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Penny Necklace Tutorial



  • First you want to put holes in your pennies I just drilled them in with a regular drill. Easy. Then add jump rings to the pennies. Make sure to separate the rings by pushing the sides parallel as opposed to just opening the circle.
  • To make the pendant you want to measure the size of your works image space. I used 2×4 pendants and the space was 1.75×0.75 inches so that’s the size I made my text. Scan your image, size it, and print it. Trim along the edges. Then glue the paper into the pendant. Let dry.
  • Then add a thin coat of dimensional magic. This will give it a glassy resin like finish (I’ve said it before but this is my absolute favorite craft product). Let dry for a few hours (I just do it overnight).
  • Attach the pennies to the pendant with jump rings and string on a chain and you are good to go!
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