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Frozen Anna Tutorial - Rae Gun Ramblings


Baby Frozen Anna Costume Tutorial. Step by step tutorial that can be used to make an Anna costume in an size.



  • Make yourself a bodice pattern by tracing around a loose fitting shirt. Make sure to add a cup inches at the shoulders (baby size I added 2 inches you’ll want more for larger sizes since this will determine how gathered it is. Make the sweetheart pattern piece by drawing a curve on your bodice piece so it’s the write shape.
  • Cut out your pattern pieces for the top on the fold. You want 2 pieces (one will be the front the other will be the back). For the black also cutting on the fold you need two pieces. The skirt piece is just a big triangle. You’ll want it the length of your desired skirt plus 1-2 inches for seam allowances and hemming by 44 inches for a baby (for an elementary kid I’d do 44 or if you want it really full do 88 inches). Cut the skirt piece so that you have a front and back
  • Sew the black pieces together along the top and bottom leaving the short edges open. Snip to the sewing line and turn right side out. Iron.
  • Sew the bodice pieces right sides together at the shoulders.
  • Finish the neck and sleeve edges. I did this with a rolled hem on my serger you can also just do a narrow hem.
  • Next sew in 1/8 inch elastic around the neck and the arms. Cut your elastic to what wide you want your neck (or arm holes) then zig zag the elastic in place about 1/2 an inch from the edge using a zig zag stitch and stretching the elastic as you go.
  • Gather the top edge of the skirt.
  • Pin the skirt and bodice right sides together and sew.
  • Next pin the black piece in place and lay the gold rick rack on and sew the gold rick rack on. This will attach the rick rack while also attaching the black piece.
  • Make your “applique” embellishments out of iron on vinyl. I just cut one design of pink and one of green on my Cricut and substituted the parts I wanted of the right color. And iron into place. If you’re new to iron-on vinyl it’s my favorite and here’s a great how to post about it.
  • With right sides together sew down the underarm and side seams.
  • Hem the skirt.
  • If your waist is big enough you should be able to slip this over the your Anna’s head. So if you want make a point to make sure it’s big enough. If you want a more fitted look you can cut down the center back of the dress (I know it’s scary) and insert a zipper. This is what I did. You’ll want to cut from the neck line to a few inches into the skirt.
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