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dauntless train necklace

Shrinky Dink Pendant Necklace

How to transform any image you like into a totally awesome pendant. Use that pendant to create customized necklaces.


  • To make your own pendant first find (or make) an image you like. It will shrink to about 1/3 of the original size. If you want to make your own Dauntless train necklace, you can find the image I used here.
  • They do make shrinky dink paper that you can print on but I used the regular stuff and it printed fine (not perfect mind you but good enough for my liking). Draw or print onto the rough side of the shrinky dink paper.
  • Partially trim around your image leaving a large margin around the area where you want the pendant to hang from. Punch a hole then trim leaving a generous margin around the hole.
  • Bake in the oven on a cookie sheet lined with a brown paper bag at 325 F for about 3 minutes (I had to bake it a bit longer I could tell it was still shrinking). It will go all crazy on you and sometimes it looks like it’s going to fold onto itself but then somehow it uncurls and goes back to normal. Let cool for 30 secons and use a clean spatula to remove. If you want you can press your creation with a potholder or the spatula if it needs to be flattened.
  • After it’s completely cool paint a bit of mod podge to the back to seal the ink.
  • Add a jump ring, chain, and any other accessories (like ribbon) and you’re done.
  • Wear with pride!
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