Pebbles and Bam Bam Baby Costumes Ready to Ship and Available

 (this was maybe 1/3 of what I sent out this Halloween season, crazy I know!)

After getting all of these out the door I had a few left over.

I cut out extras on purpose just in case things happened along the way, if I miscounted, etc. of course all of that happened so there are only a few of each size. But if you didn’t snatch up a costume while I was still taking orders check the store now there may be the sizes you want ready to go.  Click Here to go to the shop.

(yeah they didn’t all fit in one bag)

Work in Progress: Costumes Now

 One more week, hopefully no more annoyances like the Paypal catastrophe of last week will strike again because I’m ready to slow down a bit, think about my own Halloween stuff and get all my costume orders out the door and onto cute little bodies filled with candy.

But for now everything looks like this.

Last Call For Costumes

 (in honor of speak like a pirate day)
so…just wanted to let any of you who may have been considering ordering a costume from me that you’ve got 2 weeks left and even sooner depending on how fast you want it. See all my costume listings here they are selling like crazy so if there’s something you want that you don’t see send me a note. See my shipping schedule in any of the costume listings, if you need it earlier than the week of Halloween you’re going to want to order in the next few days.

Shop Update Tomorrow

Just a quick update to let you know that I’ll be adding new products to the shop tomorrow and next couple of days (you know until I get everything up haha). Stop by and take a peek.

New Goodies Next Week

Just a quick note to let you all know that I’ll be adding a lot of new sets and ruffle diaper covers as well as a few rufflers. So stop buy the shop next week to check them out.

Customer Appreciation Pic: Lady in Pearls


When this little one’s mama sent me the link to this headband looking to match it I thought this polkda dot and hot pink number would be perfect. And seriously the combo looks cuter than I could have ever imagined. How stinking creative and adorable Although I have to admit this little gal could probably make anything stunning look at that sweet face.

Gosh she’s so cute and the photos are so fabulous. Oh yes, I do love customer appreciation pictures. Yes I do.

Life: Working Woman

(some rufflers that get to be checked off the list)
I’ve had a huge rush of orders, I guess everyone’s weather finally warmed up I know it’s been summery here. So it’s been busy busy for me.

(some of the bottoms that I’ve got to finish up)
We’ve got more relatives and friends popping in throughout the next month so I’m sewing like a mad woman to try to get stuff done so there’s not to much hanging over me when company is around.

(shipping out all the time)
But I just thought I’d share some behind the scene shots of the business.

Customer Appreciation Pic: It’s a Boy

 I’ve only got a tiny handful of boy stuff in my sea of girly wear of a shop but Renee of Red Door Photography found them and sent me the cutest photos of a little fella in one of my sunsuits.

 He’s so cute, it makes me want add more goddies for the little men.

Customer Appreciation Pic: Purple Ruffler

I bought the rest of the bolt when I found this purple rose fabric and the rufflers sold out almost instantly. Luckily this adorable little one’s mama got one which I think suits her so perfectly.Visit their blog here to see more of her mom’s beautiful photography.

The Newest Rufflers and Shop Update

My retro rufflers have been selling wonderfully, so much so that I keep on having to add new designs. The one above is definitely my favorite of the moment.

Here are some of the newest ruffler creations. And check out the shop for other new items including onesie and ruffle diaper cover sets, new ruffle diaper covers, and some dresses (I know it’s been a while). I’ll be adding new stuff all week long.

And don’t forget that there a two giveaways still open. (see the links on the right)