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Cute Pocket tutorial! The attached bird can hide in the pocket and slide out - Rae Gun Ramblings.com

Pop Up Bird Pocket Tutorial

Add a cute and fun twist to your next pair of pants with this Pop Up Bird Pocket Tutorial
Keyword: fashion, sewing, tutorial


  • Bird body fabric
  • Bird wing fabric
  • Yellow thread for the beak
  • Scrap of grosgrain ribbon
  • Fabric that matches the body of the pants
  • Pants to sew with Outside pockets


  • Cut two body pieces out and sew right sides together leaving a small gap to turn it near the top where the wing will cover.
  • Cut two wing pieces and sew right sides together leaving a small gap to turn on the rounded edge where it will be sewn to the body of the bird.
  • Clip to the sewing line around the curves
  • Turn both right side out and press.
  • Sew on a beak using your wide tight zig zag stitch. Every few stitches reduce the stitch length so it narrows into a point.
  • Position the wing and sew on around the curve.
  • Sew on two black beads for eyes

How to Make a Pop-Up Pocket

  • Cut a small piece of ribbon about the length of the wing. Seal the edges by running it along a flame
  • Sew the piece of ribbon under the wing at the ends.
  • Make a long tube out of the same fabric as your pants fabric. Turn right side out and press tucking in the ends. You’ll want your strip to extend 3-4 inches out of your pocket. The width of your tube should be about 1/4 inch.
  • Next position the pockets where they will go on your pants. Lay the tube down so that most of it will be in the pocket and 3-4 inches extend out of it.
  • Sew the bottom edge of the tube down.
  • Thread the bird onto the tube and sew the top edge down (unless this needs to be sewn on a part of the pant that is not finished yet).
  • Continue putting together your pants according to your pattern.
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