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Handmade Spaghetti & Meatballs Costume

A cute costume that is handmade for kids or adults.
Keyword: costume, Kids, sewing, tutorial


  • 1 long sleeved red t-shirt
  • 1 package of jumbo fat yarn I think there is a real name for it but I’m not sure what it’s really called.
  • 3 jumbo sized brown pom poms
  • Hot Glue and your glue gun


  • Lay your shirt out flat.
  • Cut randomly sized pieces of yarn. (I made some shorter that the shirt and some longer—but not long enough to be stepped on.)
  • Starting at the neckline run a bead of glue down where you would like to place your first piece of spaghetti.
  • Place the yarn on the glue and repeat as many times as needed until you have a full shirt of spaghetti.
  • Now add your meatballs with your glue gun as well.
  • Let cool and enjoy!
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