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Make Your Own Swaddling Blankets

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  • Cut your fabric so that it is a square 40×40 inches or larger. I used flannel from Jo-Ann Fabrics because it’s cozy, wallet friendly, and comes in lots of get prints. Most of mine were 42 inches wide so I had them cut each piece to 42 inches so it would make a square. But if it was 44 inches I had it cut to 44. Also some weren’t quite enough so I have a couple that are 42 x 40 and they still work great.
  • Next finish the edges. I used a rolled edge on my serger but you could use any overcast stitch on your sewing machine or even a zig zag. you just want something that will prevent the edges from unraveling.
  • Finally fray check the corners so that they stay in tact.
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