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Super cute and easy glow in the dark trick or treat bag tutorial - Rae Gun Ramblings

Glow In the Dark Trick-or-Treat Bag Tutorial

Great DIY Glow in the Dark. Make your own Bat wing shoe wings and glow in the dark trick-or-treat bag!


  • 18 X22 inch piece of fabric for the bag
  • 5 X44 inch piece of fabric for the strap cut into a piece 1 X5 inches and 43×5 inches
  • Tulip Glow-in-the-Dark and/or Black Light Paint


  • Fold your main fabric right sides together and sew one short side and one long side.
  • Fold the raw edge under 2 inches and iron.
  • Turn right side out and iron.
  • Fold the ends of your small piece under and pin to one side of your bag (this is your strap loop). Sew down.
  • Pin the unsewn edge of the strap to the inside of your bag and sew around hemming the top of your bag while tacking down the strap.
  • Take your small piece and fold in halve and sew the long edge. Turn right side out and iron.
  • Fold your strap in half lengthwise and sew one short edge and the long edge.
  • Thread your strap through the loop and tie.
  • Use Tulip glow paint to accent your bag and allow to dry fully.
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