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fabric on sewing machine

Fast and Easy Scrappy Fabric Headband

Make an awesome scrappy fabric headband perfect for summer and using up scraps from old projects.
Keyword: accessories, craft, hair, sewing, tutorial


  • Headband and Leaves Pattern download for FREE
  • Scrap Fabric (headband piece needs long length about 2″ x 44″
  • Scrap Fabric for Flower and Leaves


  • Tear or cut headband base. I like mine to be 2 inches wide or a little less by 44 inches long.
  • Cut out leaf pieces according to pattern.
  • Round ends of headband base. The pattern has a cutting guide for this.
  • Sew around edges of headband base.
  • Position leave pieces. I like mine to be slightly off center since I don’t want the flower to be smack on top of my head. Check in the mirror and adjust as needed.
  • Sew on leave pieces.
  • Form flower piece by twisting and folding fabric until you achieve your desired look. On the polka dot one I twisted more and on the solid one I folded more.
  • Pin flower.
  • Sew flower on. You can randomly sew if you want but I liked the results best when I sewed in a sort of spiral motion.
  • And your done. Super easy right?
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