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Too cute! Pirate ship made from old diaper box. 30 minute DIY tutorial

30 Minute DIY Pirate Ship Tutorial

Such a cute idea for a pirate party or just play time. Easy upcycled DIY pirate ship tutorial


  • Diaper Box
  • Scissors ones you don’t care about since cardboard can dull them easily
  • Packaging Tape
  • Woodgrain Contact Paper
  • 1/2 Yard Black Fabric or paper
  • White Iron-on Vinyl or paper with glue or tape
  • Dowel
  • Box Cutter or exacto knife optional


  • Depending on the size of your diapers the box sizes vary. But position your box so that you have it as wide and flat as possible. For me using the Huggies Little Movers Size 4 Box that I picked up at Babies”R”Us this had me laying it on it’s face (or back). So I cut off the back. I used the exacto knife to start it but then changed over to my junky scissors.
  • Next tape any sides or flaps that need reinforcing.
  • Cut a piece of contact paper the size of the inside of your box. Lay in your box. The contact paper is so nice since you can easily reposition it.
  • Next cut your contact paper so that you can wrap it around the sides and inner sides of the box. For my Huggies box the contact paper fit perfect when folded in half lengthwise. All I had to do was wrap it around and then cut a slit on the inside when I fold it it down. But even if you have some gaps you can easily apply more contact paper. I liked folding the contact paper over the top edge since that made sure there wasn’t any potentially sharp or scratchy cut cardboard edge exposed.
  • Now make your flag. I cut 1/2 yard of black fabric into 2 triangles but you can easily just use one layer of fabric or even paper. But my little guy needs durability haha.
  • Next I sewed around all the sides leaving a 1 inch hole at the side bottom edge that will go on the dowel AKA the flag pole. Then I sewed straight up the perpendicular side to for a casing. This will be slid onto the dowel to display the flag.
  • I used my Cricut cutting machine to cut a iron-on vinyl skull and cross bones. Then I ironed it onto my flag. You could also just use paper and tape it onto your flag. Read my iron-on vinyl tutorial if you’re new to using the stuff.
  • Slide the flag onto the dowel.
  • Now make the flag holder by folding a small piece of packaging tape onto itself. Take another piece of tape and place the folded piece in the middle and then tape that into one of the bottom corners of the box. Repeat for the top corner. Now you should be able to slide your flag pole in and out!
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