Customer Appreciation Pic: Memory Quilt from Sun Suit

Stacey over at Elle Belle Creations emailed me last week to let me know about this darling quilt she made for her daughter from a bunch of the little one’s outfits including one she ordered from me.

Each of those little blocks are pieces of outfits, with all different designs and textures. She used a section of ruffles from one of the rufflers that she bought from me and said that she’s saving another for her daughter to pass down to her own little ones. How cool is this project and how flattered do I feel to get to be apart of their family history in this neat way? Anyways check out the whole post with lots of pictures over here.

Customer Appreciation Pic: Polka Dot Princess

Check out this sweet customer appreciation pic I received. Isn’t she adorable? And how clever of her mama for embroidering her initials right on the bib of my cotton candy ruffler. I love it so much!

Customer Appreciation Pic: Loving the Color

I’m drooling over this awesome picture from Casey of Chasing Lilies Photography that she caught of a little one wearing one of my garden lover bottoms. How stunning are the colors. So gorgeous. As always if you have any pictures of your little ones in my gear I love seeing them!

Check out more of Casey’s photography here.

Customer Appreciation Pic: Hungry Caterpillar Party Girl

Hannah, a fellow etsian (Bonne Nouvelle) and wife of my grad school friend Tyler, purchased one of my Love Bird bottoms for their little daughter to wear at her 1st birthday party a couple weeks ago. Hannah went all out with a ridiculously adorable hungry caterpillar theme. Don’t you just love it? See the shin dig pics at her blog here. As always if you have any pictures of my goodies on your sweetie pies that you’d like to share send them on over I love every one!

Customer Appreciation Pic: Candy Cane Girl

The lovely of Meghan of  sent me these darling pictures of her little one wearing my candy cane bottoms. It’s too late to buy them for this year but they are one of my favorite things I’ve made still so I just wanted to share.

It is always so so fun getting pictures of little ones wearing my goodies! Makes me so happy. If you have some you haven’t sent over I’d love to see them. Also you can post them to the RaeGun Facebook page if you’re a fan over there, which I hope you are.

Only a few days left to Christmas, I still need to make a few gifts, wrap,  make the naughties Christmas dresses and finish the last piece of pomegranate cheesecake (recipe coming). I guess I don’t “need” to do the last one but that’s in today’s plan ;)

Costumer Appreciation Vid: Today Show Finalist

Oh my goodness I opened my email inbox to find a message from a customer letting me know that my pebbles and bam bam costumes helped her be a finalist on the Today Show last Friday. Yup that Today Show. How stinking cool is that?! They did a fantastic job with their Wilma and Betty costumes they all look so adorable.  If you want to see it you can watch the clip here. They go on the stage about 1 min 22 seconds into the clip.

Customer Appreciation Pic and Shop Update

Custom orders are fabulous because sometimes when I’m tired, too busy or just having a creative lull it’s like a breath of fresh air. That said, this little outfit is my current favorite thing I’ve made. Love her mom’s vision! Ah I love it so much with the little bead eyes. And seriously how cute is this little birthday lady.

Anyways I’ve had a build up of a new things that I haven’t gotten around to posting. Some boy jumpers a load of wrap around and regular style ruffle diaper covers a few new dresses and jumpers. It’s going to be a big one. I’ll start adding new stuff Monday and through out the week until I get all the stuff up. I’m excited. I hope you guys like them. Be sure to visit the shop to check em out.

Customer Appreciation Pic: Party Girl

Just wanted to take a second to share an few adorable customer appreciation pics. I love getting to be apart of fun 1st birthday celebrations via the clothing. How stinking cute is that crown, I definitely need to make a few for my naughty nieces.

Also check out the whole party over here, including an amazing homemade cake and some adorable decorations. I’m going to be in fully costume pumping costumes out all weekend with a short break to celebrate my dad’s 60th birthday. Hope you guys all have a fun weekend.

Oh and in case you haven’t noticed I’ve got a new giveaway open but it closes in a few days. Check out the giveaway details here.

Customer Appreciation Pic: Pig Tails

One of the best part of making things for kiddos is when I get a picture of them in my outfits. I just adore customer appreciation pics. I think this little pig tailed sweetie is just adorable in her little ruffler. Don’t you just love her cowboy boots (man I wish I could find a pair in my size that were comfortable and affordable).

Customer Appreciation Pic: Lady in Pearls


When this little one’s mama sent me the link to this headband looking to match it I thought this polkda dot and hot pink number would be perfect. And seriously the combo looks cuter than I could have ever imagined. How stinking creative and adorable Although I have to admit this little gal could probably make anything stunning look at that sweet face.

Gosh she’s so cute and the photos are so fabulous. Oh yes, I do love customer appreciation pictures. Yes I do.