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30 minute light weight washable DIY baby changing station

30 Minute Lightweight Baby Changing Station Tutorial

This changing station comes together in just 30 minutes and is lightweight. Plus, there's a pocket attached to hold all the diaper changing essentials!


  • Back Fabric I used a laminate since it’s easy to wipe down after using public bathrooms 18×27 inches
  • Front Fabric I used rip stop since it’s water resistant but PUL is a great choice too 18×27 inches
  • Pocket Flap same as back fabric 9×7 inches
  • Pocket Fabric same as back fabric 9×10 inches
  • 1 snap
  • wipes/diapers optional if you want to adjust your pocket size


  • Start by making your pocket flap. Fold the pocket flap piece right sides together so you have a rectangle that is 3.5×9 inches.
  • Sew up the side and clip the corners. Turn right side out.
  • Fold one of the 10 inch sides under a 1/2 inch and sew down.
  • Then lay the pocket with the unsewn side lined up with the center of the top edge of the back piece. Fold under the 10 inch unsewn side and the 9 inch side that is on NOT on the edge of the back piece. Sew along both edges of the pocket.
  • Position the pocket flap in the center of the pocket lining up the raw edges with the edge of the back piece.
  • Lay the rip stop on top of the back piece (on the right side, the pocket side). Sew around all the edges leaving a 3 inch hole.
  • Turn right side out and with the pocket flap open top stitch around all edges 1/4 inch closing up the hole.
  • Add your snap to both the pocket and the flap.
  • Fill with WaterWipes, a few diapers, and get ready to change some stinky baby bums ;)
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