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girl with stuffing hat


  • Hat
  • Poly-fil stuffing
  • Gray Spray Paint
  • Twinkle Lights battery pack kind
  • Shimmery Silver fabric
  • Gray Ribbon
  • Gray pants and top to wear under the costume
  • Gray fabric - small piece enough to make a pocket for the battery pack


  • Start by making a pouch for your battery pack for the twinkle lights. I just took a scrap of fabric folded it around the battery pack and sewed it closed. I did this because I didn't want to glue the battery pack onto the hat. I wanted to be able to take the lights off the costume to use for something else when we were done. But you could totally just glue the battery pack on!
  • Fluff out some poly-fil and start hot gluing to the hat. Make sure to leave a space to put your battery pack in later. I waited to add the lights because I didn't want to spray paint them. Add and adjust until you like how it looks.
  • Sew or glue the battery pack pouch onto the hat. I just lifted up some of the stuffing and shoved it in.
  • If your hat is a weave like mine is you can thread your ribbon through at this point. This is the ribbon that will hold the hat in position. Otherwise you can sew some to the underneath part of the hat later. With all the batting and battery pack this is a step I don't recommend skipping since it helps to keep the hat on and in place.
  • Cover the lights. I just used a sandwich bag.
  • Spray with some gray spray paint and allow to dry.
  • Try the hat on and arrange the lights.
  • With some scraps of your tunic fabric (or really any gray or silver fabric) cut raindrops. Sew them onto strips of ribbon and sew to the underside of the hat.


You want a piece of fabric that when folded in half goes from the shoulders of your cloud person to wherever you want it to hit so say the hips or so.
With the fabric folded cut a slit in the middle of the fabric going parallel to the short side fo the fabric to make an opening for the head. 
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