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How to make a tulle circle skirt in just 30 minutes - Rae Gun Ramblings

Tulle Skirt Tutorial

Quick and Easy Tulle Skirt Tutorial. Super darling and very inexpensive skirt for parties or as part of a costume


  • For most adult sized skirts you’ll need 6 yards of 58″ tulle.
  • You’ll also need enough elastic to go around your waist and about a yard of lining fabric.
  • Make sure that your lining fabric is not see-through.


  • Keep your tulle folded in half width-wise (like how it comes from the fabric store. Fold it into 1.5 yard sections so that you can cut out 4 circles at once.
  • Pin a curve to mark your quarter circle cutting line. It doesn’t have to be perfect but I’ve found this to be easier than trying to find something that will write on the tulle and faster than making a pattern.
  • Measure around your waist and divide it by 3.14 and then again by 2 to get the radius of your waist. Cut out a curve on the top part (this is the waist part) like the 3rd picture.
  • Cut your elastic a couple inches shorter than your waist and sew into a circle.
  • Pin all four layers of tulle to your elastic stretching the elastic a little.
  • Using a zig zag (or three point zig zag stitch) sew the tulle down to the elastic. Make sure to pull the elastic a little while you sew it on so it will fit over your hips easily.
  • next sew your lining into a tube. trim the length so that it is slightly shorter than the tulle. Finish the bottom edge either with a rolled edge on a serger or with a narrow hem on a sewing machine. Finish the top edge so it doesn’t unravel and run basting stitches.
  • Gather the lining to the elastic leaving some room to allow the elastic to stretch and sew it on under the tulle.
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