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How fun a wand holster to carry your harry potter wands. Great sewing tutorial and how to make DIY wands too.

Harry Potter Wand Holster Tutorial

How fun Harry Potter inspired wand holster tutorial. Such a fun unique gift idea for any potterhead. And you have to see the cutest baby harry potter ever!
Keyword: Harry Potter, Hogwarts, sewing, tutorial


  • Holster Fabric
  • Strap Fabric – adults will need two strips of 3″x44″ fabric one strip for the kid size.
  • Small Zipper optional
  • D- Ring optional
  • Snaps optional


  • Cut your fabric out. You can see the general shape I used. I meant to make a free pattern but I totally forgot. I will update this post with a pattern that can be downloaded if you want to save it or pin it and check back later.
  • Make the straps. For the adult size sew the short ends together. Iron your strap fabric in half (so it’s skinnier) and sew down the length. Turn right side out and iron.
  • Make the Wand Pocket. The wand pocket fabric should be about 3″x 7″ depending on your wand length. Do the same as you did for the strap.
  • Tuck in one side of the wand pocket tube and sew closed. Position on the holder piece and sew down along both sides. Make sure it’s just one layer of fabric NOT folded.
  • Open both holster pieces and with right sides together sew across the V to connect them at the bottom edge.
  • Mark where your zipper should go and then with right sides together sew the the raw side edges closed of the non- zipper and and up to where the bottom of the zipper will go. You do want to leave the top edges open. (If you want to skip the zipper just sew it all and leave the top openings.)
  • Sew in the zipper.
  • Turn right side out and tuck under the top edges on both sides.
  • Cut off 3 inches from your strap, loop it through the D ring and tuck it into one opening. Sew closed. (If you are making a fitted strap you can skip the D ring and just sew a strap that is the correct length tucking in top openings)
  • Sew the raw side of the other strap in the other opening. At this point you can use a safety pin to make your strap adjustable or put in snaps. Just mark where you want your snaps and add them.



I wanted mine to be adjustable and have a zipper pocket so that makes things a little more complicated. BUT you could leave out the zipper and just make your strap the right size for the wearer or even use a safety pin instead of snaps and that would save some work.
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