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Marissa Fischer of raegun.etsy.com and Rae Gun Ramblings crafts, books, and fried food lover
(Fun at Mood during Fabric Weekend)

Thanks for visiting my blog. I am so honored you want to know a little more about me.

Some Facts

  • My name is Marissa Fischer.
  • I live in Salt Lake City, Utah with my music making hubby.
  • I have one baby boy Teddy who just turned two! We worked hard to get him and though we haven’t slept since he got here we just adore him!
  • I am super close with my two naughty nieces who you’ll see in many of my posts (7 and 8 years old).
  • We’re Lutherans and our faith is important to us.
  • I spend the majority of my days sewing for my Etsy shop Rae Gun. It’s my full-time gig and I absolutely love it. I wrote a kinda personal post about my journey on Etsy. You can ready it here. I have a passion for helping people who want to get started selling their creations so if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.

Some Favorites

  • Two of my favorite things are creating and reading. Whether with Hunger Games parties, pillow case tutorials, Harry Potter Weasley clock hacks, or what I’ve been reading or eating, Rae Gun Ramblings is where I, share all things crafty and bookish.
  • In addition to, and often in cooperation with the geeky and craft stuff, I come from a long line of food lovers. So whether it comes to making delicious meals at home or finding a new awesome restaurant I’m there. On top of what makes in on the blog you can see a lot of my daily foodie adventures on my Instagram.
  • I adore meeting readers and other bloggers in person. If you are in SLC and want to connect send me a note and hopefully we can make that happen.
  • For those of you who are local I often participate in local crafty, bookish, and blogger event. If you’re planning on being at a local meet up send me a note before hand since I would love to be able to say hi.
(I love Harry Potter...a lot)

Some Random Favorites

  • I’m a snacker especially chips and dip and cheese and almost anything savory (but never mustard or anything pickled). That being said I won’t turn down chocolate.
  • I am a note taker and list maker. Just from where I’m sitting I can see 5 notebooks that I’m currently using and a bunch of notepads that I use for my lists.
  • I have a weakness for cute embroidery scissors.
  • My drug of choice is Diet Cherry Coke or really yummy lemonade.

More Bloggy Tid-bits

  • I love guest posting as long as I have time and advance warning.
  • Feel free to invite me to be apart of any fun series that you think I’d be a good fit.
  • I am currently accepting submissions for guest posts for any creative or tasty bookish posts you can email me pitches at any time. If you do not hear back from me with in a week please send me a reminder.
  • Every July I do a Harry Potter series if you’d like to be a part of it let me know and I’ll add you to my email list!

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