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How to Make a Princess Jasmine or Genie Costume - Rae Gun Ramblings


Princess Jasmine Costume Tutorial tips for making your own pattern so you can make any size. Also works as a Genie costume.


  • Shinny fabric I like Jo-Ann’s Casa Collection, don’t by costume satin it’s awful to sew with and won’t hold up
  • Lining fabric I just used broadcloth
  • Thin gold trim mine is about 1 inch for the headband and the front bodice piece
  • Thick gold trim for the bottom of the shirt
  • Sheer fabric about 1/4 yard
  • A shirt that slips on without needing to be stretched for a pattern or basic bodice pattern pieces
  • Gold Buttons for the back


  • Make your pattern by folding your shirt in half at the center front trace around giving yourself a half inch seam allowance. Repeat for the back.
  • Cut out a front bodice piece and back 2 bodice pieces out of the shinny fabric and the lining. The front piece should be cut on the fold.
  • With right sides together sew the bodice shinny pieces together at the shoulders. Repeat for the lining.
  • With right sides together sew the shinny fabric to the lining around the neck and armholes.
  • Flip right side out and iron.
  • Sew the side seams by opening up the pieces and placing them right sides together and sewing down the line. You should have a basic top with the back open.
  • Finish the bottom edge of the shirt so it doesn’t unravel either with a zig zag stitch or serger.
  • Sew on your wide trim to the bottom of the shirt with a zig zag or 3 step zig zag stitch.
  • Sew the back together leaving about 6 inches open at the top.
  • Cut your sheer fabric 5 inches by the length of the fabric. Fold in half lengthwise and sew so it’s a long strap. Turn right side out. Pin in place on your bodice and cut any excess off. you want it to fit loosely around. Sew a small piece of gold trim to hold the “sleeve” pieces to the center front of the boddice.
  • Fold the left side of the back piece under 1/2 an inch and sew. Top with buttonholes.
  • Fold the right side under and sew. Top with buttons.
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