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How to make a rainbow dress in just 1 hour - Rae Gun Ramblings

Rainbow Princess Dress Tutorial

Use this Rainbow Princess Dress Tutorial and get a super cute dress in just an hour.
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  • Tank Top
  • Fabric for sleeves about 5X10 inches for each color
  • 1 Yard Top Skirt Fabric My skirt length is 22 inches so 1 yard works if your need it longer than your fabric folded in half get 2 yards
  • 1 Yard Bottom same as above


  • Measure how long you want the bodice to be and then add 1 inch for sewing and cut your tank top to that length.
  • Cut your self some sleeve pieces. Mine are 10 inches long and then I curve one side. I wanted two layers of sleeves so I have the width on the two layer more shallow than the bottom ones.
  • Finish the straight edge of the sleeve pieces. I did this by doing a rolled hem on my serger but you can just do a narrow hem.
  • Gather the sleeves along the curved edge. I like to layer the two sleeve pieces and then gather them up as if they are one piece.
  • Next using a stitch that can give a a little, like a 3-step zig zag sew the sleeves onto the tank top.
  • To make the skirt measure how long you want it and trim the fabric to that length. Mine is 22 inches so I just cut along the fold for how the fabric came on the bolt. So for each skirt layer I have two 1 yard by 22 inch pieces.
  • Sew the short ends together.
  • For the top skirt cut the bottom edge off in an angle. Lay it over the bottom piece and see if you want to cut any more.
  • Hem the skirt. I used a serger to do a rolled edge but you can use any hem you prefer.
  • Now layer the two skirt pieces on top of each other and finish the edges with either an overlock stitch or zig zag.
  • Treat both layers as one and gather the skirt. This is my favorite gathering technique.
  • With right sides together pin the skirt to the bodice and sew to attach.
  • Turn right side out and you’re good to go!
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