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Darling DIY Mod Dress. Great easy sewing tutorial.

Marvelously Mod Dress Tutorial

Marvelously Mod Dress Tutorial cute DIY mod dress with easy to follow step by step instructions.


  • Basic Aline Dress pattern
  • Back Fabric
  • Front small fabric
  • Front large fabric
  • 3 pieces Bib fabric mine were 12×9 inches but this is flexible and it is totally a matter of preference
  • Button or zipper how ever your pattern has you or you want to close up the back


  • Start by cutting your pieces out. I used a basic Aline dress pattern. Instead of cutting on the fold I just cut my pattern a little off center as you can see for the large piece. Then I gave myself an extra 1/2 inch seam allowance and cut the remainder of the front piece from my other fabric remembering to add 1/2 inch for the seam.
  • Cut the back piece like normal.
  • Sew the front seam together so you have a normal front piece of your dress.
  • Set the dress pieces aside and make the bib ruffles. Fold each piece in half right sides together so that you have pieces 6×9 inches. And sew down each short side. Turn right side out and press.
  • Gather the top edge and finish. I used my cheater serger gathering technique which let me do that in one step but you can do use basting stitches and a zig zag or serger to if you like.
  • Next just put the dress together like normal. You can follow your pattern or if you want to do it just like I did, with right sides together sew the front piece to the back pieces at the shoulders.
  • Then serge around the neckline and arm holes, fold under and sew down.
  • With right sides together sew the side seams.
  • Position your ruffles on your dress front piece. I folded the gathered edge under and just sewed it right across where the top of the dress.
  • For the second and third ruffle under and just sewed a straight stitch right over my gathering stitches.
  • Finish the back (I just serge up about 2/3rds of the way and then serge the top 1/3 of each back piece separately fold them under and sew the edges under. I sew back and forth about right where the opening starts to reinforce things a bit. Then add a buttonhole to one side, sew a button and call it good) But you can finish the back however you like.
  • Finally hem the bottom edge and you’re good to go!
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