15 Awesome Chocolate Recipes and Block Party

Whether it’s a bad day pick me up or a way of celebrating a victory there is something comforting about a good Chocolate treat.

Lots of great chocolate recipes for any mood, flavor or diet

Easiest Chocolate Covered Strawberries | Peppermint Chocolate Cookies | Chocolate Peanut Butter Cheesecake | Firecracker Trifle | Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake | Brownie Sandwich Cookies | Hot Cocoa Sticks | Almond Joy Hot Chocolate | Chocolate Chip Banana Bread | Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies | Chocolate Pomegranate Parfait | Chocolate Peanut Butter Roll | Caramel Chocolate Popcorn | Brownie Cookies | Chocolate Waffles

This week I rounded up a bunch of awesome looking Chocolate treat recipes. The variety is great. You have figure friendly, vegan, decadent, calorie splurging, and even fruity chocolate recipes.

Marissa from Rae Gun Ramblings as today’s hosts. And can you tell I’ve been craving chocolate?

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Here are a few of my favorite posts I’ve shared in the last month.

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Grease Lightning Nails Tutorial and More Grease Projects

You guys I freaking love how my Grease Lightning nails turned out. They were so easy too I made a tutorial.

So cute. Nail tutorial inspired by Grease Lightning

If you want to remind yourself what the Grease Lightning cars (both dream version and actual) look like have a little song break :)

Fun right? And perfect timing for watching Grease Live right?

Fun Grease lightning nails tutorial. Great DIY tips and tricks for the ultimate mani
My nails look really fancy but they didn’t really take that long. And no I don’t have a crazy steady hand. I didn’t paint all the designs and I didn’t use decals or stickers. What I did was to use Nail Stamping my new obsession.

So awesome Grease nails. Manicure inspired by Grease Lightning. With tutorial

What You Need

Supplies for DIY Grease lightning nails and full manicure tutorial

Nail Stamping Plates

Nail Polish

Nail Stamping Basics

  • Base Coat
  • Top Coat (needs to be stamping friendly)
  • Nail Polish
  • Stamping Polish
  • Scraper (you can use an old gift card but I love this little one)
  • Stamping Plates
  • Stamper (this is my favorite)
  • Clean up stuff: nail polish remover (for the plate and scraper), tape (for the stamper), clean up pen or brush (for your fingers)

Step by step instructions for how to stamp nails. Plus the cutest grease lightning inspired manicure

  1. I like to plan out my nails when I’m not doing all the same thing. That way I know what color goes down first and it makes it easier to do the same color at a time.
  2. If using a base coat (which will make it last longer and I like this base coat) start with that.
  3. Then paint the base color of each nail how every many coats to your liking. I usually do 2.
  4. Now prep your station for stamping. Have all your supplies out including a cotton pad with acetone or nail polish remover on it ready to go.
  5. Using STAMPING POLISH put a coat on your stamping plate. With a 45 degree angle swipe off excess polish. This will take practice to get the right feel don’t be discouraged if you have to do it a few times. Even now I have to do some a couple times. In the beginning it will take more than a couple.
  6. With a rolling motion (as opposed to a press and smoosh) roll the stamper over the stamping plate so that it picks up the polish. These steps should move fast.
  7. Then with the same motion roll and press onto your nail to transfer the polish to your nail.
  8. Repeat with all designs.
  9. Use a clean up pen or brush with acetone to remove any bits that go on your skin.
  10. Use a stamping friendly top coat (I like this top coat for stamping).
  11. If desired you can add another top coat for extra protection (any top coat is fine at this step) just make sure to wait until the first is dry.
  12. I like to use a polish hardener to speed up the drying on my very last coat.
  13. Admire your nails and send me a picture ;)

Grease Lightning nails stamping tutorial

I really do love stamping my nails. But you should know there is a learning curve it can be frustrating at first. I wrote a post full of nail stamping basics and tips you should check out if you’ve never tried nail stamping before. It’s super fun and once you get the feel for it it goes relatively fast.Grease Inspired Ideas - Because Grease is still the word!

Now, since we are all in agreement that Grease is still the word, here are a few more ideas that you might love!

Grease Inspired Ideas - Because Grease is still the word!

Cherry Chocolate Floats from Sugar & Soul

Grease Inspired Ideas - Because Grease is still the word!

Grease Inspired Printable Valentines from Persia Lou


Grease Printables from The Love Nerds

SO fun how to do a cute grease manicure. Easy nail tutorial.

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Super Bowl Food Ideas and Block Party

Super Bowl Food Ideas

Super-Bowl-Food-Ideas lots of delicious appetizers and dip recipes

3 Ingredient Sausage Queso | Snickers Blitz | Chili Cheese Pigs in a Blanket

Buffalo Chicken Poutine | BLT Party Dip | Buffalo Chicken Dip

Tahini Hummus | Lightened Up Buffalo Popcorn | Mozzarella Sticks

Pizza Dip | Pineapple Meatballs | Chili Cheese Poppers

Healthy Ranch Toasted Chickpeas | Green Pepper and Tomato Salad

[Read more…]

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11 Must Have Harry Potter Shirts

I have a firm belief that one can never have too many Harry Potter shirts.

So many great shirts for Harry Potter fans. Adult and baby shirts great for gifts.

Whether you are the world’s biggest Harry Potter fan, have a Harry Potter lover on your gift list, or you’re ready to deck out the next generation of potterheads I have 11 must have Harry Potter shirts for you today.

Oh my gosh! So many fun cute baby Harry Potter inspired pictures. Rae Gun Ramblings

Have your little one share his or her house pride with these great Hogwart’s uniform baby sets. The ties can be ordered with any house in mind (see Slytherin here). They come with cute little coordinating bottoms. Either plain for the fellas or ruffle on the bums for the little ladies!

you're just as sane as I am Luna Lovegood quote shirt. Great for Harry Potter lovers

Do you love looney Luna Lovegood? Crazy glasses, radishes from her ears, nargles and all. This Hogwarts Student Shirts is one of my new favs.

Snape is my homeboy shirt. Super awesome Harry Potter shirt.

Snape is one of the best characters ever, complicated, hate-able, brilliant, repentant, but ultimately totally driven by love. My sister requested this awesome Snape is My Homeboy shirt for our trip to Orlando this past summer and I’ve also listed a version in baby sizes tooLove this awesome Hermione is my home girl shirt. Yay for fabulous strong girl role models. Perfect Harry POtter gift
Maybe you’re more of a Hermione gal? Books and school and all that? We got SO many compliments on my niece’s Hermione is My Homegirl shirt that I made for her to wear at the Wizarding World this Summer. I promised to add it to my shop and I finally have. Right now I just have the baby version up but if you want one in an adult size I can do a custom order just email me or contact me through the shop.
Awesome Dobby the house elf quote shirt perfect for Harry Potter fans

There is just something awesome about Dobby’s straight forward ways. Love this Dobby the House Elf quote shirt. The quote says “Dobby never meant to kill. Dobby only meant to maim, or seriously injure.” It’s perfect for all your crazy little house elves!

Too funny love this Harry Potter I'm with the muggle shirt.

This was the one shirt my mom wanted for our trip to the Wizarding World. She thought she was soooo funny. Do you have a Muggle in your life? Shout your proud with this fun I’m With the Muggle Shirt.

Harry Potter Inspired House pride skirt - Rae Gun Ramblings
This Swish and Flick top is so simple but screams a love for all things Harry Potter. I’ve got the the onesie versions available but if anyone is interested in adult ones I’m happy to do custom orders.

DIY 1 hour Quidditch jersey tutorial. Easy Harry Potter costume tutorial

You don’t have to limit your Harry Potter shirts to tees and tanks. This one size fits most Quidditch jersey is fun to throw over anything. So many family members have worn this one it’s awesome and easy to wear you have to see the back. You can make your own by following the tutorial here or buy one here.

So fun Make Love Not Horcruxes shirt and book bag. Perfect for Harry Potter fans

I loooooove this Make Love Not Horcruxes shirt. I’ve made myself many over the years but this was the very first of my Harry Potter shirt designs and still one of my very favorites.

Fabulous Hermione shirt. When in doubt go to the library. Perfect for Harry Potter fans and all around booknerds.

This Hermione Library Quote shirt is my personal favorite. I mean a we know how awesome Hermione already is and the library is so awesome too. So what’s there not to love right?

Fun Harry Potter inspired onesie. Class of '32 at Rae Gun Ramblings

Personalized Hogwarts Student Shirts. These can be made in both baby and adult sizes all you have to do is request your graduation year of preference! This would make a super fun baby shower gift or even a clever baby announcement.

hogwarts alumn skirt and ikat knit diy skirt

What more Potter posts? I have loads? Check out more than 100 Harry Potter recipes, book lists, crafts, and more here. But for now here are a couple of my favs!

So many great books for Harry Potter fans. I've read a ton of these and totally agree with this reading list.

A book for every type of Harry Potter fan. These are all great some as good as Harry Potter, I know sounds impossible right?

Hands down the best Harry Potter crafts, diys, tutorials, recipes and more

Every year I do a Harry Potter series every Summer with tons of blogger friends sharing all kinds of Harry Potter projects. This is my round up of just last year’s awesome Harry Potter projects.

over 40 pictures of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

This past Summer we went to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. And I shared a whole heck of a lot of photos in this post just so you could see the awesomeness from all different parts and angles and details a sort of Photo tour of Harry Potterland if you will.

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Cracker Cookie Recipe & More FROZEN Fun

Have you ever had cracker cookies? They are a sweet treat that starts with regular old saltine crackers as a base and they are super addicting.

We love these easy 20 minute cookie crackers. Fun recipe to make with the kids

My little guy has been begging for these all week both saying and signing cookie cracker. It’s been a great way to get him to do whatever he’s supposed to ha! I made this batch with some Frozen inspiration, well because Frozen! Make sure you scroll all the way down since after the Cracker Cookie Recipe I’m sharing a bunch of other fun Frozen ideas.

Frozen Fever Continues - Check out these Delicious Frozen Recipes that everyone will love! | The Love Nerds

My cracker cookie recipe is such a fun and tasty treat that’s really easy to customize for any theme or special occasion.

Super easy sweet treat cracker cookies recipe. Frozen inspired. like confetti crisps but lighter

The cookies taste like a rich dessert but actually are diet friendly (if you can get yourself to stop at 1-2). But really these are so good everyone I feed them too has been hooked.

we love these super easy cookie crackers. great recipe to make with the kids. These Frozen inspired ones are extra cute

Cracker Cookie Recipe


  • 40-52 saltine crackers (depending on your pan size. I used this type of pan and it took 52 crackers)
  • 3/4 C butter
  • 3/5 C brown sugar
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • 1/2 C candy melts, chopped
  • 1 C yogurt covered pretzels (about a cup BEFORE you chop them)
  • Sprinkles (optional)


  1. Preheat oven to 325 F
  2. Arrange your crackers on a cookie sheet. I like to line it with foil paper to make clean up easier.
  3. Over medium heat melt butter and sugar together. Allow to boil for about 4 minutes.
  4. Remove from heat and stir in vanilla.
  5. Pour over crackers and spread evenly with a spatula.
  6. Bake for 10 minutes.
  7. Top with chopped candy melts, pretzels, and sprinkles.

20 minute cookie cracker recipe. The perfect salty sweet dessert or snack that both kids and adults love to make and eat

Super easy right? And one of the best things is that we almost always have everything on hand to make a batch of these up and since the recipe is so flexible we can usually make due with whatever we do have in the pantry to create new delicious versions.

A new favorite once you try these 20 minute cookie crackers you won't be able to stop making this dessert recipe so so good

And now for the rest of those yummy Frozen recipes!

Frozen Fever Continues - Check out these Delicious Frozen Recipes that everyone will love! | The Love Nerds

FROZEN Fever continues with 6 delicious recipes inspired by Disney’s Frozen! They are perfect for any party or movie watching! You’ve already seen my yummy cookie crisp make sure you check out the other 5 here!

Frozen Fever Continues - Check out these Delicious Frozen Recipes that everyone will love! | The Love Nerds

FROZEN Hot Chocolate

Frozen Fever Continues - Check out these Delicious Frozen Recipes that everyone will love! | The Love Nerds

FROZEN Blue Velvet Pudding

Frozen Fever Continues - Check out these Delicious Frozen Recipes that everyone will love! | The Love Nerds


Frozen Fever Continues - Check out these Delicious Frozen Recipes that everyone will love! | The Love Nerds

FROZEN Cupcakes

Frozen Fever Continues - Check out these Delicious Frozen Recipes that everyone will love! | The Love Nerds

FROZEN Cake Pops

Want more FROZEN?

Frozen Anna and Kristoff Costumes Tutorial - Rae Fun Ramblings

Check out these fun DIY Anna and Kristoff inspired costumes I made. And see how cute and little Teddy was a a baby Kristoff!

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40+ Best Organizational Tools

I NEED to get organized this year want to join me? Today I have teamed up with a great group of bloggers to give you over 45 home organizing solutions for your household! Each blogger is sharing their favorite organizational products.

I need these all! SO many great organizational tools I never new existed. Time to organize the whole house.

**NOTE: Each link contains affiliate links to Amazon. These posts are not sponsored and each blogger has selected their items based off personal preferences and experiences. The bloggers participating, nor Amazon and their vendors, can’t guarantee that the prices won’t change during or after the publishing of this post and are hereby released of any price matching guarantees or liability. Please understand, these are personal recommendations from popular bloggers in the industry. Enjoy!

Abbey from The Cards We Drew struggles with keeping weekday outfits organized, so it’s easy to get her kids out the door quickly in the morning. Abbey suggests this awesome Fashion Organizer off Amazon. With the organizer, you can set out your whole week’s worth of outfits all at one time…even labeling the sides of the organizer with the day so that your kids and family with have five outfits pre-selected before the weekday chaos even starts. No more sorting through the laundry or through closets and drawers looking for socks, underwear, and matching clothes…be one step ahead of the game and get everyone’s fashionable week ahead in gear for the new year. Purchase it HERE.

Closet Organization Ideas

Sarah from Life on Virginia Street has recently become obsessed with using mint julep cups in various sizes for organizing. Not only do they help corral miscellaneous items all over your home, but they look beautiful and help add a bit of bling to otherwise bland spaces like bathrooms or office desktops. Ranging from $10-30, they are a fairly affordable way to add some glamour to your home. Sarah finds them most useful for Q-Tips, cotton balls, pens/pencils, and other small objects. Better yet, they can double as beautiful vases for flower arrangements! You can find her favorite one here.

Organizing with Mint Julep Cups - Life On Virginia Street

Valerie from Occasionally Crafty has the hardest time keeping her linen closet organized. Everything seems to spill into everything else! Her favorite solution is metal shelf dividers. They look classy, keep towels and sheets in their own spots, and are even customizable with some printable labels! Better yet, you can use them in your clothing closet to keep your clothes and purses organized too! There are many different types of shelf dividers, and you’ll need to choose the kind that fits your shelf best, but she recommends these ones for standard wooden shelves.

 photo Organization Post and Giveaway.jpg

Ashley from Simply Designing recently completely a makeover on her Laundry Room to help make it a beautiful and functional space. She got rid of her wire shelf and replaced it with beautiful new shelving. But once the new shelving was in place, she realized that she didn’t want to put her “ugly” plastic laundry containers back up on her pretty shelves. Her solution was to purge what she didn’t need, then transfer necessary laundry products into beautiful glass jars and pretty containers making the space both functional and beautiful! There are so many beautiful options of pretty containers out there, but she particularly loves and recommends this Glass Canister (set of 3) with Hermetic Seal Bail & Trigger Airtight Lock !

laundry room organization - best organizational products

Marissa from Rae Gun Ramblings has a hard time keeping schedules and the kitchen organized without a meal plan. She is so grateful for when she takes the time to sit down and plan out the meals for the week. It makes shopping, keeping the kitchen in shape, and juggling meal time all easier. Marissa loves the “What to Eat” Meal Planning sheets. With spots for each dinner of week and more as well as a magnet that can stick right on your fridge you never have to have that battle with your hungry tummy and brain about what to make for dinner. Plus it makes it so much easier to make sure you have what you need in your kitchen when you need it. Get your on it for just HERE!


Debra from Housewife Eclectic loves a clean and organized pantry. Debra suggests these fantastic chalkboard labels and jars for each of your pantry items. No more looking for the sugar or grabbing the wrong container. If you change your mind about what is in the container, no problem, simply wipe off the label and start again. These labels are awesome for kids toys, offices, and so much more. They are cute too! Purchase them HERE.

Vanessa from Our Thrifty Ideas can’t even find her glasses when they are on her face….so can you imagine how hard it is to find something that doesn’t have a “spot” for it to live? So the fact that these organization cubes are smaller in nature so they can fit virtually anywhere, yet accomplish complete organization, makes them one of the most perfect organizational products. Purchase it on Amazon and you can make single cubes or up to 4 in a square. Imagine putting all the kids stuffed animals, sports balls or even their clothes in each of the cubes. The ideas and organizational ideas are endless with these cubes! Purchase your own Our Thrifty Ideas.

Home organizational cubes for just $21.13

Michele from The Scrap Shoppe love to keep things organized, especially small, easy to lose things. Michele suggests this 26 drawer cabinet for less than $20 to keep little items organized! This drawer system is not just for the garage. Bring it into the house and keep little items in the craft room, kitchen, or even the kids’ Legos in order. Purchase it for HERE!

Get organized!

Vanessa from Tried & True absolutely loves each and every masterpiece her boys create but is, quite honestly, overwhelmed with the piles and piles of artwork all over her small house! Framing some of the really special pieces was great but she also needed a quick and easy solution to display and appreciate a large amount of children’s art at once and found salvation in the unlikeliest of items…an Aluminum Slide Check Rack! They come in a huge variety of sizes (most under $20) to fit any wall space from the smallest corner to a large blank wall. You can even put multiple sliders together to cover a really really large space! Check out how I put one to use to create an easy easel for an art space and buy your own HERE!
Use a Slide Check Rack to organize your kids' artwork!

Tracie from Cleverly Inspired would be lost in the kitchen without her iPad. It is a go to tool for figuring out what’s for dinner, making a new recipe, ordering a new kitchen gadget right away on Amazon. This chic iPad holder keeps it protected, provides 3 viewing angles for the iPad to rest on and is great looking to boot! It has a card holder and a magnetic clasp to….so many days it doubles as my purse! It has held up great, for a great price! Comes in many colors but I really do like a gold. Click on this link to purchase!
tool giveaway cleverlyinspired

Kylie from Made by a Princess loves her pink girly office. It is full of cute jars, cake stands, crafts, ribbons, and a pink chair she calls “Dolly”. One thing she cannot live without in this pretty pink space is her 4ft folding table. This table is where she creates her Sizzix designs and hand embellished invitations, pays bills, and occasionally enjoys a glass of champagne listening to the Justins (Timberlake & Bieber) while sketching out a party design. Before her husband bought it for her she was crafting at the dining room table (as so many of us do). Now she can craft her heart out and have all she needs at her finger tips…and can close the doors so no one can see the mess! The best thing about this little table is that it is lightweight and portable which means it can easily be used folded up and transported to the party location or a photo shoot. Also, when not in use it collapses quickly and can be hidden behind a door or in a closet. It is very affordable…you can pick up your own adjustable folding table HERE.
kylie pick folding table 2 700

Jamie from C.R.A.F.T. has a slight obsession with vertical organization! Her secret weapon: Command Hooks! These handy dandy hooks can help you get every room in your house organized! See how she turned a door into a vertical storage kitchen masterpiece using the hooks. She also used them to organize all things school and kids and hang towels on doors. But, y’all these are also awesome for hats, scarves, robes, backpacks, and jackets. Oh and best of all, they don’t rip paint off of the wall when you’re ready to take them down, and they are re-useable! At a great low price for a pack of 6, I suggest getting 2 packs! Click this link to purchase.

Britni from Play. Party. Pin. doesn’t have enough cabinet space in her kitchen and pantry for all of her baking supplies and spices. Britni suggests these awesome under shelf hanging baskets for $10.99 (medium size) or $17.99 (large size) off Amazon. With the under shelf hanging baskets, you can double the amount of space you have in your cabinets hanging a basket from each of the shelves. They’re perfect for smaller things like spices, measuring cups, kid sized cups, and more! Or use them in your craft room for paints, washi tape, or any other small supplies. Never run out of storage again! Purchase baskets HERE!

Over 50 of the best organization products from top bloggers! Use these under shelf baskets to organize small things in your kitchen, bathroom, or even craft room!

Melanie from Reasons To Skip The Housework struggles with all of the little things that get shoved into the junk drawer. There are push pins all over in three separate drawers because there’s no ONE place to put them. Melanie suggests these Stainless Steel magnetic containers from Amazon. With the organizer, you can have a place for all of the little things. You don’t have to use them as magnets, but if you put up a magnetic strip (you can buy them at Home Depot) you can have all the little things in easy reach! Purchase it HERE!
The best way to store all of the little things around the house, all in one place. These Stainless Steel containers are magnetic and come six to a pack.

Susan from Oh My! Creative needs help with kitchen organization. Last year she discovered these OXO Good Grips Turntables can keep her refrigerator organized as well as a few kitchen cabinets. Susan recommends two for the refrigerator one on each shelf. Place those items not used every day like extra sauces, olives, capers, and other recipe ingredients. When they are needed to make a recipe just give the turntable a whirl and you will easily locate the ingredient needed. This is also a great way not to have things pushed to the back of the fridge never to be seen again! They also work well in kitchen cabinets. Buy a few today to get organized – OXO Good Grips Turntables!
Susan recommends two for the refrigerator one on each shelf. Place those items not used every day like extra sauces, olives, capers, and other recipe ingredients. When they are needed to make a recipe just give the turntable a whirl and you will easily locate the ingredient needed. This is also a great way not to have things pushed to the back of the fridge never to be seen again! They also work well in kitchen cabinets. OHMY-CREATIVE.COM

Gina from Kleinworth & Co. shares a lot of recipes with her readers. That means she loves to cook & is in the kitchen all the time. This means she needs things to be organized & efficient when she’s working on recipes. So what could be more perfect than all her spices organized beautifully in mason jars? Gina suggests these Ball Mason Jars at Amazon.com. With these it makes it so simple because you can see exactly what’s in each one & they fit so nicely together too. No more mess in the spice cabinet with multiple sizes & shapes – just pretty little jars full of all your favorite seasonings. Purchase them HERE!


Nat & Holly from My Sister’s Suitcase are both busy mamas who love a good solution to a cluttered counter full of baby stuff: bottles, pacifiers, baby spoons…you know the mess! This drying rack is both beautiful and functional and has been well-used by both sisters (and Holly’s new addition is coming any day!) If you’re looking for a unique and useful baby gift idea – this is it! You can get the Boon Grass drying rack HERE and the Boon Flower that holds bottle nipples and pacifiers HERE . It fits right into the grass and the whole unit is so easy to clean!


Sydney from Tastefully Frugal is on a mission this year to get her tiny home organized. She has started in her office with her craft supplies (since they are taking over her entire home). Not only was she wanting to have things put away and organized but having them easily accessible was important too. Her secret for keeping all her vinyl for her Cameo organized; a dress pants hanger! You can slide your rolls of vinyl on each arm and then swing it close. When you need a roll all you have to do is pull it off that arm; no more digging through all your rolls to find one color. You can buy one here.


Randi from Dukes and Duchesses has five kids and is always looking for stylish ways to keep the family organized. Randi thinks locker baskets not only look great but kids can quickly stash things in them and keep their rooms {somewhat} clean. While vintage baskets are a favorite, Amazon can help mimic the style with this Locker Basket. Slide them into shelves and cubbies to hold books and toys, use them in closets for hats and gloves, or set one on the kitchen counter to hold your favorite cookbooks. Buy it HERE!
amazon blog hop

Stephanie from Somewhat Simple is a mom of 5 and has been on a constant quest to clear the clutter in her home. The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up outlines a step-by-step process to simplify and organize that takes tidying up to a new level! Get rid of all the piles of “stuff” in your home FOREVER! Grab a copy of The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up HERE!

Somewhat Simple KonMari

Beckie, from Infarrantly Creative, was tired of fighting the small storage she had for storing spices, constantly dropping bottles as she was searching for the spice she needed. She found the You Copia Spice Stack to fit perfectly in her small cabinet. She grabbed two 18 bottle stacks and put them one on top of the other. She marked each spice with a labeler, and now she never struggles to find spices by just pulling the drop down drawer out to grab the spice she needs. Purchase it HERE .


Jillene from inkhappi believes pretty packaging is almost as important as the gift itself. Even the simplest of gifts seem extraordinary when they have that extra wow factor on the outside! It makes them more desirable. The only problem? Who has time to dig through the closet to find the perfect bow and tag? That’s why Jillene likes to keep her wrapping organized and easy to grab when she has very little time before running out the door with her gift in tow. This gift wrap organizer is her quick and simple solution for wrapping a pretty gift in a hurry. But there’s more this can do! This multi-purpose organization tool has many functions. With some creativity, it can be used for toys or even cleaning supplies and will easily hang on a door or in a closet. You can check out what Jillene did with her gift wrap organizer HERE. You can also pick up some cute, free printable tags and several tips to get you on your way to some “”pretty packaging”” yourself!

Over 40 clever organiztion tools chosen by bloggers to make your life more efficient!

Andrea from Andrea’s Notebook has more craft and sewing supplies than space in her craft closet. Her pegboard wall helps organize all the supplies she likes to keep close at hand, like her scissors, ribbons, thread and vinyl! These pegboards are easy to attach to any wall and with the use of J Hooks or other pegboard hooks you can hang almost anything. You can buy giant sheets of pegboard at most hardware stores but this pegboard kit from Amazon gets delivered to your door. Grab it HERE, for a good price!

Use pegboards to organize your crafts! Organization tip from http://andreasnotebook.com

The girls from My Mommy Style have a lot of kids and that means a lot of shoes! I am sure you can relate with this problem and the fact that shoes seems to appear in any corner of the house or right in the middle of your kitchen. We love this Stackable shoe organizer because you can adapt it to fit any shoe size or space that you need it to fit (you can change the pieces to be more vertical or horizontal, whichever you prefer.) This shoe organizer is a little more expensive, but the cost is worth it because it is more sturdy and adaptable to whatever space you may need. Another good idea is to use a label maker to make each cubby specific to its owner or shoe type. Buy it HERE.

Stackable Shoe Organizer

Jenn from My Fabuless Life struggles with ample storage space and hates piles and clutter. Her favorite way to create extra storage space and keep the piles of clutter at bay is with a silverware caddy (like this one you can purchase on Amazon). They’re great for kids art supplies (including paper and coloring books in the large back compartment), desktop organization for things like mail, scissors, and pens, or a sewing or craft room for fabric, scissors, and sewing supplies, or even in the bathroom for magazines, cotton swabs, and lotions…the possibilities are really endless–anything you can fit in these compartments and want to group together. And the best part: it’s portable organization! They look pretty left out, but keep things together and tidy if you have the space, or can be tucked away in a cupboard or closet. And one last bonus tip: they’re great for taking on the road and keeping projects organized! Purchase it here .

How to Organize Clutter MyFabulessLife.comRaquel from Organized Island has saved lots of valuable time by labeling storage with her DYMO LabelMaker 160. With its easy use and font variations it is a great deal! You can find it on Amazon.


Katie from The Casual Craftlete loves making paper crafts and pretty packaging. Her favorite way to store large 12 x 12 paper pads is with an Essential Storage Box. This box is not only great for keeping paper safe from damage, but it can easily hold a variety of crafting tools and supplies such as scissors, punches, ribbon, and embellishments. This light weight-light heavy duty large open box securely closed with two latches and has a molded in handle that makes carrying easy. Perfect for taking to a scrapbook retreat crop-hop. Grab an Essential Storage box for HERE!


Chelsea from Two Twenty One swears by these drawer organizers. They’re perfect for keeping smaller items organized in dresser drawers. Chelsea’s favorite place to use them is in her son’s nursery dresser. She rolls up his clothes and puts them into their designated organizer, making those tiny clothes easier to find. The drawer organizers are also great for curtailing socks, burp cloths, bibs, pacifiers, travel-size toiletries, baby accessories, and more. But they aren’t limited to only baby items. The organizers can also be used for adult socks, underwear, belts, and more. They also fold to save space when not in use, making them an organizational must have. You can purchase a 12 pack set of drawer organizers here!


Cori from Hey, Let’s Make Stuff is a new mom of twins and can’t believe how many toys two tiny babies can have! To wrangle all those toys, Cori suggests this cute Elephant Toy Box from Amazon. With this toy box, you can store your baby’s (or babies’!) toys out of the way but still accessible. Plus, it’s cute but not baby-overload. Not into elephants? There are a bunch of options! Purchase one HERE .


Marie from Blooming Homestead loves finding practical ways to stay organized. This Rotating Storage Caddy found on Amazon is not only pretty but functional too. Marie suggests using this to organize anything from managing make-up, to kid’s craft supplies, not to mention it is perfect to keep desk clutter minimized. These are a great way to keep your home functional and organized and you can purchase the Rotating Storage Caddy here.

Blooming Homestead Organizational Product Pick

Camille from Growing Up Gabel got tired of searching for a lost TV remote! Camille loves this Remote Control Organizer from Amazon. The organizer is huge and will hold a lot more than just a remote. Put the media caddy in a central location in any room with a device that has a remote. Not only will it corral remotes, but it also looks classy, too. The caddy comes in brown or white so it will match any decor. Purchase the media caddy HERE!


Taryn from Design, Dining and Diapers LOVES this simple Kitchen Organizer from IKEA. Easily add this steel rail to the end of your kitchen cabinet and store pot holders or dish towels. It provides easy access to things you use multiple times a day and it looks pretty too! You can get TWO rails for a great price..purchase HERE.

DDD Organizing Pick

Christina from Christina’s Adventures is working on getting her kids to help with their never-ending dirty laundry (and trying to figure out a better system for herself!). She suggests this durable 3-bag laundry sorter. These heavy duty canvas bags will hold a load of laundry each, and can be easily unhooked from the organizer and carried using the handles to the washing machine. So much easier for us moms, but also kid-friendly when trying to carry this down two flights of steps to the washing machine! Purchase it HERE!


Mariah from Giggles Galore loves to make lists to keep up with her busy schedule. With so many details and schedules to juggle she prefers to keep a sticky pad for every type of t0-do handy so she can tackle organization and those lists one task at a time. Mariah suggests these creative and witty Knock Knock To Accomplish Sticky Notes off Amazon. With these sticky notes, you’ll be able to tackle everything from your grocery list to those tasks you just want to put off. Start the new year off right and make everyday a productive one with a few funny and functional t0-do lists. Purchase it HERE!

Amazon Sticky Notes

Kelly from Live Laugh Rowe is a fanatic about tidy closets. Kelly suggests using these awesome Stackable Crates of various sizes at Amazon. With these stackable crates, you can make the most use of your closet space. They work great in the pantry, linen closet, laundry room and more! No more random piles and having to rummage through disorganized closets. Start that New Years resolution of getting organized right with these clever stackable storage solutions! Purchase a set of these Large Stackable Crates !

Stackable Crates. Closet Organization. LiveLaughRowe

Hi! I’m Stacy from Not Just A Housewife. Let’s discuss paper clutter for a minute. I have always struggled with homework and school papers cluttering up my kitchen. The kids come home from school and unload their backpacks on the counter. Important papers and assignments would get lost. The problem was, there really wasn’t a good place to put it. I tried a basket once. I tried a drawer. But if it was out of sight, it was out of mind. When I was at IKEA and I saw the magazine racks, I thought that might just be the answer I was looking for. We have used it for a few years now and it has saved us! No more lost homework and no more piles on my counters.


Aniko from Place Of My Taste used to struggle to keep her daily mail overflow and paperwork that came home from school each day organized. But not anymore. She found an excellent way to keep her entryway organized and clutter free. She found this amazing magazine rack that (she spray painted it, so it goes with her entryway decor), and now she uses it on a daily basis. She drops in, and outgoing mail, magazines, folders, paperwork from school and it keeps her life organized. Purchase this awesome magazine rack HERE

Stationary organization image

Hello there! I’m Kristen Duke from Capturing Joy, and I love to share on my site all about the fun family adventures in life, and how we create joy. I’m currently trying to manage the shoe situation in my small closet. Piles of shoes end up on the floor, and I’m worried I’m going to snap a heel, or pierce it into my foot! Which is worse?!? Hmmmm…. I love this hanging shoe carousel, and think it’s a great solution for shoes and bags!

Kristen Duke closet organizer information

Kimbo from A girl and a glue gun has 3 kids and a busy schedule–she loves to be able to see whats going on with a quick glance! Use this fun chalkboard calendar to write the menu on, get one for each kid and write their chores on it, or use it to help keep you straight on soccer practice, dance practice, meetings etc! Pair it with some fun chalk markers and get organized! Get your chalkboard calendar HERE!

organization giveaway--chalkboard calendar

Lindsay from Frenchie picks the Stair Basket with Handle from Amazon. How easy is clean up with a basket on the stairs that you can take up each night? Each one of my kids have these and when they leave something downstairs, instead of nagging them, I just throw it in there. They’re responsible to clean it out once a week and it has been life changing. Grab it here.

Frenchie's pick

Kelli and Kristi from Lolly Jane love organizing. It seems to help keep them organized if it’s pretty organization! The twins suggest this darling American Crafts diagonal printed clipboard from Amazon. There are several coordinating clipboards if you wanted to keep different family member’s papers organized in style, have all your to-do’s neatly layed out in coordination, etc. Purchase this gold plated clipboard!

Use gold clipboards for organization ideas!

Mique from Thirty Handmade Days has learned the power of a slow cooker in her life. This is one thing that has helped her keep organized with a crazy busy schedule and shuttling her big(ish) kids around in the afternoon and evenings. She especially likes make ahead freezer meals and to help with that she uses freezer meal baggy stands. They hold up the bags so that you can pour ingredients into the bags without making a mess. Life changing!! You can purchase them HERE.

miquespickSara from Mom Endeavors knows how crazy mornings can get when trying to get everyone out the door. Making lunches just adds to the busyness. To help, Sara recommends Easy Lunchboxes! Her family has been using them for the last 5 years and LOVES them!! With these awesome stacking bento boxes, you can just grab a box and fill in the divided containers. No messing with baggies or various different sized plastic containers. They stack beautifully in the cupboard, helping you stay organized and making lunch prep a breeze! Purchase a set HERE!

MomEndeavors Organization Giveaway

We hope to have provided everyone with TONS of great organizing ideas!


Over 40 awesome organizational tools to help get every aspect of life and home finally organized

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10 Must Read Espionage Novels and Series

I LOVE stories of espionage. Whether it’s with full on spies, assassins that have to spy sometimes, or sneaky detectives, I soak it up.

The ones I read I loved. Must add the others to my books to read stack. Espionage novels, spy, detective, and assassin stories.

I love so many spy and detective movies and TV shows (Chuck and Veronica Mars I miss you SO MUCH). You would think I’d have thought to try the book for earlier. But for whatever reason I never thought to seek out espionage novels. I books that had some of that but usually as a side note for some other intriguing draw. Now that I’ve learned better I want to share 11 of my favorite spy, assassin, and detective tales. All of them are YA (or ya appropriate) except for the last one that series is DEFINITELY adult.

The Remembrandt Series by Robin King

This is a story about a girl who has an eidetic memory which is basically a photographic memory on crack. Living away from home after a tragic accident has changed her family, she’s starting fresh at college. Soon she finds herself caught up with a spy network. I just finished the second book in the series Van Gogh Gone and ADORED it. I cannot wait until the third book is released. These stories are so creative you will fall in love with Alex and smart, reasonable personality. Alex doesn’t do the stupid or immature things many YA heroines do and I love her for that. There are also cute boys, lots of awesome fighting, and great story lines. They are one of those read any time type of books and on the shorter side so they make for a great weekend read. Coincidentally Goodreads is giving away a copy of Van Gogh Gone right now so I have linked the widget below to make it easier for you to enter because I’d love one of you to win. If you do and haven’t read the first book Remembrandt and can’t find it at your library I’d be happy to buy you one that’s how much I like this series. So go enter!

Trouble is a Friend of Mine by Stephanie Tromly

This is a crazy kid detective tale full of sassy personalities. I adored the characters in this book. Digby carries around police files and does hardcore detective work over dinner food and somehow Zoe can’t help be acquiesce to his requests to help her dig deeper into his investigations even though she wouldn’t really say she even liked him. As Zoe learns more about the teen kidnapping case Digby is so obsessed with solving and helps him gather more information an intricate web starts to unfold. There have indeed been some crazy things that happened in this new neighborhood Zoe has moved into. Trouble is a Friend of Mine is a fun, light, and a super enjoyable read.

His Fair Assassins by Robin LaFevers

This is one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE SERIES. The books are SO good. They are full of all different types of strong, smart, admirable girls. Amazing healthy and not your normal love interests. And adventure. SO much adventure. Really these books are seriously amazing. They have the feel of awesome historical fiction but read like YA fantasy. They are full of gorgeous dresses, castle life, political intrigue, and swoony romance. The stories focus around a convent of teen assassin nuns. You read that right. It’s so unique and fun. Just go add them to your must read list. The first book is called Grave Mercy.

Gallagher Girls by Ally Carter

Want book candy? I present to you the Gallagher Girls. It’s a training school for spies set up as a prestigious prep high school. Some of the parents of the students don’t know what the truth is behind those shinny doors. These are super easy reading with fun characters and wonderful sisterhood. Follow the girls in their not so traditional classes, assignments, and even a few unsanctioned missions. Bonus points since there are 6 books in the series and they are all out and at least in my library system super easy to get a hold of!

Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas

These books are unlike any I have read. While book one starts of as a super cool teen girl assassin book they do turn into full on fantasy. This was surprising to me but they are just so good I didn’t mind the kind of bait and switch of genres. There is crazy action, awesome fighting, a sassy main character, and multiple cute and smart boys. And as also fun is that Celaena loves cake, reading and buying herself gorgeous dresses. It’s hard to give justice to these books but the story is so unique, it is filled with top notch characters, and you will not be able to guess where it is going. I’m just finished listening to the 4 book of the series and I can’t wait for the next one.

Finishing School Series by Gail Carriger

Stempunk meets precocious boarding school. But there is a twist this boarding school is really a training academy for spys. While the Gallagher Girl books read like a boarding school set in current day America the Finishing School books are otherworldly and have a district historical feel. The girls have petticoats, parasols, and of course mechanical pets. The teachers aren’t all human, there’s a werewolf and a vampire and the girls are younger so there is more of a focus on the sneakiness of youth. Don’t get me wrong these girls are a force to be reckoned with no matter their age. I adores these books but for some reason had a hard time finishing them when I tried to read them. I’m so glad I gave the audiobooks a chance because they are MAGNIFICENT and the reader gives it the perfect performance. The series starts with Etiquette and Espionage.

Half-Moon Investigations by Eoin Colfer

From the writer of the Artemis Fowl books I give you Half-Moon Investigations. This book is definitely Middle Grade. Fletcher is the youngest certificated detective in the world. And a good thing to because he’s got only 12 hours to solve a case he’s been framed for or else he’ll meet the wrath of the school bully’s who all seemed to graduate into real life criminals. This is cute and easy and if you want a boy point of view or a story to read with younger kids this is fun. The audiobook is pretty great too.

Flavia De Luce books by Alan Bradley

Do you know Flavia De Luce? Oh she is a character. She’s a brilliant precocious youngster with a love for chemistry. And some how murder seems to find her. Follow her as she sleuths her way into solving crimes way beyond her years while having the the best personality on the block. Set in the 1950’s you will fall in love with inquisitive Flavia. This is another that if possible you should listen too the reader is just fantastic. The adventures start with The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie

Don’t Get Mad by Gretchen McNeil

High School doesn’t tend to be what you call fair. There are bullies and mean girls and even some power abusing teachers. For unlikely partners team up to finally Get Even. They are tired of the treatment the student body undergoes at the hands of these cruel characters. The group, DGM (don’t get mad) has been pulling pranks that call out these jerks but things get crazy when someone ends up dead and someone is making it look like DGM is to blame. This duology is super fun, starting with Get Even and continuing with Get Dirty. You will be seething at the bad guys and on your toes trying to figure out who the true villain is until the very end.

Cormoran Strike books by Robert Galbraith AKA J.K.Rowling

Have you read The Cuckoo’s Calling? This these detective books by favorite J.K. Rowling under pen name Robert Galbraith have found a solid home in my heart. First off they are definitely ADULT. Mature content (sexual and graphic violence) and they are not fantastical like the Harry Potter books but they are good fun stories that will suck you in and have you cheering for the frumpy almost bankrupt detective, Cormoran Strike. I just finished the third book of the series and I think they just keep getting better and better.

10 awesome spy, detective, and assassin books. Most of these novels are YA but they are fun for older readers too.

And don’t forget to enter the giveaway! See the widget below.

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Van Gogh Gone by Robin King

Van Gogh Gone

by Robin King

Giveaway ends January 31, 2016.

See the giveaway details
at Goodreads.

Enter Giveaway

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So many great books for Harry Potter fans. I've read a ton of these and totally agree with this reading list.

Tons of books for people who liked Harry Potter AKA everyone right?

Great audiobooks for the whole family
I LOVE audiobooks. It’s really the only way I’ll exercise or clean my house and here are over 25 fabulous audiobooks for the whole family.

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20 Minute Creamy Shrimp Pesto Zoodles Recipe

Have you had zucchini noodles also known as zoodles? For me it was seriously love at first bite.

This is a keeper. Made it tonight and it's SO good. One pot zucchini noodle (zoodle) creamy pesto shrimp recipe. Fast so it's perfect for healthy light weekday dinners and tastes great.

I totally “borrowed” my sister’s zoodle maker 6 months ago and refuse to give it back. It’s so freaking cheap though I should probably buy my own. But I digress. Zoodles are sooooo good and if you are trying to lose weight or eat healthier or have this be “the year of your best body” bwahaha have you seen that commercial? then you need these in your life.

20 minute light and healthy creamy pesto shrimp zucchini noodles AKA zoodles recipe

This 20 minute creamy shrimp pesto zoodles recipes is my weeknight go to when I want something satisfying but light. It is SO yummy and easy to put together you gotta try it. If you have zucchini haters or non-zoodle lovers you can do what I do which is cook up some pasta (these noodles make it super speedy) and just give them mostly traditional empty calorie wheat noodles and make yours with the zoodles or half and half is good too.

Easy way to please everyone with regular pasta and zoodles. zucchini noodles. 20 minute creamy pesto and shrimp recipe. SO yummy for weeknight dinners

Really it’s super easy to customize. I still make the noodle eaters have some of the zucchini though and it makes everyone get more veggies even if they don’t want a heaping plate of them like I do. Okay lets get to the recipe.

So glad I tried this. Super yummy low calorie and filling zoodle zucchini noodle recipe. With creamy pesto and shrimp sauce. Fast and great for weeknight dinners or lunch


  • 4-5 Medium Zucchini (if you want half to be pasta I do 2-3 zuccs and 2 oz pasta)
  • 1/4 C Pesto
  • 1/8 C-1/4C Heavy Cream
  • Salt and peper to taste
  • 1/4 tsp onion powder
  • 16-20 Shrimp (I’ve used both cooked and raw tail on)

Just made this and it's so good and fast. Healthy light creamy pesto shrimp zoodles zucchini noodle recipe


  1. Season shrimp with salt, pepper and onion powder. If the shrimp is already cooked set aside.
  2. If your shrimp is raw cook them until ALMOST done in a NONSTICK (this is important) pan that is heated up and sprayed with a good amount of spray oil like Pam. Remove from heat and set aside. If you have tail on shrimp cook them with the tails on this will give them better flavor. Once cooked discard the tails.
  3. Make your zoodles. Cut the round end off of the zucchini and with and use the stem part as a handle. If you have this zoodle maker this step will go super fast. Like just a couple minutes max.
  4. Then in the pan you cooked the shrimp on. Make sure it is hot and resprayed add in the noodles. When they are close to your desired texture (some people like them more soft and others with a snap) this will only take a few minutes over medium high heat, turn off the heat.
  5. Add in pesto and cream and stir. Add as the cream to your desired consistency. If you are spitting this with regular noodles. Make sure your noodles are cooked before you start step 4. I like pronto noodles when I’m in a rush. Then I just put noodles on one side of the pan and the zucchini on the other and and mix on their own sides and just a bit of overlap will happen in the middle which is fine since I want everyone to at least have some zuccs.
  6. Add back in the shrimp just to reheat. If you need to you might want to turn your heat back on just for a minute.
  7. Add any additional salt you might want.
  8. Enjoy and marvel at the fact that that delicious meal was mostly veggies and so low in calories!

New favorite. Will be in our weeknight dinner rotation. Healthy and light creamy pesto shrimp zoodles (zucchini noodles) recipe.

I love this dish so much. Seriously it’s on regular rotation at our house. I hope you love it just as much as we do!

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Super easy Lasagna Soup recipe for the crock pot (freezable) - Rae Gun Ramblings #GameTimeGoodies #shop #cbias

World' yummiest zucchini lasagna - Rae Gun Ramblings

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Best Sewing and Creative Posts of 2015

I must have been too busy eating copious amounts of spinach artichoke dip because I meant to share my most popular sewing and creative posts last week. Oops oh well let’s do it today!

The most popular creative and sewing projects, hacks, tips and more. A must read for all crafters

Thank you to all of you who pinned and shared any of these posts. These were the creative and sewing projects and articles that were most visited in 2015 regardless of when they were posted. To see my top 15 posts (all topics) that I wrote in 2015 check out this post.

The secret to hemming knits. It's the type of thread you use! Rae Gun Ramblings

1. How to hem knit fabrics. This cheat is like magic. Super duper easy magic.

28 tutorials, recipes, party ideas and more for Harry Potter fans - Rae Gun Ramblings

2. Did someone say magic? This list of awesome Harry Potter DIYs  was a big hit.

Hands down the best Harry Potter crafts, diys, tutorials, recipes and more

3. And you sure must love Harry Potter as much as I do because not only was that last post number 2. But my round up of over 50 Harry Potter projects from this year’s Happy Harry Potter series was number 3 (with way less time being live for anyone to like it to boot!)

fast and easy envelope pillow case tutorial

4. My quick envelope pillow case tutorial has always been popular. They really are incredibly easy and speedy. Even a beginner could sew some up without any problem.

hands down the best trick for gathering fabric on the sewing machine - Rae Gun Ramblings

5. I love a good craft hack. So it’s no surprise that my cheater’s how to gather post is closing out the top 5.

5 Important lessons from years of running a successful Etsy Shop - Rae Gun Ramblings

6. I shared my top tips and tricks that I have learned from my years of running my etsy business. I have had such a great response to this post I really hope to do more this year because I do genuinely like helping people who are trying to start their own craft business.

Must make all of these. Great list of sewing patterns and inspiration for women tops and shirts.

7. Every month my friend Bev from Flamingo Toes and I Sew Our Stash. One month I also shared a whole ton of awesome top sewing patterns and inspirations.

Steps, tips, tricks and mistakes to avoid when starting and growing a handmade business - Rae Gun Ramblings

8. A few years ago I broke down the step by gritty steps that make up my etsy journey. It is still one of my most popular and commented on posts. I hope to update things now post kiddo and a few more years under the belt.

Great list of everything you need for a well stocked (but not over the top) sewing room. This is stuff that will actually be used - Rae Gun Ramblings

9. I love craft stuff. I love all the gadges and fabrics but when it comes down to it not all of them made my sewing room necessities list.

My absolutely favorite baby blankets. The perfect size that isn't sold in stores. Super quick and easy tutorial. - Rae Gun Ramblings

10. These are the best baby swaddles and they are so easy to make. Most of the store bought ones are just too small and the ones that are bigger are SO pricey. Make these for all the new babies in your life (it’s really crazy easy and fast).

Free changing pad pattern. Easy sewing project - Rae Gun Ramblings

11. Speaking of babies. This simple no frills baby changing pad is still being used multiple times a day in our house. We just throw it on the bed (we don’t have a changing table) and we’re good to go. I even made one for the car and to have at my mom’s house. Why they don’t sell ones that are this lightweight and basic I have no clue. Luckily they are SUPER easy to make.

Hot pack tutorial perfect for soothing back aches, prego pains, nursing issues (i.e. plugged ducts) and baby gas problems - Rae GUn Ramblings

12. I used this 5 minute hot pack looooads. It especially came in handy when I was battling plugged ducts but this is a great project for whenever you need a hot pack. I even made a bigger version that my mom uses to warm up my niece’s car seats in the morning before school.

How to make custom vinyl iron-ons - Rae Gun Ramblings #cricut #craft #diy

13. It’s true I can’t have plain shirts. They all get attacked in iron-on vinyl. Usually with some Harry Potter or other bookish quote. But when you learn how to use iron on vinyl and how freakishly easy it is I be you won’t be able to control yourself either!

Costume Tips from Cosplay Pros - Rae Gun Ramblings #diy #comiccon #halloween

14. Costumes are some of my very favorite things to make. I shared the best costume tips from cosplay pros that I learned from a top notch comic con session. And you have to see some of the awesome costumes I saw at comic con.

Homemade Moby style baby carrier tutorial with free pattern at Rae Gun Ramblings

15. And the 15th most popular creative post of 2015 was how to make a moby wrap. I am still shocked at how much they charge for those things when they are really SO simple my nieces could make them.

And those were the top 15 sewing and creative posts from last year. I’m excited to see what 2016 has in store!

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Star Wars Inspired Crafts, Recipes and Party Ideas and Block Party

Have you seen the new Star Wars yet? I love that it’s getting a whole new generation in on the geeky goodness. Here are some awesome Star Wars Inspired Recipes, Craft Projects, and Party Ideas.

Over 20 awesome Star Wars DIY tutorials, craft projects, recipes and party ideas

Lego Star Wars Shirt | Space Pillows | Chewy Chocolate Coconut Oatmeal Bars | DIY Glowing Light Sabers | DIY Star Wars Memory Game |30 minute Star Wars Blankets | Star Wars Chocolates | Light saber treats|Princess Leia Buns | Storm Trooper Santas | light saber pencils | Star Wars Sign | Princess Leia Cupcakes | Bantha Cocoa | Wookie Cookies | Star Wars Soap | Millenial Falcon Soap | Star Wars Stitch Crafts and FREE Printables | Darth Vader Dessert | Stay on Target Shirt with Free Graphic

Marissa from Rae Gun Ramblings as today’s hosts. And whether you want to make a delicious Star Wars inspired treat, some fun craft projects or a whole awesome Star Wars party we’ve got you covered with tons of awesome DIY ideas!

Rae Gun guest posting picture

I feel like the last month just FLEW by but just in case you missed these I wanted to share some of my favorite posts from the last few weeks.

  • Here are my 15 most popular posts that I wrote in 2015. Recipes, DIY’s, honest parenting truths. These posts have been pinned and shared a ton.
  • Want a good easy recipe? These are my most popular recipes (regardless of when I shared them) many of them are in our families regular rotation. Some just take mere minutes to make all of them are tasty and easy!
  • And I finally taught myself how to knit. I’ve been wanting to for ages. If you’re interested in learning how to knit this is the way to go!

Okay now it’s your turn to share what you’ve been up to. Be sure to read over the guidelines…

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