The Hunger Games Wrap Up and Link Party

Well I saw the film. And my cryptic answer to preserve it for those of you who haven’t gotten to see it yet is I don’t think they screwed it up. And let’s be honest I was really worried they would (ahem Percy Jackson ahem Twilight). But yeah we had a lot of fun and I definitely recommend it. We went with both those who had read it and hadn’t and everyone enjoyed the film.

(And I may have made some HG cookies with my new cookie cutters that came in the mail on Thursday.)

That means sadly for those who share my obsession this will be the last HG post for a while and for those of you who have been so tired of my little geeky indulgence that I’ll be back to more of my normal mixed bag of crafting, cooking, life and book blogging. But as a last hoorah I wanted to remind you of the awesome giveaways that are still open and give you another chance to add any final Hunger Games themed links (posts, products, creations, book reviews, movie reviews whatever as long as it’s HG related).

Capitol Chic or Katniss Everdeen Fashion Look                      ●      Choice of HG Jewelry

And of course I want to give one last huge gigantic thanks to all the wonderful people who shared themselves and their love of The Hunger Games with us over the last few weeks!

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 So lets see your Hunger Games related links

Guest Blogging: Victor’s Village

Just want to let you guys know that I shared a tutorial for the Katniss squirrel shirt I made and posted with my I Shop the Hob bags over at Victor’s Village last week. Check out their site for some awesome Hunger Games fan goodness.

Giveaway: Hunger Games Jewelry from Pretty Little Charms UK

If you’ve hung around my blog for any time you should already have heard of Pretty Little Charms UK, it is after all my absolute favorite shop on Etsy. I have many many items. Leigh the shop owner is a book lover like me and has indulged my Harry Potter obsession, my Hunger Games love and even my Divergent fanaticism. She’s great and she offered to do a fun little giveaway during this fun Hunger Games blog party that we’re wrapping up.

The winner will get his or her choice of one Hunger Games item from Pretty Little Charms UK. She’s got over 30 Hunger Games items to choose from.

To Enter the Giveaway

  • Just leave a comment here telling me which Hunger Games piece you’ll pick if you win. You can see all the options at Pretty Little Charms UK.
  • The giveaway will be open  until April 6th at 11:59 PM. The winner will be chosen via and contacted by email. The winner will get his or her choice of one Hunger Games item from Pretty Little Charms UK.

To Earn Extra Entries
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Oh and if you just can’t wait Leigh has offered a giveaway for 15% off good until the giveaway ends just enter HUNGERGAMES15 into the coupon code section of Etsy to get 15% your entire order.

    Good luck. And since I haven’t said it once over these last few weeks may the odds be ever in your favor! Did you make it to a midnight showing? I’ve got old people friends that weren’t game for the late night so we’ll be heading over to the theater tonight.

    Monday we’ll wrap up this Hunger Games craziness and I’ll be resposting the HG link party if you want to add anything you’ve put together in the last few weeks and for those of you who haven’t caught the Hunger Games bug things will be back to normal here.

    Guest Post: Burlap Banner Tutorial with Newlyweds on a Budget

    First off let me introduce myself, my name is Kari and I blog over at Newlyweds on a Budget
    My husband and I moved into married student housing complete with cinder block walls and a tiny oven. Even though I have to stay on a pretty tight budget I love crafting, decorating, and re-doing furniture. 
    When Marissa asked for guest bloggers to participate in her totally awesome Hunger Games series I jumped at the chance! Some people say I’m a little obsessed interested in the Hunger games and I was so excited to be apart of this series. 
    So I’m here to show my new Hunger Games sign. Here’s what you’ll need:
    -Exacto Knife
    -Foam Board
    -Orange, Black, and Yellow Paint
    To start off-use the Hunger Games Font and print off whatever saying you want to use. Then using your Exacto knife cut out the letters.
    Then cut out your burlap into shapes you want to use on your banner-I just went with the traditional square. Using the template and black acrylic paint, paint the letters on the burlap. 

    I really love to embrace the imperfections in my projects. For example-I accidentally did the M a little close to the side but don’t mind how it turned out.

    Then to step it up a notch-I took some foam board I had on hand and used a mixture of yellow and orange paint. This part was a lot of fun-once again I didn’t really want it to be perfect and I loved expressing my “abstract artist side”. Okay let’s be honest-I don’t have an abstract artist side but it was fun anyway.
    Then I took my burlap banner and just taped the banner onto the foam board. I like to think that the orange and yellow look kind of like fire-you know, to go along with the whole Girl on Fire thing. 
    This awesome banner is now hanging out in my craft room-inspiring me every day. Thanks again to Marissa for having me over. I’d love to have you come check out the projects I do over at Newlyweds on a Budget
    Just a reminder that there is still time to submit your Hunger Games Pots to the link party and enter these awesome giveaways and tune in tomorrow for our final giveaway from my personal favorite shop on etsy PrettyLittleCharmsUK . Click the text links above for details on each giveaway.

    Guest Post: Mark Dago’s Book Suggestions

    I figured with all the girly talk about The Hunger Games we should hear from a boy since after all there are plenty of boy fans of the trilogy. Today my friend Mark who has done music stuff with my hubby forever (currently Rotten Musicians and Mark Dago), writes for Big Shiny Robot (dagobot), and is one of my favorite people to talk books with is sharing his top 3 picks for fans of The Hunger Games. He also happens to be the person to get me to read the trilogy so technically the last 3 weeks of insanity on this blog can be blamed on him. So without further delay here’s Mark.

    Hey there gang!

    My taste in books, specifically, ‘YA” might differ than most who read this genre. Let’s just say, my suggestions will have less mushy-mushy love triangle soap fodder and more metaphysical/paranormal/esoteric elements. Also, as a bonus…all of these books have been optioned to be made into major motion pictures (Like the Hunger Games).
    Ready Player One – Overflowing with geektastic throwbacks to 80’s pop culture culture (movies, music and of course…video games) this hard to put down novel faces the protagonist against powerful villains to overcome insurmountable obstacles to find his destiny. While that might sound like every other ‘YA’ plot or premise, Ernest Cline sticks in enough WTF moments throughout that transforms it into nostalgic zeitgeist. At times I felt as if this book had been written just for me.

    Boneshaker– A novel that is an amalgam of steampunk, zombies and the Wild West (circa 1890’s.) It’s a fast, engaging read with a satisfying reveal at the end. The characters were interesting…f not all the way fleshed out. Cherie Priest paints a fantastical view of ‘Blight’ infected Seattle and the residents that inhabit it. Good escapist, action, Sci Fi.

    Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children– A coming of age tale within a very unique dark fantasy. Also, placed through out the book there are odd, old photographs that add to the storyline and plot. Ransom Riggs is a lucid and lyrical storyteller and here he creates a riveting and eccentric, supernatural mystery that will surprise at every turn. I might like this books ambition more than it’s execution. Still, I’ve never read anything quite like it.


    Link Party: What We Wore and Made Wednesdays #19 and Cents of Style Giveaway

    Shirt and Jeans- Forever 21
    Shoes – Cents of Style 
    Mockingjay Necklace – PrettyLittleCharmsUK on Etsy
    (come back friday for a giveaway from Pretty Little Charms UK)
    And I was so so so excited when Courtney of Cents of Style  told me she wanted to do a Hunger Games theme giveaway. If you’ve visited these parties of mine for a while you know that I love their shoes and I wear them all the time. They are such a good deal, but they have all kinds of stuff. The winner gets to pick her choice either Capitol Chic look pictured above or the Katniss Everdeen look pictured below.

    They are both amazing right? What a hard choice! And a special bonus if you buy something from Cents of Style  you can use the the coupon code “RAEGUN” you’ll get 10% off your order. Awesome right.

    To Enter the Giveaway

    • Just go like the Cents of Style facebook page and leave a comment there telling them that Rae Gun sent you. 
    • The giveaway will be open  until April 6th at 11:59 PM. The winner will be chosen via and contacted by email/facebook. The winner will receive her choice of either the Capitol look or the Katniss look.

    To Earn Extra Entries
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    • Share this giveaway on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter or any other social media (leave a comment here for each place you share it).
    • “Like” my Rae Gun Facebook Page and tell me that you did that. 

    And if you’re a Hunger Games fan I hope you’ll take some time to check out all the awesome posts and other giveaways that I’ve had over the last few weeks. It’s been so much fun!

    Your turn, let me see your favorite fashion, crafty, helpful, or delicious posts. 
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    Guest Post: The Hunger Games T-Shirt Tutorial with Classy Clutter

    Hello Rae Gun Ramblings readers! My name is Mallory and I blog over at Classy Clutter!
    I am so excited to be sharing my Hunger Games t-shirt tutorial with you today! This is super duper simple and fun! I can’t WAIT to wear it to the midnight showing! Couldn’t be more excited if I tried! :) 
    Let’s get started!
    You will need:
    • a white (or light colored) t-shirt (I got a white v-neck from Target)
    • iron on transfer paper (I got mine at Office Max)
    • a color printer
    • iron
    • scissors
    • rhinestones or embellishments (optional)
    First, I made this image on in Photoshop, you can download it by right-clicking and saving it to your computer. Easy right?  If you’ll be using it for a t-shirt transfer like I did, you’ll want to save the mirrored image. 
    You could even print off the image and frame it for your Hunger Games party! 
    Next, you’ll load your transfer paper into the printer. I loaded mine face down so that my printer would print it on the right side. Be sure to check your printer as it may be different. 

    Then, we print! PS… Make sure you print the MIRRORED IMAGE so that it is facing the right way when you iron it on. I made this mistake the first time and wasted a sheet of paper and some precious printer ink. ;)

    Then, cut around the image about 1/4-1/2″ around the colored part of the image.

    Flip it over and iron it onto your t-shirt according to your Iron-on Transfer paper instructions. Instructions may vary depending on your brand of transfer paper.

    Let the paper cool and peel off the backing very slowly. Make sure its cooled off so it adheres really well.


    I wanted to jazz mine up a bit and since I’m obsessed with rhinestones, I added some gold rhinestones to my shirt! I just glued them right on. Use E-6000 for best results.

    Let your glue dry and try it on! Easy right?? What do you think!? I think I’ll throw a cute cardigan over it for the premiere just in case it gets chilly!

    You can also check out my Twilight t-shirt tutorial on my blog, Classy Clutter.

    Thanks Marissa for having me today! I hope you all like the t-shirt! Head over to Classy Clutter for more fun projects! Let me know you stopped by from Rae Gun Ramblings!
    Hope you all enjoy Hunger Games! I can’t wait!

    Tutorial:The Hunger Games Parachute Decoration

    If you’re a fan of The Hunger Games trilogy you know that parachutes appear through out the books bringing both good and bad. For my Hunger Games party I knew I wanted one of the decorations to be parachute based. After a lot of thought and wandering around the craft store I came up with this and it just happened to be one of the easiest quickest decoration ideas so it’s perfect for those of you who will be partying before the movie this week. I’ll be saving these for my future Catching Fire and Mockingjay parties but I think this could be really fun for a little boy birthday party.

    What You Need

    • Foil Tissue Paper (I found mine at Michael’s with wrapping paper)
    • Wire (floral or jewelry) 
    • Paper Bags
    • Tap
    • String

    What To Do

    1. Cut foil into squares (I did 5×5 and 10×10 pieces). Then cut wire and make into rings. I found different sized rings gave different looks and I liked the variety
    2. Tape the ring to the foil in two spots.
    3. Cut paper bags into squares again I did different sizes. Crumple some paper and place in the center to make little pouches.
    4. Fold your thread so you have a bundle of four and tie a knot at one end and cut the other ends so you can separate them. 
    5. Tape the knotted end into the center of your paper bundle.
    6. Wrap some wire around your bundle to secure.
    7. Tape each of the strings to a different corner of the foil.
    8. Hold by the ring. I taped some more string to the top and then hung them from my light fixtures. When the lights were on they gave a minor disco ball effect that was super fun.

    Any ways let me know if you try it out. They are super fun and easy. Also I hop you are all still adding all your creations, products, parties and more to the Hunger Game Link party.

    And if you haven’t already entered I’ve got some awesome giveaways open. Just click on the text above for details of how to enter each of them. And two more really great ones going up later this week. Only a few more days til the movie comes out eeeeek so so excited!

    The Hunger Games Printable Buttons

    Hi there Rae Gun Readers!
    My name is Kristyn, and I blog over at Lil’ Luna. Come on over and say hi if you would like to find some fun crafts and recipes.
    I’m so happy to be here today because I LOVE THE HUNGER GAMES!
    I started reading when only the first one was out and impatiently waited for the next two. I loved the entire series and am SO excited for the movie this week {Already have a sitter lined up and going with the hubby and friends Friday night}.
    I wanted to come up with something simple and fun for you to use while you attended the movie.
    I decided to make some printable Hunger Games buttons.
    I couldn’t decide how many to make so I just made a ton.
    The first set is made in The Hunger Games font.
    I’m not too much a fan of that font, although it’s more like the book, so I decided to make the same buttons but in a different font. :)
    {I know, I’m crazy, right?}
    All are available for download HERE.
    All you will do is download, print at the size you want, cut or punch out and then hot glue a safety pin on back.
    You can even laminate the buttons if you want them to last longer.
    It’s that easy!
    And then you can wear these out at the movies. FUN!
    ENJOY, and
    May the Odds be Ever in Your Favor. :)

    Guest Post: The Hunger Games Key Chain Giveaway with G*rated

    I’m not sure if you’ve been checking in with the fun Hunger Games link party but people have been adding awesome stuff.  Marie shared a link to her awesome tutorial on G*rated for these cool Hunger Game key chains (I’m so in love with the Cinna Couture one).

    But for those who might not have the time or are not craftily inclined they have offered to give one away. Winner’s choice. Awesome right? Here are the different designs you can pick from.

    To Enter the Giveaway

    • There are a few ways for you to enter and each can earn you an entry. 
    • Follow G*rated on their blog or facebook.
    • Or share this giveaway on facebook, pinterest, twitter or any other social media platform.
    • Then leave a comment here telling me which design you’ll pick if you win.
    • The giveaway will be open  until March 31th at 11:59 PM. The winner will be chosen via and contacted by email. The winner will receive a necklace of his or her choice from Bookish Charm.

    To Earn Extra Entries
    Any of the following can earn you an extra entry each. Just leave a separate comment for each entry.

      • Each place you “like” or “follow” G*rated can count as an entry and each place you share the giveaway can count. Just make sure to leave a separate comment for each entry.

      Good luck and I hope you’ll take some time to check out all the other amazing guest posts and giveaways!