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Keep Calm and TruSt Your Parabati pouches perfect for celebrating the #cityofbones movie #themortalinstruments #yalit #tutorial - Rae Gun Ramblings

Keep Calm and Trust Your Parabatai Bag Tutorial

Just in time for the City of Bones movie learn how to make your own Keep Calm and Trust your parabatai bags
Keyword: craft, Cricut, Iron On, Movie, sewing, tutorial


  • Start by sewing folding the main fabric in half and sewing both sides.
  • Then finish the ends of the the casing by folding a small bit under on each short size and stitching a line.
  • Fold the casing fabric in half lengthwise so the nice side of the fabric is facing out. Pin the raw edge to the raw edge of the right side of the pouch and sew together.
  • Fold the casing up and you have the basic pouch. Just string in some ribbon and tie a knot.
  • To make the iron on I used Cricut craft room. I picked a basic font (just the basic cricut craft room one called Sans Serif) and I typed out my message paying attention to size it so that it would fit on my pouch. Then I flipped it so it was the mirror image. I laid some iron on vinyl onto my cutting mat plastic side down (vinyl side up) and I cut on the vinyl setting.
  • After I peeled away all the negative pieces of vinyl I laid my saying on the pouch and I iron it on by holding the iron for a few seconds in each spot and repeating until the vinyl became bonded to the fabric.
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