Customer Appreciation Pic: Snow White Ruffle Diaper Covers

One fun part about my job is working with customers to make them something that they want but haven’t been able to find anywhere. These little bottoms were the brain child of this little lady’s mama who had the idea to do a fun twist on Snow White. She saw my Lime Pie wrap around diaper covers and asked if I could do a yellow pair.

I’ve been really loving the new trend of tutus versions of Halloween costumes and I think using ruffled bloomers is a super fun twist on that.

And how cute is little Snow White with that apple and those darling toadstools? Any ways if you’re interested in my ruffled diaper covers I’ve got all sorts and color combos in my shop.

Customer Appreciation Pic: Olivia the Pig First Birthday Party

We got back into town late last night and I’m still feeling all groggy. So while I get myself back into the swing of things I hope you enjoy these fun customer appreciation pics of this cutie in my Polka Dot retro style ruffle baby jumper!

This was from this little lady’s party last year (I know I’m so behind) and her mama ordered another outfit for her party a few weeks ago. But I realized I hadn’t ever shared these ones and they are so cool!

I just made her polka dot ruffler (the outfit in the first 3 pictures) but I think her party looked so stinking fun that I wanted to share all the shots she sent.

Seriously I think I need to do a costume change at my next party. Doesn’t everything look amazing!

And isn’t she the cutest? Love love love the ruffles and the fabulous boots.

And of course what party isn’t complete without a pony. Pure awesomeness, I can’t wait to see how her party went this year! Check out my other vintage inspired baby jumpers and more in my shop!

Customer Appreciation Pic: Zazu Baby

I’ve been getting all these amazing customer pics lately. Gorgeous babies and amazing photography. And this one is no exception. My musicmaker hubby isn’t a baby person at all but when he saw this picture she commented how pretty this little lady is. He’s so right, she is just stunning in my little zazu ruffler. Any ways keep them coming I absolutely love them. See more by the talented photographer Heather Swanner behind this shot here.

Customer Appreciation Pic: Pebbles and Bam Bam Costumes

This is from last year but I figured since I hadn’t shared it yet and since I’ve been getting Halloween costume orders for about a month mow I’d share it. Love the sibling cuteness!

And a quick reminder, if you are hoping to have one of my costumes for Halloween this year please please order early. You can check out the costumes I’m offering this year here. (if you don’t see something you think should be there message me and I can probably relist it)

Customer Appreciation Pic: Birdie Baby

I so love this pic of this sweetie pie in my happy bird outfit. Besides the super adorable babe, I think the shot is so so darling. I love the cute facial expression, the colors and those knobby knees oh man I just want to kiss her little legs. And I really wish I could take photos like this.

I so love these customer pictures, seriously they are one of the best parts of this job. If you’ve got any shots of your little ones in my goodies feel free to send them to me or post them to the Rae Gun Facebook page.

Harry Potter Countdown: Customer Pic

Do you have your outfit ready for the movie? Miss Katie does, she wore one of my Harry Potter House Elf aprons to Deathly Hallows part I (and Halloween) last year complete with an adorable S.P.E.W pink from EvieTees. EvieTees is a shop after my own heart. Seriously it’s filled with YA fantasy fan gear that makes me drool every time I click over!

It looks like she’s still shipping stuff out in time for the movie (I on the other hand am not) so I wanted to share with you a few of my favorites Potter things from her shop (but she’s also got Percy Jackson and Hunger Games stuff, happy sigh).

She’s also got these design and many others as shirts in case you don’t know what you’re wearing to the movie yet :) I’ve been thinking I need to make myself a tie and possibly a cloak and go Hogwart’s school uniform style. crazy I know it’s only a week a way and I’ve got loads of other things to do.

What Potter swag are you proud of?

Customer Appreciation Pic: Criminally Cute

How darling is this little lady. I think it’s such a fun idea, instead of fighting for a cutesy face to go with the flow. Her mama got the clever poster idea from Tomkat Studio. I know sometimes a stink face is all I can get out of the naughties when I try to get their pics. I love love love the cowboy hat, boots and a holster paired with my little Classic Retro Ruffler. I never would have thought to do that on my own but it’s so stinking darling. As always keep ’em coming customer pics totally make my day!

Customer Appreciation Pic: The Bambini

So seriously customer appreciation pics are one of my favorite things ever so when I saw a few of these left in my feedback and even more posted to the RaeGun Facebook page yesterday I was so excited.

Her mama also the awesome photographer had me tweak my Cotton Candy Retro Ruffler so that it went with their party color scheme. I just think this party looks so stinking fun and the party girl is just so adorable. I am in love with her shows and hair bows, way too cute! See more pictures on the facebook page and visit Bambini photograpny here.

As always if you have pics of your little ones in my gear I’d love to see them feel free to message them to me or just post them to the facebook page.

Customer Appreciation Pic: Rocker Wrap Arounds

I always love receiving customer appreciation pics from photographer customers like Melissa. She bought my rocker hot pink wrap around bottoms for her daughter’s first birthday. How adorable is she?

You can check out more of Melissa’s photos here.

Customer Appreciation Pic: Goldfish Fascination

Is this not one of the best baby pictures you have every seen in your life? Crystal from Preschool Doll Designs had Sarah Lawrence of Little Tots Photography take darling pictures of her little one in a pair of my solid diaper covers. I get so few boy customer pics so besides the concept being so stinking cool and the kiddo being so stinking cute it’s extra special to me.