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Personalized Pencil Case


  • outer fabric 6″ x 25″
  • lining/flap fabric 6″ x 25″
  • Strap fabric 4″x 10″
  • sew on snap
  • rick rack 6″
  • Applique fabric
  • Heat bond


  • Make the strap by folding the strap fabric in half lengthwise and sewing down the long side.
  • Flip right side out the strap and iron.
  • Turn the main fabric and fold so that you have a few inches of the lining fabric hanging above the outer fabric and position the strap ends at the top of the outer fabric. You want the raw ends sticking out and the folded loop inside.
  • Sew down both sides starting at the flap edge leaving a hole to flip right side out on one of the sides.
  • Make the applique by ironing on heat bond onto your applique fabric. If you’ve never done that before check out my how to make an iron-on tutorial.
  • After you make your applique, fold the bag how it will be when finished, position the applique pieces and then iron down. The hold is supposed to be permanent but I like to top stitch them just to add a little extra detail.
  • Then fold the pouch so that one the fold hangs over sew up the sides (don’t catch the flap).
  • Sew on a snap and you’re done.


You can tweak the size of the pouch very easily making this perfect for all kinds of bags and gifts.
I like to cut my iron-ons out on my Cricut cutting machine but you can also do it with scissors. 
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