Quick and Easy Maternity Shirt Tutorial and a Pregnancy Update

Easy directions on how to make a shirt maternity friendly - Rae Gun Ramblings with Go To Patterns Casual Lady top

I’m just going to warn you, next week’s Sew Our Stash post really runs the risk of being filled with 50 of these Casual Lady maternity-ized shirts. I’m just a tiny bit in love with this Go To Patterns top. Even with a few minor alterations to make it “getting fat” friendly this thing came together in less than an hour and that includes the cutting time. First, if you sew or might some day want to learn to sew I highly highly recommend this shirt pattern. It’s fast, flattering, and fits great. Second I’m going to show you a quick and easy maternity shirt tutorial but how about a little more random pregnant girl counting before that?

The Casual Lady shirt pattern. So quick and flattering and how to maternity-ize it - Rae Gun Ramblings

Third, I went to the mall today to try and find some maternity clothes and boy were the options BORING and expensive. I mean seriously I am so glad that I know how to sew or else I’d be really depressed right now.

Fourth, I may have purchased this awesome Parisian Kitty fabric back when little L was just in my sister’s tummy. She recently turned ahem 5. Yeah I’m kind of a fabric hoarder and it just takes me a minute to figure out what I want to do with it. I still have a wee little onesie cut out somewhere around here obviously it won’t fit L any more.

How to add elastic to a shirt to make it pregnant girl friendly - Rae Gun Ramblings

Fifth, for those of you who care about the whole prego thingy. Here are a few updates. I’m 21 weeks. I can definitely feel some baby kicking action. It’s weird and startling. I still hate water. I feel huge and I’m only half way oh my goodness! Last week I started to feel like my body was just weird. Moving is more awkward. I actually have to put effort into changing positions. Have I mentioned it’s all weird? The gender reveal will be the end of next week. We’ve been trying to talk about names nothing too promising, we still have very different tastes. No cravings but I go from not hungry to totally starving in seconds.

Sixth, I’m a bit in love with the two tone shirt thing. I see many more in my future.

The Casual Lady Maternity Shirt

Maternity shirt tutorial step by step instructions - Rae Gun Ramblings

The Casual Lady shirt pattern comes in both a top and a dress length and it’s really very easy to tweak to make it prego friendly. The way I did it can just as easily be applied to other shirt patterns or even longer store bought shirts.

  1. On the Casual Lady pattern there is a line to lengthen or shorten the pattern. I added 6 inches. If you’re using a different pattern you’d probably want to lengthen around your natural waist (skinniest part). If you’re starting with a ready made top skip down to step 3.
  2. Follow the pattern’s instructions so you have a finished top.
  3. Now try on your shirt and with a disappearing marker mark the side seam around the top of your belly or about the bottom of your ribcage.
  4. Lay the shirt inside out and mark the same spot on the other side. I just mark one side in step 3 since I want the ruching to be even.
  5. Cut two pieces of 1/4 inch elastic 9 inches long. The part of the of shirt that I attached it to was about 13 inches. I normally wear M to L shirts if that helps.
  6. On the inside of the shirt position your elastic one one side of the seam. I decided to do the back since the stitching would be less obvious on the black. I think either side would work. Make sure your seam allowance is out of your way.
  7. With a zig zag stitch sew down the elastic WHILE STRETCHING it. You want it stretched to right above the hem of the shirt making sure to back stitch at the beginning and the end.

Maternity Shirt Tutorial - Rea Gun RamblingsSo there you go. How to maternity-ize your Casual Lady pattern. Go To Patterns is running a sale all week long now too if you’re interested. Use the code KCW10 to get 10% off your order. Or spend $30 and use code KCW20 to get 20% off your order. To see more versions of the Casual Lady top check out The Train to Crazy and visit the Go To Patterns Shop.

Quick and Easy Maternity Shirt Tutorial - Rae Gun Ramblings

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Top Ten Book Character Names I Love

 Baby Names inspired by book character names - Rae Gun Ramblings

In case you missed my big announcement I am pregnant so this week’s prompt “Top Ten Book Character Names I Love” on The Broke and the Bookish really strikes close to home. Unfortunately my husband and I have TOTALLY different opinions when it comes to deciding what counts as a “good name”. But just for fun here are some of MY favorite bookish names and some of my husbands opinions on those names.

  1. Ender – And I’d name the kid Andrew just like in the book and call him Ender. Also from the Ender books I like Valentine (for a girl), Petra, and Julian. He hates ALL of these!
  2. Artemis – I love Artemis for either a boy or girl. As in Artemis from the Percy Jackson books, Art3mis from Ready Player One, and Artemis Fowl.
  3. Ginerva – And I’d call her Ginny after one Ginny Weasley of Harry Potter awesomeness. Yeah anything obviously Harry Potter he TOTALLY shuts down.
  4. Gemma – I’ve liked this name for a long time. Most book worthy is Gemma Doyle from A Great and Terrible Beauty not my favorite book but enjoyable and a great name.
  5. Link – As in Linkubus from the Beautiful Creatures series. The husband thinks this is obviously a video game name (legend of Zelda) which he doesn’t like.
  6. Kai – I prefer this spelling to the Ky in Matched and I didn’t love the character but I’ve always liked the name. And I kind of like Xander too.
  7. Katsa – Oh I would so pick this name after the very very awesome Graceling character.
  8. Ari – I love the name Ari from Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe. But having a few degrees in philosophy I just could not do the long version of Aristotle.
  9. Lena – From the Delirium series. I just think it’s a pretty name.
  10. Will or Jem – I know I know it’s probably just because I love those boys so from the Infernal Devices so so much but I do like both the names William and James. But when talking about naming a kid I tend to want something a little more unique.

So what are some names that you like? Oh I’m really asking it’s not just an evil ploy to get comments although I love comments. We have a real live baby coming our way (March-ish) and we have no good names in the running. And since I like our little baby announcement I’ll share it again in case any of you guys missed it the first time around.

Fun and silly pregnancy and baby announcements - Rae Gun Ramblings


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Super Duper Great News

Fun and silly pregnancy and baby announcements - Rae Gun Ramblings

So I was wondering if you guys would be willing to help me with this little puzzle ;) So yes I’ve been siting on some humungous news. I’m very happy to announce that I am pregnant. Many of you know that this has been a long journey for us and you were all so so sweet when I shared our struggle with infertility I don’t even think you can understand how the comments and emails touched me. Seriously they were beyond wonderful.

You can probably guess with my history and my admitted worrier-ness that I’ve been an anxious ball of nerves. I told a few people but always with the clause of I’d love you to pray but I’m not ready to be excited or talk about it yet. I know I’m lame like that but it’s all I could handle. But I’m very happy to say I am ready to be excited now!

With every appointment a little ounce of my tension would ease. Every time they pulled out that freaking Doppler I’d get so anxious. And then when I finally had a second trimester appointment and that wee little heartbeat was still going strong. I totally started crying. The nurse was worried and then I told her “I just haven’t let myself believe it was real yet”. But even then I was nervous. We’ve had a couple of appointments since and I’ve even felt a little movement so I figure it’s about time that I accept the good news AND share it! Or course things could still happen (see told you worrier) but we’ll just have to deal with them if they do.

Cute and creative pregnancy baby announcement - Rae Gun Ramblings

We finally told the nieces yesterday and they were so so stinking cute. I had T (6 yrs) read the pregnancy announcement. And then they kinda looked at each other a little confused so we asked some leading questions until they got it. And they were so happy and excited. L looked down my shirt and I told her the baby was under my skin haha and then she wouldn’t stop kissing my tummy. We haven’t shared any of the hard stuff with them and I wanted to wait until we were “in the clear” to share this news but it was so so fun.

I assume you might have some questions, if I left any out please ask in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer if I can. Again I told you I’m kinda new to the whole talking about this and being excited so I don’t really know what you’d like to know so give me some questions :)

  • Due Date: March 1st which puts me at about 19 weeks
  • Morning Sickness: Just general nausea and aversion to most foods. I feel like I’ve been living on juice, string cheese, and clementines. It’s let up a little but most stuff still doesn’t sound good.
  • Will we find out the gender: Yup, I’m a planner. We’re hoping to do a little reveal in a few weeks
  • Names: No idea seriously pray for us we have completely completely different tastes in names
  • Other: I can’t really drink water. Yeah it’s REALLY annoying. In my first trimester just a little bit of water would make me feel like throwing up instantly. Now if it’s super super cold I can have a little. But if I drink a whole glass I’ll start feeling nauseous. Also BBQ sauce sounds totally disgusting to me.

So there is my happy news. Thank you for being a part of my life. For reals, I mean it. When I found out I was pregnant it was just as important for me to figure out how and when to tell you my blog family and friends as my IRL community. You really have been with me through a lot including some rough stuff so I’m glad to be sharing this happy stuff. Of course it’s bittersweet since I know so many friends who are in the same boat I was in last year. Just in the time that I’ve been pregnant I’ve had three friends with pregnancy complications, two miscarriages, and many still trying to figure out what is next in their own attempts whether that be with doctors or waiting on adoption news. I hope you can be happy with me but continue to pray for happy news and peace for those who are waiting for it too.

Fun baby pregnancy announcement idea - Rae Gun Ramblings

Now you can go back and check out my last few posts where I showed myself (like my sew our stash) and you’ll totally see my tummy. When I went to write up that post I was so annoyed since those pics that made the post were seriously the ONLY pictures where my tummy wasn’t totally popping out or my face wasn’t like a crazy person. But now I can happily sew for myself (and the baby!) and show the results and what’s hiding underneath :)

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