Macy’s Fashion Place Live Cooking

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Two of our favorite things are eating and strolling the Mall.

Macy's Cooking

I was so excited to turn the corner of our favorite mall last week to find that Macy's is moving in. If you're free and want to hang out this Friday, March 10 at 6 pm is the grand opening of the new Macy's at Fashion Place in Murray, UT. And what's even more fun is that Cake Boss: Next Great Baker winner Dana Herbert will be doing a live cooking demo.

Sweet Savory Union

Fun right!? He'll be showing how to make 3 dishes and sharing samples. There will even be a meet and greet and book signing for those who purchase $35 worth of goodies from the home department*! This is a FREE even but make sure to RSVP for the to secure your spot! Plus, you’ll get a free $10 Macy's gift card at the event**. I'm super excited I've always wanted to check out a cooking demo. I think Teddy my little chef will LOVE it! It would be so fun to see you there. *Purchase must be made at Macy’s Fashion Place on 3/10/17. **Gift card valid 3/10-3/17/17 only. One per customer, while supplies last and time permits. Gift card and book distributed on 3/10/17.

Romantic Restaurants All Over the US

Romantic Restaurants to eat in your area

Can you believe that Valentine's day is right around the corner!? Why not take your Valentine to some place new this year? Members of Social Fabric have found places all across the United States that are both romantic and perfect for a lovely date night! I'm so excited about how many cities are represented. Just scroll down and find your area below to see what awesome places to check out. This can be your best Valentine's Day yet! #Dinner4Valentines   Northeast Region  Eastampton, New Jersey - Dawn from A New Dawnn Jersey City, New Jersey – May from La Vie En May New Rochelle, New York - Jason from The Social Media Samurai New York, New York - Ginnie from Hello Little Home Unadilla, New York - Miranda from Cookie Dough and Oven Mitt Reading, Pennsylvania - Betsy from Heavens to Betsy York, Pennsylvania – Sarah from How I Pinch A Penny East Greenwich, Rhode Island – Kristin from Mama Luvs Books Newport, Rhode Island - Stephanie from Mammamoiselle Providence, Rhode Island –  Mary from Tall Mom Tiny Baby   Midwest Region Barrington, Illinois - Teresa from Tiaras & Tantrums Chicago Area, Illinois - Michelle from Honest and Truly Chicago, Illinois - Kelly from Kelly’s Lucky You Chicago, Illinois - Jen from Fashionably Employed Miami County, Ohio - Linette from The Home and Garden Cafe Columbus, Ohio - Abbey from The Cards We Drew Columbus, Ohio - Carissa from All in All Troy, Ohio – Kendra from A Proverbs 31 Wife Omaha, Nebraska – Mary from Living A Sunshine Life Omaha, Nebraska - Lisa from Mom on the Side Box Elder, South Dakota – Melissa from Kids Are Grown Madison, Wisconsin - Jessica from All She Cooks   South Region Birmingham, Alabama - Jennifer from Simple Hacks Living  Northwest Arkansas, Arkansas - Jamie from Jamie’s Thots Pea Ridge, Arkansas - Robyn from Create it. Go! Boca Raton, Florida - Shaina from Take a Bite Out of Boca Bradenton, Florida –  Kelly from Virtually Yours Lee County, Florida – Krystal from Krystal’s Kitsch Mount Dora, Florida - Sherry from Family Love and Other Stuff Pensacola Beach, Florida - April from Frugally Green Mom South Florida, Florida - Melissa Ann from The Eyes of a Boy Tampa Bay, Florida - Lauren from Lauren Paints Tampa, Florida – C. Lee from Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad Augusta, Georgia - Candy from Candypolooza Annapolis, Maryland - Ashley from Momma Rambles Frederick, Maryland - Terri from Housewives of Frederick County Durham, North Carolina - Jen from Jael Custom Designs Memphis, Tennessee - Pamela from Still Dating My Spouse Arlington/Ft. Worth, Texas - Danita from O Taste and See  Austin, Texas - Lani from Life Anchored Dallas, Texas - Heather from Dallas Single Mom Dallas, Texas - Emily from Fortuitous Foodies Denton, Texas - Stephanie from The TipToe Fairy Fort Worth, Texas – Julie from Julie is Coco and Cocoa Houston, Texas - Christine from Xtine Danielle Houston, Texas - Kelli from Eat, Pray, Read, Love San Antonio, Texas - Sara from Sensibly Sara Richmond, Virginia - Jen from JVKom Chronicles   West Region Anchorage, Alaska – Laura from Day by Day in Our World Chandler, Arizona - JoAnn from A Whimsicle Life Phoenix, Arizona - Michelle from Fun on a Dime Los Angeles, California - Stacy from Fancy Shanty Rohnert Park, California - Jamie from Minnesota Girl in the World Sacramento, California - Brandy from Gluesticks Santa Clarita, California – Carolyn from This Talk Ain’t Cheap Temecula, California – Kara from Ramblings of a Marine Wife Victorville, California - Holly from Our Holly Days Denver, Colorado - Callie from A Sweet Potato Pie Missoula, Montana - Patty from Broken Teepee Orem, Utah - Kristie from Beneficial Bento Salt Lake City to Provo, Utah - Marissa from Rae Gun Ramblings St. George, Utah - Kendra from The Things I Love Most

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Romantic Restaurants to Eat at From Salt Lake City to Provo Utah

Pasole at Black Sheep Cafe in Provo Utah

If you follow me on Instagram you know we like to eat out. We are unapologetic foodies we love discovering new places and trying new flavors. You might not expect Utah to have good food most people just don't think of it as that kind of place, but with so many people who have traveled all over the world living here we have some great spots. Not just that but I feel like in the past few years especially we've had something of a foodie community bloom. People are appreciating and celebrating food! So as we head into one of the most restaurant visited days of the year, Valentine's Days I thought I would share some of my favorite Romantic Restaurants to Eat At From Salt Lake City to Provo Utah. Black Sheep Cafe - In the heart of Provo, Utah you will find my favorite restaurant. We drive the 40 minutes just to get a meal turnaround and head home. It's THAT good. If the special of the evening sounds good to you go for it. Every time we've had the special we've been delighted whether it was Bison Steak to amazing shrimp. My favorite thing on the dinner menu are the Hog Jowl Tacos. They are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO yummy. Really, I can't even tell you how crazy good they are. Just typing this is making my mouth water. I've had the different navajo tacos and enjoyed those as well but oh man that hog jowl just melts in your mouth. If you're feeling soup-y the Pasole and the Green Chili are both extremely hearty (enough for a full meal) and so flavorful. Be sure to order them with the fry bread. Shoot I'm going to have to drive there tomorrow. Oh splurge and get the catus pear lemonade it's so yummy.

Bambara great restaurant in Salt Lake City Utah - Rae Gun Ramblings

Bambara - This place had a great mood and great food. It's right down town in Salt Lake City. The lights are dimmed but not too dark making it a great place for an intimate dinner. The house bread is SO good and it's served with a super tasty hummus. If you're a blue cheese lover the blue cheese potato chips are heavenly. I've had so many good things here everything is fresh and cooked to perfection. It's beautiful too some times I think of Hell's Kitchen (but you know with out the Hell) when I go here.

puro peru fantastic Peruvian food in Sandy UT - Rae Gun Ramblings

Pero Puro - Peruvian hidden in Sandy, Utah!? You bet. Now I can't attest to the authenticity of this place because it's the only Peruvian food I've had but I can say it's darn yummy food. If you like fried seafood you have to go here. Every time we go we have to get the Royal Jalea. It's a giant pile of fried calamari, mussels, shrimp, fish, and more. I also really like the Verdes pasta dish with steak. The pasta is flavorful and cheesey (the kids love it too) and the steak is cooked to perfection. This is a fun place to go if you wish you could go on vacation. One step in here and you'll feel like you are in another country in a good way. If you're lucky enough to go on a weekend night you'll be able to hear some awesome music.

Breakfast at Rye in Salt lake City Utah (pork bellow waffles with whiskey syrup)

  Rye - Want a romantic breakfast? I have a new favorite. Rye, right next door to the famous Urban Lounge in downtow SLC BLEW ME AWAY a few weekends ago when we stopped in for lunch. We had the Waffle with Pork Belly and Whiskey Syrup.  Oh yes you read that right and it was all ah-mazing. The eggs were buttery and the home fries were so good my sister and I joked that there must be crack in them. It's this hip trendy place with great indie music going. I can't wait to try more of their menu!

From Scratch Apple salad, risotto cake and delicious pizza in Salt Lake City Utah

From Scratch - If you don't think Pizza can be romantic think again. From Scratch down town takes their pizza to a level close to fine dinning without the stuffiness or price tag. These pizzas are so good. Made from the freshest ingredients and built on the yummiest crust I have EVER tasted you won't be sorry. And as much as we do love the pizza my husband who is not a salad guy at all is obsessed with their apple salad and I have to admit it is pretty stinking good! Need some ideas, my favorites are the risotto cake appetizer, the White Out pizza (so much better than any white pizza you've had) and the Fennel Sausage Pizza. If you're closer to Orem Pizzaria 712 comes in a close second for fancy pizza with great ambiance for a date night!

Best Indian food in Utah Bombay House (foothill location)

Bombay House - There are multiple Bombay Houses owned by the same people but the one you need to go to is the one on Foothill in Salt Lake. Even if you're closer to one of the other locations trust me it is worth the drive to go to the Foothill one. I think it's way better tasting, better atmosphere, all of it. If your idea of romance is some solid Indian food with dimmed lights and great service go here. This place has been a favorite for a very long time. My first memory of eating East Indian food is going to the Indian section of town in Thailand this tastes just like that. So amazingly flavorful and delicious. If you like friend foods I highly recommend that sampler plate appetizer. My favorite dish is a tie between the Shrimp Coconut Kurma and the Malai Kofta (veggie balls). They both have super yummy creamy sauces full of flavor. A close third would be the Chicken Makhani, okay and the Saag Paneer, okay maybe just order whatever sounds good to you on the menu because I'm sure it'll be good. Everything I've had there has been good including the super interesting unique Bombay Lime, limeaide with spices drink.

Raspberry Chocolate Cake sold by the slice at Salt Lake Roasting Co

  Salt Lake Roasting Company - And last but not least if you're are just looking for dessert, hands down my favorite dessert in all of the world is the Chocolate Raspberry cake at Salt Lake Roasting Company. This is a cute coffee shop with a great cake selection and delicious coffee and hot chocolates. I've enjoyed some of the drinks but in all honesty I've only had the one cake because it's so good and I can't imagine anything being better. A word of warning though if you're tempted by the cheesecake just know that it's somewhat savory and they act weird when you mention it as if all cheesecake is that way. It's not the normal sweet creamy cheesecake must of us American's think of and the two people I know who ordered it couldn't even finish it they disliked the taste so much. But don't even worry about that because you're going there for the raspberry chocolate cake anyways!

Romantic Restaurants to eat at from Salt Lake City to Provo Utah

Oh man guys, I want to share more of my eating out adventures with you but goodness writing this up so late when everything is closed and Teddy is asleep is about killing me I want to go to all of these places right now! Ha. And make sure you check back in next week and I'll have a huge list of post from friends sharing their romantic eatery recommendations in their own towns!

Romantic Restaurants to eat in your area

Well let me know if you try any of them out and if you have any favorite restaurants in Utah let me know. Also we're thinking of doing a Las Vegas trip soon and we'd love to eat tons of  yumminess while we're there. Do you have any favorite eateries in Vegas?

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What’s For Dinner and Zupas Grand Opening

zupas grand opening at the district

We were lucky enough to go to another Cafe Zupas VIP dinner since they barely opened the doors of their new South Jordan location in The District. As always it was so yummy. I've whined before about my fat girl taste buds. I'm just drawn to things that are not the healthiest. But Zupas soups and salads are so yummy that it's the perfect little trick to get me eating better. If you are local you'll want to stop by this new location there's all kinds of festivities today and then next Saturday the 7th they are having a huge grand opening will be giving out all kinds of goodies including $25 gift cards every 15 minutes all day long and Dec. 5-7 they are doing free dessert with every meal. It's the perfect place to grab a bite while out doing your Christmas shopping. The new location is in the District shopping area at 11400 S. 3770 W. South Jordan, UT 84095 In other food news this week is Thanksgiving holy moley where did that time go?! I mean really this is going too fast. What are you in charge of this year? I'm on roll, cranberry sauce, and green bean casserole duty! Pretty easy although I keep going back and forth between what kinda rolls I want. Remember that year I made 4 different kinds? Ha that is not happening again. What's for dinner this week...
Day Main Meal Goals (Veggies and Fish)
Saturday Shrimp Alfredo Veggies: zucchini, green beans Fish: Shrimp
Sunday Eat Out
Monday Mushroom Bisque
Tuesday Campanelli
Wednesday Eat out
Thursday Thanksgiving!!!
Friday Left Over Thanksgiving Pie
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Locals: Gardner Village Witch Fest and Bloggers Night Out

I'm busy busy getting out the last of my Halloween costume orders from my shop but I wanted to pop in to share a little video from this year's Gardner Village Bloggers Night which was cohosted by My Craft Channel out from a few weeks ago.

Gardner Village Witch Fest Schedule

I've mentioned it before (here and here) but I adore Gardner Village we go there all the time and October is my favorite time to go with their fun Witch fest. They have all kinds of awesome activities and events for Halloween. I have tickets to go to their Wichapalooza "Taming of the Brew" fun play. I've always wanted to go to the dinner theater but with the business of costume orders I never get a ticket in time so I'm excited to be going this year. Also I'm hoping to hit one of the Witches Nights Out again and maybe take the nieces. It was so fun last I went. If you are local you'll want to swing buy for all the fun festivities. Thanks so much to folks at My Craft Channel and Gardner Village for a great bloggers night out event!
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What’s For Dinner: Cafe Zupas Edition

Make sure to check out Cafe Zupas when you're in Utah - Rae Gun Ramblings I totally lucked out and got an invite to Cafe Zupas VIP West Valley pre-opening dinner. The restaurant is now open for those of you who are interested. I have to admit I tried Zupas a few years ago and didn't see the hype so I've never been back but this time both me and my husband were blown away. I can't believe what I've been missing out this whole time. Seriously that first time must have been a fluke. I had the Wisconsin Cheddar Cauliflower soup which I've been dreaming of ever since. I'm a soup girl and this is definitely one of my new all time favs and I also got the Vermont Maple Salad which both my husband and I absolutely adored. In fact I loved it so much that I went back with the nieces. I have been working hard at kicking my caffeine habit so I really appreciate when restauarnts offer Diet Caffeine free coke. But even better than that every Zupas has a drink bar with complimentary flavorings so I was able to make myself a diet caffeiene free cherry coke so so good! The girls and I split the chocolate cake and man oh man was it yummy. Any ways if you're down in West Valley check out the new location or find one close to you here. What's for dinner this week...
Day Main Meal Goals (Veggies, Whole Grain, Fish)
Sunday Zucchini Lasagna Grains and nuts: pasta Veggies: Squash, Salad, Peas Fish: Shrimp
Monday Birthday Buffet
Tuesday Shrimp Alfredo
Wednesday Big Salad
Thursday Meatballs and Mac and Cheese
Friday ?
Saturday Eat Out

Princess Festival and The Story of a Dress

utah princess festiva - rae gun ramblings Once upon a time there were two princesses. They got a fancy invitation to a grand Princess Festival from their friend Princess S of the land of Housewife Eclectic. The two little princesses were so excited. Little Princess L said she'd wear her sparkle gown that she got for her last birthday but poor Princess T had outgrown all her fancy dresses so they commissioned the castle tailor to make something up for the special event. Like all fancy occasions there were only a few days warning and the tailor was already booked with work. So the day before the Princess Festival the tailor set to work on Princess T's Sleeping Beauty dress. She fought with the fabric. She worked late into the night and when she went to fit the skirt to the top the skirt was too small. So she cut off some of the skirt only to find that she no longer had enough fabric for the fancy waist band for the skirt. Alas she decided only to put the band in the front. Tired both literally and of the task, the royal tailor threw the collar together by stabilization some fabric with heat bond and hand tacked it to the dress. Sleeping Beauty Costume - Rae Gun Ramblings She was so nervous about Princess T trying it on but when she did the little princess loved it and the tailor thought it turned out a lot better than she expected considering all the mistakes and late night redos. So together they traveled to the land of Thanksgiving Point to meet with their friends Princess S of Housewife Eclectic and the Princesses A and S of Utah Sweet Savings. princess festival - Rae Gun Ramblings There was much giggling and twirling and meeting other lovely princesses. Practically every princess imaginable was in attendance from Cinderella to the Princess and the Pea to new princesses. Captain Hook and Peter Pan - Rae Gun Ramblings There were also some fine gentlemen including the charming Captain Hook who won their hearts. Girls always fall for the bad boys. Not to be forgotten was the spunky Peter Pan who danced with each girl through the night, and by night I mean day, and by dance I mean swung the girls from rock to rock over and over and over again. Alice in Wonderland and the Mad Hatter - Rae Gun Ramblings The princesses followed a maze to tea with the Mad Hatter, Alice and more. They made some crafts and colored. Thanksgiving Point Princess Festival - Rae GUn Ramblings There were quest of all sorts including dragon hunting where songs were learned and adventure was had as well as some entertaining theater. princess festival and handmade costumes - Rae Gun Ramblings After meeting so many fancy people the princesses indulged in fine delicacies of Snow Cones and listened to Princess Kadesia read a story. princess festival carriage ride - Rae Gun Ramblings Finally the princesses finished the festival with a horse drawn carriage ride looking forward to more fun next year. And the Castle tailor finally got some sleep. The End.

Mila 2.0 and Pitch Dark Days Author/Book Tour

Last week I had the pleasure of going to my second Pitch Dark Days tour and it was so so great. It was my first book tour where I had read (and enjoyed) all but one of the authors. I had a giant bag full of books and had so much fun hearing from and chatting with some awesome authors. As we walked in they gave us all glow in the dark bracelets which I kept forgetting to remove (it finally came off 3 days later after numerous baths and workouts haha).

I've already gush about ALL the other authors' books many times so before I get to more pictures I wanted to share a bit about Debra Driza and Mila 2.0 since this debut just came out this week1 This is a book that I wanted to read the second I saw that gorgeous cover and learned about the main gist - girl discovers she's an android, actually a government created android oh yea and that makes her stolen property. I love that it starts of feeling just a contemporary novel you know just a normal girl at school but then things go crazy. She gets in an accident and the truth about her identity comes out. Now not only does she have to deal with coming to grips with who she is (as opposed to who the implanted memories she has tell her she is) but there are all kinds of people after her and she's got to run.

The book took me a second to get into but it was a fun quick read. The characters are super likable and I'm not going to like I was immediately smitten with the cute boy Hunter. It's got the fun fighting that you know I love and one totally terrifying and twisted villain. The only thing is that I wanted more! At the end of the story I felt like we were just getting started and I so want to know what comes next. Luckily it's part of a series so I know there will be more.

And since I can't resist here are a few fun pictures from the signing. Alison from Harper Collins moderated with Dan Wells (Partials) as always was absolutely hysterical. Kiersten White (Paranormalcy and Mind Games) was super cute and funny, if you follow her on twitter you know what I mean. Brody Ashton (Everneath) you already know I adore was her normal ball of joy and self-deprecating humor. She had a new coat that she warned us that was really soft and that she'd be petting it through the whole night (which she did) and she invited us to pet it ourselves. Debra Driza (Mila 2.0) was fun and I was totally in love with her outfit. Claudia Gray (Spellcaster) was the only one who I hadn't read anything from but after learning about her magic system in Spellcaster (memories and past experiences serve as ingredients to your spells so the more you go on the more powerful a witch you become) I definitely will be reading it. And Lauren Oliver (Delirium) was just so awesome to hear from I have so much respect for her and she is just as lovely in person as you'd expect from her writing.

Me with Lauren Oliver. I've actually read a bunch of her books and her writing is gorgeous and full of thought provoking ideas. She gets a special place in my heart because not only do I love the ideas in her books but she's a fellow philosophy gal (probably part of why her ideas totally get me). Plus she's a foodie and was such a pleasure to talk with. She was so nice and seemed genuinely interested in meeting us.

My sister is Dan Well's self-proclaimed stalker. She loves his Partial books and his John Clever series. She made her self an I am Not a Serial Killer shirt and was totally in heaven when he recognized her via twitter name of course! And he brought some weird German treats to share with all of us.

It was so fun hearing from all the authors, finally meeting Epic Read's mascot King Snarkles and publicist Alison, as well as being able to connect with some awesome Utah book bloggers. Linda and my sister and I made the drive down and found Jenni Elyse first in line, we were second :) and had so much fun talking to her and all the other book bloggers as they showed up. I got to catch up with sit next to Emily from Emily's Reading Room which was super nice. Visit the other UT book ladies at  It’s All About BooksSqueaky Books, Kami’s Library Thoughts, and Read This Instead.

It was an absolutely wonderful night. If you are a near a Dark Days stop in the future I highly recommend making it a priority to attend. You won't be sorry.

Utah Locals: Two Fun Meet Ups This Week

For those of you in Utah there are two free meet ups this week that I'm hoping to make it to. I'll for sure be at the one on Wednesday and 98% sure I'll make the other. I hope to see some of you there. If you recognize me please please say hi. These things are so fun and it's always fun to meet people in person. Sometimes I recognize people but I'm too nervous to go up and say hi or other times it's just so much too take in so hopefully you'll say hi to me.

Any ways let me know if you're planning on being at either and I'll make a point to keep an eye out for you!

Girls Night Out Hope to See You There

I am so excited that Lilli of Crafty Cupcake Girl and Mariel of The Tootsie Wootsie invited me to their blogger girls' night out. And it's on a day I can actually go woohoo! I met Lilli at a craft fair a couple years ago, such a nice gal. I'm totally looking forward to meeting up with some local crafty ladies and I hope that  that I will see  those of you who live in the Salt Lake area there. If you think you can make it I'd love you to comment here so I can be on the look out for you and also be sure to call Lilli or Mariel so they can get the count right for the table and the party favors they're making. See the invite above for all the details.