The Cutest Picture Ever, Halloween Costume Ordering, and Last Call for Free Shipping

Harry Potter baby Hogwarts costume from

I shared this picture on Instagram and Facebook last month but just since I cannot get enough of this cuteness here it is again. Thanks SO much to Scotti Ewing Photography for the cutest picture I’ve ever seen in my whole life. I mean serious how cute is she in my little baby Hogwarts outfit?

If you follow me on Instagram you know that I just did a big giveaway for one of my Baby and Toddler Halloween costumes. And since that was such a success I shared a coupon code for free shipping (domestic and international) good in my Etsy Shop until 8/24/13 because I like you guys too I thought I’d let you know just go visit my Instagram, follow me and look for the picture with the big “thank you” like the one below and in the the first comment under the picture I’ve got the coupon code.

Rae Gun Costume options for 2013 on Etsy raegun.etsy.comWhile I haven’t set an official cut off for regular orders yet it will like in past years be the beginning of October. After that I will offer costumes as rush orders at an increased amount as long as I think I can handle it. I wanted to encourage you if you were hoping to get one of my costumes for this Halloween to order as soon as you can since I already have costume orders flying in. This is extra important if you have any early Halloween parties or events that you are planning on going to. Most order made once October hits will only be arriving in time for Halloween. So if you want it sooner please order as soon as possible. Here are all my costume items in my shop.

Let’s connect! You can also find me hanging out here.

What’s Going On: Costume Giveaway and City of Bones Movie

Kid Costume Giveaway. Pebbles and Bam Bam, Pirate, Hogwart's Student  -

Does anyone else have a SUPER hard time making dinner during the Summer? Seriously it’s been forever since I’ve made real food. So I’m not going to even pretend and write up a what’s for dinner post this week I just know we’ve got tons going on in the evenings and even if we didn’t I doubt I’d do any real cooking. I’m still in Summer mode, eating muchies, eating out. But don’t worry this can’t last forever.

In the mean time I wanted to let you know about a few things going.  First if you follow me on Instagram hopefully you saw that I’m doing a little costume giveaway. If you’ve hung out around here you know I a giveaway of one of my costumes is pretty rare. But I’m giving the winner the choice of any one costume from my etsy shop. Click here to see all my baby and toddler Halloween costumes. To enter the giveaway simply follow @raegunramblings on giveaway and repost this picture and tag #raeguncostumes (you can also see it in my Instagram feed). And best of all as that you can enter up to once a day. Good Luck.

Also if you’re local and want to join us to watch the first Mortal Instruments movie The City of Bones on August 22nd. I’ve got an event up in the Rae Gun Ramblings book club. This book, City of Bones, is the first book in a great series with various spin offs from one of my favorite authors if you like action, fantasy and some good romance you want to check it out!  We do all the book club events (mostly movie outings or little parties) through goodreads if you are new to the group I might have to send you an invite but you should be able to see it if you join the group and here’s a discussion board if you can’t find it leave a comment and I’ll send you an invite. Also we like to chat with our non-local friends and have members from all around the world sharing their thoughts about our favorite (and not so favorite) books and movie versions of the books.

Salt Lake Comic Con

And finally another thing for you local peeps. Do you guys know that Salt Lake is getting a Comic Con this year? Fun right? It’s the week I get back from PAX which will be crazy but I’m so going to try to swing it. Here’s the info for the Salt Lake Comic Con if you want to check it out.

Early Bird Costume Sale! Gryffindor Student, Pirates, Pebbles and Bam Bam

 early bird costume sale has the cutest costumes for babies and toddlers #costume #halloween #harrypotter #pebbles #bambam #pirates #flintstones

As many of you know my fall is full of all kinds of crazy kid costume making. The business in my shop quadruples from about the middle of August to October. And every year I usually have to cut off costume orders very early in October. So I’ve decided to try to encourage early costume ordering I’d have an “early bird costume sale”. I just hate having to say no to people and would love everyone who wants one of my costumes for Halloween to get one.

So until August 15, 2013 I’m offering FREE SHIPPING on any order that includes at least one costume in it. So that means you can buy one Hogwart’s Student Costume and a couple ruffle diaper covers, jumpers, whatever. And since international shipping is SO high and the cut off for Halloween ordering is much earlier this is great for those of you living over seas.

To take advantage of this just use this free shipping code in my etsy shop : COSTUMESALEFS

This year’s baby and toddler costume collection include the following:

I would love any help spreading the word. I’m hoping the more orders I can get fulfilled earlier the more people I don’t have to say no to come October. If you want to spread here are a few places you can just repost what I’ve already shared or feel free to just tell any one you know or forward this post to anyone who might be interested. Thanks so much for the help.


Big Announcement and Book Lovers Gift Guide!

I have TONS of readers in my life so today I’m sharing some of my absolute favorite Etsy shops for bookish gift giving. If you’ve got a book lover in your life here are some awesome gift ideas from some of my favorite shops.

But first I have a big announcement: After years of making book crafts for myself and sharing tutorials hear only to have people beg to buy them and have to turn them down, I can now say yes! I’m going to do a trial run of selling bookish goodies in my Etsy shop. I can’t guarantee how long I’ll do it for or how often I’ll restock since selling my baby clothing is really my first priority but I’m going to give it a try!

Whether you want to give it to yourself (which I totally support) or to your favorite reader,
 here’s just a sample of my first batch of Bookish Gifts! Some are already in the shop and I will be adding more all weekend long! And don’t worry I will still be posting many bookish craft tutorials here.

In addition to my own goodies here are some of my favorite bookish shops on Etsy.
Please note most of these shop’s Christmas order cutoffs are REALLY SOON so order asap.

Pretty Little Charms UK

I’ve featured Leigh’s amazing jewelry many many times. I have purchased over 10 pieces from her throughout the years and she has always been wonderful to work with and the quality of the necklaces are great. I may have ahem ordered a couple more this weekend weee!


I’ve talked about friend Heidi many times before and she makes the cutest paper dolls. I think these are the perfect give to give your favorite reader who has everything. Totally unique and they can be used as wall art, shelve decorations, or for play! In addition to these geeky dolls she’s taking custom orders so you can have her make paper dolls that look like your kids or even your favorite bride and groom awesome right?

And don’t you think Heidi should do a Mortal Instruments one? *nudge nudge*

Bookish Charm

In addition to bookish prints and bookmarks Erin carries super fun book related necklaces. Every time I wear my Potter one people ask where I got it. These are so cute and some of my favorite pieces of jewelery and she has a great variety for your favorite reader and writer. Even better, she’s got her items on sale today!


This is a shop that is very new to me but I’m eagerly awaiting my order’s arrival! The shop is full of all kinds of super cool geeky cookie stamps. Here are some of my favorite bookish ones but there are also Dr. Who, Star Trek, and Super Hero stamps available too.

I’m Thankful for You! AKA You’re Wish Is My Command

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I know I did. So yummy and so nice to hang out with friends and family. I LOVE Black Friday shopping I’m such a night owl that it’s perfect for me but I also love the fun craziness of it all.

I am so so thankful for all of my customers throughout the year that I’m having a sale in my shop as a big fat thank you. If you use the code GOBBLEFS in the Etsy coupon code section it will automatically take of the shipping. And I’ve also been having a lot what I’m calling DOOR BUSTERS. If you’ve been following along on Facebook you know I’ve been putting EVERYTHING that has been requested on sale. And I will continue to do so through Monday so keep the requests coming. The only catch is that it needs to be a specific item or items. So if there are any items that you’ve been wanting, feel free to tell me in the comments or on the facebook threads and I’ll make sure to include it in the next round of door busters. I’ve been changing them 1-2 times a day.

And for those of you who might not be so craftily inclined but have been wanting some of my bookish creations for yourself, I’ve got a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT to share on Monday Friday :)

Rae Gun’s After Thanksgiving Sale Details (help pick what will be on sale)

For those of you who have been around for a while you know that I have one sale a year and pretty much that’s all. But I do love my Black Friday and After Thanksgiving shopping so once again I will be doing a sale. So here’s the deal. 
free world wide shipping
I am offering Free World Wide Shipping all weekend long. I’ll make the code live on Thursday and it’ll be open through Monday. Make sure to use the coupon code: GOBBLEFS  I won’t be doing refunds you need to enter it into the coupon code section on Etsy and it will automatically adjust the price.
‘door busters’ all weekend long
In addition to the free shipping I will have a door busters section in the shop you can get to it here. I will be putting one to a few items at discounted prices in that section at a time. And I’ll be changing them through the day. So for instance I may put 5 of my popular Bird Sets in there for say 30% off and when they sell out, I’ll relist them at the regular price in their normal section. Then I may put my Classic Retro Ruffler for 25% off and so on and so on. I’ll switch out the items at random all weekend long. 
yup, free shipping + door buster prices = crazy good deals
 And of course if you use the free shipping code along with the door busters it you’ll be getting a crazy good deal! Since I’m having the free shipping all weekend as long as you remember to use the code you won’t have to worry about combining shipping so you can catch all the door busters you want and I’ll make sure to send them all out together!
And now for the fun part, you know besides getting a good deal. I want you to help me pick which items will be the door busters. I’ll need a bunch and even if some says what you were going to say let me know since that will let me know I need to have a higher quantity of that item. Just go check out the Rae Gun store and post in the comments which items you want me to put on sale. Feel free to put as many as you like.
please share this sale with your friends and family
This is pretty much the only sale I can do all year since after Christmas my shop picks back up and things get busy again. So now’s the time to stock up on baby shower gifts, birthday outfits, and all of those cute things you’ve been wanting for when the weather warms up! 

Halloween Home Stretch Follow Along

As you might know I have been sewing non-stop for the last couple weeks. I’ve been busy for the last month and a half but the last 2 weeks I’ve pretty much been working like a crazy girl all day and all night except for post office runs. I am so happy to find myself here on Oct. 22nd because it’s my ship day! Woohoo. I’ll be putting all my Halloween orders in the mail today so I’m in the home stretch.

I’ve been and will keep instagraming and tweeting the madness so if you want a peek into my insanity you can find me at both places at @raegunramblings. I’ll return to the world of the living tomorrow. Well actually maybe I’ll sleep tomorrow ;)

Rae Gun Shop Halloween Dates to Remember

I am in full on Halloween mode over here with the Rae Gun Etsy Shop. The orders are already coming in like crazy. For those of you new around here Halloween is my insane-o season. I just wanted to put up a quick note about important dates just in case any of you are hoping to have me make your kiddo’s Halloween costumes this year.

This year I’m selling Pebbles (traditional and the teen versions), Bam Bam, Pirates, Hogwarts student (pick your house, girl with ruffle or boy without) and House Elf. All of these are for babies and toddlers except the house elf costume I make those in adult and older child sizes. You can see all of them in my costumes section of my shop.

I also sell fairy tale inspired retro rufflers that people often used for costumes. The most popular costume-y ones are Little Red Riding Hood, Alice in Wonderland and Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz.

To answer a few questions I’ve been getting lately…

  • When should you order? Now. The sooner the better. But see below for cut offs and other dates.
  • What size should I get? Whatever size you think your little one will be wearing in most brands when you plan of them wearing it.
  • What comes with it? Please read the listing I’ve worked really hard to explain what comes with the price. If after you read it through you’re still confused feel free to send me a note.
  • Are you selling Fancy Nancy/French Fries/Something New? I am only selling the items I listed above. But you should know that I’m planning to do a Fancy Nancy tutorial in conjunction with my Handmade Halloween series that starts in September as well as a giveaway to help those of you out that are bummed that I’m not selling those any more. Be sure to follow the blog so you don’t miss it.

Important Dates and Shipping Schedule…

  • Orders placed 8/20 through 9/17 will be in the mail 3 weeks at the latest from the date ordered/payment and all necessary info (like size) is received
  • Orders placed 9/18 through 10/1 will be in the mail on 10/22 at the latest (on the condition that all necessary information and payment have been received by 10/1).
  • I will not be taking any made to order Halloween orders after 10/1. If I have any ready to ship costumes after this date I will list those. But if you really want one order early.
  • Halloween is 10/31 and it is a Wednesday this year. If you have a party to go to earlier please factor that in when ordering. If you need your costume by a certain date please message me prior to ordering so I can confirm that is doable AND remind me of the date in the notes section when you check out. US postage usually takes 3-5 days.

The It’s Been A While Shop Update

Even though I regularly add things to the shop as I make them I realize that I’ve built up quite a stash of new items. So it’s time for a shop update. I’ll be adding new goodies to the shop all week. I’ve got some fun new Summer-y bottoms and sets with fabrics that I’ve been collecting all year. Some of these are the result of awesome custom listings that were just too cute to not make more to share.

I’m most excited about my new coordinating Swing Top. People have been asking me to make these for years. I can make these in any color which makes them perfect for coordinating with any of my bottoms.

I also have a few make your own set top options, including a number, letter and custom bird options that would be perfect for parties, family pictures or just hanging out. I’ll be adding all of these and more to the shop throughout the week. If you don’t see what you want just send me an email and I’ll get it up ASAP for you :).

I hope you’ll stop by to check out all the new goodies and spread the word to tell your friends.

Shop Update: New Girl Rufflers and Boy Romper

I’ve had a few, ahem a lot, of bolts of designer fabric that I haven’t done anything with so the last time I was cutting out some Retro Ruffler (my vintage inspired sunsuits) I made on out of each of them. Most of the fabrics were purchased with that in mind but I just hadn’t gotten around to it.

I’m so happy with how they all turned out. I’ll be adding all of them to the shop over the next few days including two new boy romper. I say they are for boys but obviously I think they’d be really cute on girls too and both of these styles I can do in custom colors. Oh and I’ve got one of each of the ruffle ones ready to ship if you’re in a rush (most of them are either 12-24 month size or 6-12 month size or of course you can order them made to order in whatever size you need).