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Adorable DIY christmas handkerchief scarf tutorial

10 Minute Holiday Handkerchief Scarf Tutorial

A fun festive project perfect for boys and girls a lite. This 10 Minute holiday handkerchief scarf tutorial is fast, easy, and adorable.


  • Christmas fabric 10X20 inches make sure the design is facing the right way when your piece has the 10 inches vertically and the 20 inches horizontally
  • Fleece or some other warm fabric 10×20 inches
  • Button


  • Fold your fabric in half so you have two 10×10 squares. Cut the edge diagonally so that you have two triangles that are 10 inches tall (the point will be in the center) and 20 inches wide on the top edge. If you’re using a larger print or one with a direction make sure to have your fabric with the point pointed down. And feel free to shift how you cut your fabric initially to get the best placement of your design. You want most of the action to be in the bottom half of the triangle (I wish mine was just a tiny bit lower).
  • With right sides together sew your Christmas fabric to your fleece leaving about an inch space to turn your scarf right side out. I like to leave my space in the middle of one of the straight edges.
  • Turn right side out. I find a loop turner is super helpful for this task but you can do this many different ways. If you aren’t familiar with a loop turner it’s like a magic wand for sew-ers you can see it in action here.
  • Iron.
  • Top stitch around all edges making sure the gap is folded under and sewn closed.
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