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DIY Bat Girl costume - Rae Gun Ramblings

Quick and Easy Bat Girl Cape Tutorial

Bat Girl Cape Tutorial and a super easy method for how to add bat or cat ears to any hood!
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  • Cape Fabric I used corduroy
  • Wing Lining Fabric I used fleece
  • Bottom Lining Fabric (I used broadcloth
  • Button
  • Ribbon or fabric to make button loop
  • Some scraps of the cape fabric for ears you’ll have plenty after cutting out the cape
  • How to make a bat wing cape - Rae Gun Ramblings


Bat Wing Cape Lining

  • Follow the directions to cut out the cape pieces. When you have the lining cut out. cut some small curves out of the bottom edge to make bat wing shapes.
  • Next lay your cape on top of your bottom lining fabric and cut a piece out to complete what you just cut out. Basically you’re putting the lining back together so that it is the same shape as the outer piece.
  • Pin the wing piece on top of the bottom lining and sew down. Since it’s fleece you don’t need to finish the edges. Now the lining piece should be the same size as the outer cape piece.

Bat or Cat Ears Tutorial

  • Next sew the outer fabric hood pieces together as directed.
  • Cut 4 triangle pieces out to form ears. With right sides together sew two triangles to each other. Repeat with the other pieces. Turn right side out and iron.
  • Try your hood on and mark where you think the ears should go.
  • lay the hood piece on your cutting table with wrong sides together. Position the ears and make a slit using a rotary cutter just a tin bit bigger than the edge of the ear. You want the slit to go through both sides so they are positioned evenly.
  • Slide an ear piece into each hole and pin. Fold over and sew closed catching the two hood layers and the ear layers. Trim off any ear pieces sticking out on the underside of the hood. This is the same method I used to make Teddy’s Bear Hooded vest.
  • Now continue putting the cape together as directed in the pattern.
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