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How to make an ombre necklace at Rae Gun Ramblings


Learn how to make a fully customizable DIY statement necklace


  • Ribbon
  • Large Jump Rings
  • Small Jump Rings
  • 3 Small rhinestones
  • 3 Butterfly charms
  • White enamel
  • Enamel Activator
  • Decorative chain
  • Transparent Jewelry Thread
  • Crimps


  • Ombre DIY Statement JewelryStart by applying the enamel to the butterfly charms. You’ll want 1 part enamel to 2 parts activator. You only need a small amount. Using a toothpick mix well and then apply to charms. Let air dry up to48 hours until full set.
  • Make a Ombre DIY Statement Necklace and RingOnce the butterflies are ready, snip the loom off of one side of the rhinestone setting with wire cutters (you only need one loop). Then add a rhinestone to each setting and fold prongs down. I found the fatter part of the tweezer to work well for this job. Now take a small jump ring and attach the rhinestones to the bottom of two of the butterfly charms and to the third rhinestone but do not attach it to the butterfly.
  • Next string the beads onto the transparent thread. I just restrung them exactly as they were in the packaging since I wanted to keep the ombre look. Fold the end of the the thread to form and loop and fasten by flattening a crimp onto each end. Repeat on the other side and with the other string of beads. You should have two strings of beads with looks at each end. Put one end of both strands on a large jump ring. Repeat on the other side.
  • Cut three 3 inch sections of chain.
  • To the right side of the bead strings attach the butterfly charm that does not have a rhinestone on it and the loose rhinestone using a large jump ring. Using another small jump ring attach one segment of chain.
  • To the left side of the bead strands string one segment of cut chain through the jump ring you have attached. Using the small jump rings attach the butterflies (with attached rhinestones) to both ends of that chain.
  • Now still on the left side attach the remaining 3 inch segment of chain to the jump ring. And on both sides attach another large jump ring to the end of the chains. This is where you will attach the ribbon.
  • Cut two 17 inch pieces of ribbon and run the ends over a flame to prevent unraveling. String the ends of the ribbon through the jump rings, sew down and you’re done.
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