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Great sewing tutorial so easy to adjust for different sizes. The kid loves this knit skirt and I love that it was an easy sew in less than 30 minutes.

Easy Knit Skirt Tutorial

You will love this easy knit skirt tutorial. It comes together in less than 30 minutes and is comfy and cute. Free pattern and how to make it fit all sizes.


  • 2 inch elastic I cut 22″ x 2″
  • Knit Skirt Fabric I cut 12″ tall by 60″ wide
  • Knit Band Fabric 4.5″ by the length of your elastic I cut 4.5″ X 22″ You can skip the band fabric but I think it gives it a more clean look.


  • Sew or serge the short ends of your main fabric right sides together to form a tube.
  • Do the same for the band fabric.
  • Overlap the elastic and sew down using a zig zag stitch to form a tube.
  • Gather the top edge of the main fabric tube. I found this cheater serger gathering trick works great for this.
  • Fold the band fabric around the elastic so it’s like a sandwich tube.
  • Line up the raw edges of the band (so 3 layers fabric elastic fabric) with the right side of the gathered edge of the skirt and make sure the fabric is gathered but not all the way flush with the elastic you want it 4-6 inches wider than the elastic (or really a little bit wider than the wearer’s hips).
  • Serge the band to the skirt stretching the elastic as you go. It’s a bit awkward especially on a kids item since the 2 inch elastic tends to be tight but just go slow and stop and readjust as needed.
  • And you are done!


Elastic Waist Measurement: unstretched, for this almost 8 year old (she wears size 7/8) I used 22 inches and when sewn it ends up being about 21 inches around when not stretched.
Skirt Length Measurement: we wanted a fun cheerleader skirt feel so it’s a little on the short size but this skirt I cut the fabric 12 inches the full 60″ length of the fabric (if your fabric is only 54″ that should work fine too if you’re making it an adult size you might want to add some width but maybe not just wrap it around yourself and see if you like the fullness). You will lose about 1/2 inch in length sewing. I left the bottom edge unsewn but if you want to hem it add in some extra length for that. This is my favorite way to hem knits if you’re curious about that.
30 Minute Knit skirt tutorial. So cute but comfy too. Made this and the kiddo loves it. Will sew more!
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