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My new go to shirt. 1 hour free sewing pattern. Great basic women's tee.

One Hour Tee - Free Pattern

These one hour tees are my favorite shirts love this quick and easy free women's shirt sewing pattern. Easy sew and really versatile.
1 hour
Keyword: craft, sewing, tutorial



  • Print out the pattern and tape the pattern pieces together by matching the top edge of the paper to the line on the paper above as pictured above. Cut your fabric out.
  • Place the front piece on the back piece with right sides together matching up the shoulders and serge or sew with a stretch stitch the shoulders with a 1/2 inch seam allowance.
  • Serge or sew the side seams.
  • Iron the neck like and sleeve edges under 1/2 inches. Pin if necessary.
  • Iron the hem of the shirt under 1 1/2 inches. Pin if necessary.
  • Hem the sleeves and the shirt hem using a twin needle and woolly nylon. If you’ve never done this see my step by step how to hem knits tutorial.


It really is a very versatile silhouette and can give you a totally different look depending on what fabric you use! I think I’m going to try to make a version out of a fancy sequined knit next!
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