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Great tips on how to carve poultry for speed and an attractive layout - Rae Gun Ramblings

Quick and Easy Guide to Chicken and Turkey Carving

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How to Carve Chicken or Turkey. Step by step instructions for getting a pretty presentation and making the most out of your poultry.


  • If your bird’s legs are tied or attached start by severing that attachment so the drumsticks are free.
  • Next slice on the inside edge of the thigh when you get to the bone join slide the tip of the knife in to pop the joint to detach the leg quarter (thigh and drumstick) in one pretty piece.
  • Next slide your knife on one side of the bone between the breast trying to keep it as close to the bone as possible. Slide it under the breast to detach in one solid piece.
  • If you want the breast sliced place it cut side down (skin up) and hold in place while slicing. Then slide your knife under all the sliced pieces to place so the pieces remain lined up.
  • Next pull the chicken wings away from the body and slide your knife to cut the attaching skin and pop the joint.
  • Use your finger to pull off any remaining meat if desired.
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