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Team Pride Hair Clip Tutorial

make some cute hair clippies to wear while cheering on your favorite team
Keyword: accessories, hair, sewing, tutorial


  • felt mine was yellow
  • scraps of fabric I used green and white
  • small pieces of Ultra Heavy Heat Bond.


  • First make yourself a stencil based on your team’s logo.
  • Then make yourself some iron on fabric by ironing the heat bond to your scraps. You can do this on a cutting machine or by hand cutting out your fabric. If you don’t have a cutting machine that can cut images you make just trace the stencil onto the paper side of the iron-on fabric. Make sure to flip the image though so that when you look at the right side of the fabric it will be facing the right way. Repeat with your various colors.
  • Remove the paper backing and layer your different fabrics on top of a piece of felt. Iron. Then cut your felt to the right shape.
  • Cut a small piece of felt and weave it in the hair pin. Then with a hot glue gun put some glue on the felt and the top side of the hair pin and glue it to the back of your logo piece. Let cool
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