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Super Hero Mask Pattern and Tutorial

Super Hero Mask Pattern and Tutorial
Keyword: costume, Kids, sewing, tutorial



  • Print off pattern and cut out.
  • Trace onto felt. I like to use a fabric marker then I can just wet it in case there is any ink left after I cut everything out.
  • Cut out shape.
  • Measure cording. I held the mask up to a face and measured the cording that I’d need. It was a gift so I just did a tiny bit tighter than for an adult.
  • lay the end of the cording on the mask so that it goes towards the middle of the mask. Sew back and forth.
  • Then fold the cording as shown above to the opposite side so it is going in the other direction and sew back and forth going over both portions of the cording.
  • Repeat on the other side.
  • Hand to your resident super hero for hours of fun.
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