Cutest Personalized IKEA Car Tutorial

Super cute boy give idea. Personalize an inexpensive IKEA car Tutorial at Rae Gun Ramblings

I had the honor of celebrating one of my favorite boy’s second birthdays this weekend. So of course I had to make him a week handmade gift. Last time I was at my local IKEA I fell in love with their cute little plastic and wood cars. So I thought wouldn’t it be fun to have your own personalize car? So today I have a super quick and inexpensive personalized IKEA Car Tutorial to share.

Step by step instructions on how to fancy up and personalize a cute toy car love this #boy #gift #tutorial Rae Gun Ramblings

What You Need

  • Toy Car (I used IKEA’s LILLABO car)
  • Vinyl
  • Cricut Cutting Machine and Images
  • X-acto knife (if your car has any parts that open)

This came together so easily all I did was measure the places that I wanted to personalize then make a layout in Cricut Craft Room to fit the right size. For the letters I used letters from “Extreme Fonts” and I made sure to have them touch and “meld” that way it made it one long sticker instead of me having to deal with a bunch of little ones. And for the #2’s I use “From My Kitchen” and “Hannah Montana”. Then I cut the vinyl out positioned and I was done. So quick and easy but with such cute results.

Quick and inexpensive boy gift idea. Personalized toy truck #tutorial #toy #boy - Rae gun Ramblings

The little guy totally smiled and started playing with it immediately. Melts my heart. I’m thinking this will be one of my go to boy gift ideas from now on.

Bug Skirt Tutorial Keep Kids Creative with Cricut & Ubooly

Easy bug skirt tutorial great for beginners. Sized for both kid and stuffed animal - Rae Gun Ramblings

When I showed up with this bug skirt complete with a bug skirt for the little Ubooly interactive toy the nieces were in love. It’s probably shameful of me for never thinking of making their toys and dolls clothes before but they absolutely loved the idea of the coordinating garment. This skirt came together so quickly and easily that once they started to fight over who was going to wear it (I know I should know better than to make just one of something) I told them that they could make their own. Yup I’ve started to teach them how to sew and these simple skirts are great beginner projects. But before we get to that here’s a fun bug skirt tutorial thanks for the supplies and challenge Cricut and Ubooly!

Bug Skirt Tutorial Kid Size

Bug Skirt Tutorial great beginner sewing project - Rae Gun Ramblings

What You’ll Need

  • Main skirt fabric (red) mine was 44″x 10″ (T is 6.5 and L is turning 5 this month)
  • Band fabric 8 pieces 5″ x 6″ (I did 2 of each color)
  • Cricut Iron-on Vinyl
  • Cricut Cutting Machine (my images are from the Garden Soup and the Live Simply cartridges in Cricut Craft room)
  • Elastic for waist (I used 20″ of 1/2″ elastic)

What to Do

  1. Sew the band pieces together along the 5″ sides making a long strip.
  2. Sew the strip to the bottom edge of the main skirt fabric.
  3. Sew up the sides.
  4. Finish the hem and make a casing for the elastic at the top of the skirt.
  5. Cut images out of vinyl the bugs were about 2 inches tall for the kid sized skirt. Remember if your image is directional to do the mirror image before you cut. Place the vinyl plastic side DOWN on the cutting mat and use the vinyl or kiss cut setting. Weed images and cut apart.
  6. Arrange vinyl with the plastic side up on the band and hold iron for 5-10 seconds on each image repeating as necessary until fully attached. Repeat for all images.
  7. Pull off the protective plastic covering. Lay a piece of fabric on top of each image and press through the fabric one more time.
  8. String the elastic in the casing and sew shut and you’re good to go.

Bug Skirt Tutorial Ubooly-012s

Ubooly Toy Skirt Tutorial

Bug Skirt Tutorial for the Ubooly Interactive Toy - Rae Gun Ramblings

What You Need

  • 4 Skirt panel pieces each 4″x7″
  • Cricut Iron-on Vinyl
  • Cricut Cutting Machine (my images are from the Garden Soup and the Live Simply cartridges)
  • Elastic (I used 13″ of 1/4 inch elastic for the Ubooly)

What to Do

  1. Sew panels together along the 4″ sides to form a tube.
  2. Hem the bottom and make a top casing.
  3. Cut images out on the Cricut (the bugs were about 1 inch tall for the mini skirt). Weed and cut apart.
  4. Iron the vinyl on to the skirt as described above.
  5. String and sew in the elastic waist band and you’re good to go.

Use the Cricut to make a cute bug skirt for the Ubooly interactive toy - Rae Gun Ramblings

I’m excited to have the girls make their own skirts. I love how the Cricut Craft room has so many images so we can use the same basic easy technique but with different fabrics and images they can have very different looking skirts that are totally personalized. Who want’s to bet that T makes herself a super hero one and the L goes for something princess-y?

bug skirt tutorial for the kid and the creature - Rae Gun Ramblings

I love how Summery this turned out. I may have to ahem make myself one. Do you think it would work on an adult?

Cute and easy bug skirt tutorial for girls and stuffed animals - Rae Gun Ramblings

My Awesome Cinderella Dress Tute AKA Cricut T-Shirt Fashion Challenge AKA Day 1 KCW

I’m joining in on Kids Clothes Week. Go to their page to learn more and join in but the main idea is that you work on kids clothes for an hour every day for 7 days. Since I have a baby birthday to go to and some new Rae Gun designs I decided I definitely wanted to do it this round! I’ll be sharing my progress on Instagram so wish me luck!

My first creation is a part of another challenge. Remember how I told you that Cricut is now making iron-on vinyl? Well they challenged some of us bloggers to “make something wearable” from white T-shirts and iron-on vinyl. We were each given a few sheets of vinyl and up to 10 T-shirts (whatever size we requested I just used 1 size 3XL shirt for this project).

After seeing Cricut’s Disney Happily Ever After cartridge and all it’s awesome princess related designs I decided I wanted to make a Cinderella dress.

To make your own you’ll need:

  • 3XL shirt (a regular XL would probably have worked, I think the 3XL could get up to a size 6 or so)
  • 1/2 yard Colored fabric
  • Iron-On Vinyl in coordinating colors

To start off I first cut a skirt piece from the T-shirt. I cut a straight line from the shirt and voila. Then  I cut along the sleeve seams and opened the shirt up flat. I folded the front down the middle and used a trusty bodice pattern and cut the front piece then repeated with the back and the back bodice piece. I cut both on the fold. Since the T-shirt is stretchy it will just slip over her head. Then I cut 2 sleeve pieces (I just used a poofy sleeve from a random pattern) from the color and the shirt (on the sleeve part). And for the sash I cut a 5 inch strip the length of the fabric (so it was 44″ X 5″).

Next I put in an inset Peter Pan collar on the front bodice piece. I didn’t have a patter for this so I made one. I free handed a shape that I thought looked like the right size and then cut 4 out with a generous seam allowance. Then I sewed the outside of the curve and snipped to the sewing line to help it lay flat. Next I ironed it. Then I cut along the collar about 1 inch from the edge and pinned my collar pieces. Then I sewed back on the piece of the bodice I cut off so the collar was sandwiched between the white pieces. Finally I understitched the seam down (i.e. folded the seam towards the bottom edge and then sewed along the top (under the collar)). Now the front bodice piece is done.

Start by sewing the shoulder seams of the bodice from to the bodice back (right sides together). To make the sleeves see my princess sleeve tutorial. But really fast I slit the sleeve pieces sewed them together, and then sewed them to the shirt. Next gather up the skirt. I used my favorite gathering techinique but you can do it however you want. Then attach the bodice to the skirt by sewing them right sides together. And the dress is done. To make the sash fold the strip in half length-wise and see. After you right side out that strip tuck the edges in and sew. And you’re done with the basic shape.

Now comes the fun part. Play around on Cricut Craft Room or flip through your cartridge books and find designs you want to use. All of mine came from the Disney Happily Ever After Cartridge. Cut the vinyl out. Remember to mirror flip your images before you start cutting! Then just weed the design and iron it on. If you’ve never used iron on vinyl before see my vinyl tutorial.

L really liked how her dress came out and her sister was telling me exactly how she wanted hers to be ;) I think it’s pretty cute and I didn’t get a picture but I actually really liked the look of the top without poofy sleeves. I think I might make myself a Peter Pan tank top.

Also be sure to check in over at Cricut at the end of the week to see all the other fun creations that are a part of this Fashion show challenge.

Night Circus Book Lover Pillowcase Tutorial


I have been wanting to make some book nerd pillows to have when the book club comes over but I kept on putting it off. Luckily I had the chance to try out Cricut‘s brand new iron-on vinyl and it was the perfect chance to finally make my book  lover pillowcase.

First off you know how I’m obsessed with freezer-paper stenciling, well this vinyl stuff gets what I like about that technique only it involves way fewer steps so it’s faster and easier. Also it’s more precise. Unlike with painting where it’s so easy for the paint to slip through the stencil and just look a little off the vinyl always looks perfect. Really I am so obsessed with the stuff it’s definitely a new favorite staple in my craft room.

I decided to use it to make a few pillowcases. My favorite is the one that reminds me of one of my most loved books, The Night Circus. It’s such a beautiful elegant story and there’s a lot of black and white imagery throughout the tale.

To make you’re own you’ll need:

  • Iron-on vinyl
  • 1/2 yard pillow base fabric (mine is gray)
  • 1/4 yard accent fabric (or a strip 3″ X 2 yards)
  • 2 yards eyelet lace
  • 2 yards velvet ribbon

First cut the image out of the iron-on vinyl. I used my Cricut that I got around Christmas and I really like how it works with the online Cricut craft room All I had to do was search books and it pulled up the reader image from A Child’s Year cartridge (my favorite Cricut cartridge actually).   The vinyl comes with a protective plastic over it and you want the plastic (shinny) side to go down and the vinyl (matte) side to be up on the mat. After you cut the image set it aside.

My pillows are 17″ squares so I’m going to do the measurements based on that. If you want to make a different size pillow case you can change the measurements. See my basic pillow case tutorial and that will give you an idea on how to manipulate that.

I used a piece of fabric 17″ by 38″. From that I cut a 17″ square. I cut the remaining piece in half leaving me with a piece 17″X17″ and two pieces that were each 15.5X17.

Take the square piece and your accent fabric. Make a 2 yard by 3 inch strip of fabric out of your accent fabric. Lay the accent fabric around the edge of the pillow folding and tucking under when you come to the corners. Pin as needed.

Next cut your lace into 4 strips that will fit under the edge of the accent fabric I did mine about 11 inches long. Tuck the lace under the accent fabric and pin.

Next pin the ribbon on top of the edge of the accent fabric. You want to use the ribbon to seal in the edge of the fabric so there is nothing to unravel. At the corners leave loops of extra ribbon about 1.5 inches long (folded). Sew down both edges of the ribbon making sure to leave the loops. (In the pictures you’ll see I did this after the iron on but I think it’s better to do it before then your pins won’t get bumped)

Next push down the loops so they are folded with equal amounts on both sides of the fold. Using a zig zag stitch to catch both folded  sides sew down the middle of the ribbon. This makes the cute bow accent.

Now take your vinyl cut-out and with the shinny side up position it on your pillow. Using a scrap piece of fabric on top of the vinyl, iron down by pressing and holding for 30 seconds until all parts of the cut-out are affixed. Then flip the pillow over and repeat the 30 seconds ironing on the back side.

To finish the pillow first finish one of the 17″ long edges of each back piece. I did this by serging and then folding down and making a hem. (In the picture I only did the flap that would be out of the pillow and used the selvage edge on the inside but you can finish both sides just as easily)

Then lay the back pieces on the square front piece right sides together and pin. There should be a decent amount of overlap with the back pieces this forms the “pocket” of the pillow. Sew all four edges. Then flip the pillow right side out and iron the edges and stuff with a pillow form. And now you have a sweet book lover pillowcase.

Fun right?

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