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15 Minute Binkie Clip Tutorial

A DIY binkie clip tutorial that baby can't pull off. Step by step instructions for 15 minute pacifier holder.


  • 16-20 inches of ribbon if your ribbon is cute on both sides you only need half that
  • Suspender Clip I used this kind
  • 1 Snap you can use sew on kind on clamp kind like I did


  • Thread your ribbon through your suspender clip so that it is folded almost in half wrong sides together with 2 inches hanging over on one end.
  • Tuck that end under and fold over the other raw edge enclosing and pin.
  • Sew that end down.
  • Sew a stitch along the edge of the suspender clip.
  • Pin the two layers of ribbon together and sew down both sides.
  • Now add the snaps to the other end and you’re good to go!


Note that my ribbon has a pretty front and a messy back so I needed to fold my ribbon in half. If your ribbon is nice on both sides you won’t need it folded over just fold the ends and sew instead if you want to use less ribbon.
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