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Grease Lightning Nails Tutorial

So fun lots of Grease recipes and tutorials including step by step instructions for making Grease Lightning nails for a fun manicure.
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Nail Stamping Basics

  • Base Coat
  • Top Coat needs to be stamping friendly
  • Nail Polish
  • Stamping Polish
  • Scraper you can use an old gift card but I love this little one
  • Stamping Plates
  • Stamper this is my favorite
  • Clean up stuff: nail polish remover for the plate and scraper, tape (for the stamper), clean up pen or brush (for your fingers)
  • Step by step instructions for how to stamp nails. Plus the cutest grease lightning inspired manicure


  • I like to plan out my nails when I’m not doing all the same thing. That way I know what color goes down first and it makes it easier to do the same color at a time.
  • If using a base coat (which will make it last longer and I like this base coat) start with that.
  • Then paint the base color of each nail how every many coats to your liking. I usually do 2.
  • Now prep your station for stamping. Have all your supplies out including a cotton pad with acetone or nail polish remover on it ready to go.
  • Using STAMPING POLISH put a coat on your stamping plate. With a 45 degree angle swipe off excess polish. This will take practice to get the right feel don’t be discouraged if you have to do it a few times. Even now I have to do some a couple times. In the beginning it will take more than a couple.
  • With a rolling motion (as opposed to a press and smoosh) roll the stamper over the stamping plate so that it picks up the polish. These steps should move fast.
  • Then with the same motion roll and press onto your nail to transfer the polish to your nail.
  • Repeat with all designs.
  • Use a clean up pen or brush with acetone to remove any bits that go on your skin.
  • Use a stamping friendly top coat (I like this top coat for stamping).
  • If desired you can add another top coat for extra protection (any top coat is fine at this step) just make sure to wait until the first is dry.
  • I like to use a polish hardener to speed up the drying on my very last coat.
  • Admire your nails and send me a picture ;)
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