace – Made it
shoes – Cents of Style 

Katiniss Top – Made it (doing freezer paper stencils)
Tights and scarf – ?

Skirt – made it

Boots – Costco

Pants – Forever 21
Top – Thailand tiny shop
Shoes – Le Sport Sac
Mockingjay Necklace – PrettyLittleCharmsUK on Etsy

So if you haven’t noticed my Hunger Games Party is going strong. In fact I’ve got a giveaway going on for some cool Hunger Games stuff, just leave a comment on that post to enter. Also I’ve got a Hunger Games link party if you have any HG related post you want to add there (it’ll be up through the end of March and I’ll repost it so you’ve got time). It’s been lots of fun. I’ve been smiling non-stop looking at all the submissions and seeing all the guest posts that I’m receiving.

Your turn, let me see your favorite fashion, crafty, helpful, or delicious posts. 
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Giveaway: Hunger Games Paper Dolls

I’ve got a super fun giveaway to share with you. Heidi of Digknity has given one set of her awesome Hunger Games Dolls for me to share with one of you. They are SO cute. My sister has a set that she’s planning on framing which I think would be absolutely darling.You can have so much fun dressing Peeta, Katniss, and Gale in different cute little outfits including, but not limited to, the “girl on fire” outfits, Katniss’ mockingjay wedding dress, the burned bread, and District 13 soldier uniform. So fun right? I love Katniss’ little braid so much! See all the specs and more pictures here.

To Enter

  1. Just leave a comment here to enter. Make sure I have a way to contact you (if you don’t have an email attached to your profile please include your email address in your comment).
  2. Get Extra Entries by Spreading the Word about the paper dolls by pinning on pinterest, facebook “liking”, or tweeting  Hunger Games Paper Dolls Etsy Page (find the sharing buttons in the right hand side of that page). Then comment here to tell me where you shared it. If you prefer go ahead and just link to them.
  3. Yes you can share it in multiple places for multiple entries (in fact I encourage you to) just leave a comment for each entry.
  4. Earn even more entries by sharing this giveaway on your favorite internet-y place. Next comment here telling me where you shared it.

The winner will be selected with on March 26th. The winner will receive the dolls after that so if you want to have them in time for the Movie (they’d make a great gift for your favorite HG buddy you’re going to the movie with) make sure to check them out here. The winner will be contacted by email so please make sure I have a way to contact you.

And don’t forget the Hunger Games link party is will be open until March 31st feel free to link up any Hunger Games related posts.

Hunger Games Blog Party and Link Party


Wahooo are you as excited about The Hunger Games movie as I am? Well to get in the mood I have invited some awesome bloggers and shops to help us prepare for it with fantastic tutorials, recipes, party ideas, book reviews, giveaways and more. And for those of you who aren’t into The Hunger Games I’ll still be doing my Wednesday What We Wore and Made Party and I know many of these post will easily apply to anything so I hope you don’t get scared off ;) Expect some awesomeness from these great people

Lil’ LunaDigknityYA SisterhoodLolly JaneCents of Style Emily’s Reading Room  ● Not Your Momma’s CookieFunky Polkadot GiraffeBookish CharmMark DagoClassy ClutterNewlyweds on a Budget Pretty Little Charms UKBookish Charm

Your turn let’s see all your Hunger Games related stuff! I’ll be linking mine up too if you’re new to my blog :)

Really anything Hunger Games related (and how ever old) is welcome. Whether it’s book reviews from when you first read it, products you sell, creations, tutorials, food, whatever, really I would love it. And I’d absolutely love you to spread the word too so if you want here’s the code for a smaller version of the button above.

The Hunger Games Link Party will be open through the the Blog Party and and a little after so all of you who haven’t gotten to sharing your HG posts yet can still get them up. I know some of you will be having midnight parties or just like me leave things till the last minute so make sure to come back and link up and on the 27th I’ll repost the party (with all the links so far) so we can all look back through them (and the party will close for submissions on March 31st).

This is for Hunger Games related links only if you have other creations you want to share feel free to share them at my current What We Wore and Made party.

Tutorial: Hunger Games District 12 Coal Necklace (or key chain)

I had an idea to make a District 12 Tribute tribute necklace for a long time. I wanted to use real coal briquets and thought about how I would make it work for months. After roaming the isles of craft stores for the 10th time it finally clicked. Mind you I am by no means a jewelry maker and even though my husband says it’s “definitely novelty” I (and my friend Heidi who I made one for as well) think it’s AWESOME! Duh it’s novelty, it’s a Hunger Games necklace for goodness sakes.

Anyways I love the giant lump of coal. It goes together very quickly, is so fun to wear, and it really goes with a ton of outfits. On top of that it’s a pretty  inexpensive project to put together (you might even have most of it on hand). My sister was unsure about wearing a coal chunk on her neck so she requested a key chain and she wanted her geekiness to be a little more obvious so I added a little 12 tab using the tutorial I shared on Friday to hers.

What You Need

  • Coal Briquets
  • Polyurethane
  • Wire to wrap (I used 24 gauge gold color)

What To Do

  1. Paint a few thin layers of polyurethane on the briquets of coal. I found that a few thin layers worked much better and dried more clear than thicker layers. (The ones pictured in the first picture are a bit to glopped on, the ones I liked best were done with thinner layers). Let dry completely.
  2. Take wire leaving a tail and wrap a few times around briquet.
  3. Create a loop or two, wrap some wire around the loop, wrap a few times more around the briquet (if you want to add a tag or other charm add it now when you make the loop).
  4. Cut wire and wrap both ends around the loop.
  5. Hand it on a necklace, key chain or whatever you please.

ANd there you have it a Hunger Games District 12 coal necklace. I hope you like it. I know I just might be a complete dork but I think it’s kind of cool and pretty not just purely geeky but maybe I’m just that far gone of a book geek haha. And if you want other ideas for necklaces (possibly even more Hunger Games Necklaces) check out my wood board charm tutorial.

And don’t forget next week starts my Hunger Games Blog party. I’ll have a linky up on March 5th for everyone to share their Hunger Games posts (creative, reflective, whatever as long as it’s Hunger games related) and then the following 3 weeks until the movie comes out I’ll have loads of guest posts with some awesome bloggers. I hope you’ll come by and party with us all.

Show and Tell: Mockingjay Shirt

If you guys have been around my blog for a bit or peeked through my goodreads account (widget in the side bar) you already know that I have a thing for young adult fiction. I fell in love with the Hunger Game series earlier this year. This may sound blasphemous to some of you that know me but I may like them as much  as the Harry Potter books (well maybe not but really close and in a different way).

 (photo credit)

Any ways I’m so excited about the new movie coming out and I love seeing all the new people they are adding to the Hunger Games cast. I really wasn’t sure about their choices and really thought Jeff Bridges would be a fantastic Haymitch before the decision was made but I’ll trust them to do their best, I hope. This new image below gives be a little hope you know minus the total plastic feel, okay I’m trying to be optimistic.

Anyways I had to make some iron-ons with my cricut last night so I decided while I was at it to whip up a little Mockingjay shirt. Kinda late for the shirt challenge but still a new shirt for me right? ;)

I used this image from here, traced and resized it and just used my normal iron-on making technique to make gold iron-on fabric which I then ran that through my cricut to cut out the design. Next I trimmed it with scissors (my cricut never cuts totally perfectly) and finally ironed it on my shirt.

I knew it might be iffy since obviously the iron-on doesn’t stretch and I put it on a a shirt that definitely stretches when it’s on. So it’s not perfect, I don’t think it’ll last that long (the fabric was kinda thin and didn’t iron well before the stretch issues), so when this one dies I’ll probably redo it using my freezer paper stencil technique But I’m still really excited about it.

I know it’s not perfect but for a 10 minute shirt I’m happy and I know this won’t be the last Hunger Games shirt in my life :)

UPDATE 2/22/12 If you’re just finding this now I’ve got exciting news. I’ll be doing a Hunger Games Blog Party most of march to get ready for the movie. I hope you’ll come back and geek out with me and some other awesome bloggers! And the shirt has lasted after all :)